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This High school is a great charter public school, even though the size of the the school affects its clubs and sports.
I moved to another high school for my sophomore year and realized that a better fit for me was AJR. I came back for my junior year and I felt like I was a home. I'm a senior now and I'm glad I came back seeing how my friends struggle with seniorities at their school because they haven't been prepared for college like I have at my high school.
My experienced at Animo Jackie Robinson is that you are able to interact with one another. Although it's a small school you are able to connect with a few people and even make friends. Something that I really like about it are the teachers. My school has wonderful teachers that are always there for you when you need them. You can always count on them for anything. Something I would like for them to change are the restroom. When students have to go use the restroom they tempt to stay there. Sometimes the restroom are dirty. Also because we only have 2 it doesn't really help a lot
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I love AJR. It has brought to me a community-like feeling and has revealed to me how empathetic students really are here, in and outside of school. This has made coming to school everyday easier and very interesting to go to. One thing I would change is the food here and our dress-code policies. I believe we should receive good food since we are at school for 8 hours a day and I think the students should dress how they like.
I love how we all now each other and how we communicate .I feel save because their is so many staff that care about us like if we are their kids .
I feel that AJR is a good school where they help you out and encourage you to keep going. They also make you feel that you are in a safe environment, and everyone around you is respectful.
The principal is super supportive and encouraging. She LOVES her students. I wish there were more resources available dor my community.
It's the best . Teachers care about you and try to help you as much as they can . They will do anything to help the students succeed.
Great school. Everyone is super helpful, teachers care about their students. The principal is an amazing person and always ready to help students with anything.
Animo Jackie Robinson is a high school that's prepares you for college and beyond. The high school focuses on the academic subjects that are required to graduate in order to get accepted to a college or university. Since it's a small school, everyone knows one another and the community is diverse. Also, the teachers have the opportunity to have a good relationship with students on campus. If a student needs assistance with anything, the administrator are there to help them. Football is a sport that brings every student together and pride. Animo Jackie Robinson doesn't have many clubs and activities after school which has the lack of school participation for students. Also, after school sports are limited which doesn't give many students the chance to get involve. Even though the community is somewhat unsafe when there's an issue happening around our school, supervisors are there to secure that everyone goes home immediately.
This school is pretty safe. Hardly anything outragious happened while i was atending there.
They worry about our education and encourage us to do better. They give fee-waviers for SAT's and ACT's they aldo give fee waviers for college applications, which most schools do not.
Teachers are really devoted in students education.
This school does a really good job at addressing these problems to students at this school.
The teachers at this school are very dedicated and devoted at their job such as teaching the students and giving out the lesson for the day.
When it comes to bullying, this school is really supportive. They make you feel like you matter. They care for you. This school is pretty safe. We don't have a school nurse or health programs.
This school doesn't have many extracurricual opportunities apart from sports. The football team is well known for being loud. It used to have good players but now the new players do not show a good performance. The volleyall girls are good as well as the softball girls. The soccer team is average. The baseball team is okay. The cross country and track are really good.
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I think this school is okay compared to other schools in South Los Angeles. It has small classes, and the teachers really care for the students' success. Teachers are really supportive and classes are interesting. However, it doesn't have a diversity of classes so you don't have many options to choice from. Also, this school doesn't have many clubs, and not many students are involved in clubs. I think the location of the school is bad. It is surrounded by factories, and sometimes the smell of chemicals is very bad.
I felt secure because there would be police cars parked outside the school
the teachers and parents would always talk as if they were friends in meeting.
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