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Animo Inglewood Charter High School Reviews

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As a student who easily doses off I feel that Animo Inglewood Charter High School does a great job at providing eye catching lessons to its students. The teachers at Animo are very supportive and fully dedicated to their students. They even go as far as to stay and hour and half after school to answer any questions their students might have.
It is a very good school. The teachers care about your academics and offer office hours every week if you need any help.
I liked that Animo feels like a family. It’s a small school, but everyone knows everyone. We all support each other no matter what grade level, gender, religion, or race. I have made life long friends and the teachers also treat us with respect and tell us how it is. The staff too are very kind and we know the janitors by name. We have a saying “Once an eagle always an eagle” and I’m proud to be one.
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Animo Inglewood is an excellent school academic wise. On the contrary, sports are another story. The teachers push the students to succeed, no matter the circumstances; however, a small percentage of the students are not compliant, refusing to meet the teachers half way. The students are usually kind, pushing each other to new levels of motivation, which is always a positive in the learning environment. Concluding, Animo Inglewood is a school that should be attended for those who want to push themselves to the college level and not have as much distractions as a typical high school would.
Animo Inglewood has a lot to offer, considering the time and effort teachers, staff, and counselors put into the school. Most of the teachers do the best that they can to educate a student by either staying for office hours or having them stay after class. These teachers care deeply about the effort a student puts to learn in order for teachers to move on to the next lesson. One weakness, however is the food because although clearly the school is doing well in state exams, the food is simply not one to thank.
I like that attending Animo Inglewood was a small school experience. It depicted a new environment for me, one that I would like to ease out of in the future. This school made me realize how important size is in regards to college campuses. The people and administration here are absolutely amazing. In my past three years attending Animo Inglewood, I have formed wonderful bonds with students, teachers, and other staff. The only thing I would change about this school is its access to enrichment courses. There are not that many offered, but it would make a big difference if there were.
Is a very charming environment, everyone makes you feel part of a big family.As the days go by you become accustomed to the school being so small-- it used to be a hospital.
Teachers care greatly about the student's education. They provide a variety of different lunch choices. The staff and students are friendly and the small campus makes it easy to to navigate to your next class.
The teachers are amazing! Every day is something new and interesting in the curriculum and i always feel like they care about my education. The teachers are always supporting you in academic goals and do everything in their power to make you feel prepared.
At Animo, the teachers care about the students. However, the overall culture of the school has gone down. Some students are intolerant of each other or look to start trouble, but any inkling of violence is quickly diffused. The school is challenging, more than the others in the area, so it does serve to prepare the students for college. I have my own reservations with the Greendot Public School system, so that in addition to the school culture is why I rate it a three.
Animo Inglewood is a very great school to attend and truly does try to prepare students for future College level courses. However, they do need to work on getting better Math teachers, the English teachers are great but the Math teachers need to become more challenging.
Over the three year that I have attended Animo Inglewood Charter high school I have really enjoyed it. The curriculum is challenging, in a good way, and they offer a variety of AP classes. There is always a positive learning experience, and the people you are surrounded with believe in you. The relationships you build with people at this school are much more than a teacher student relationship, or a friendship. When attending Animo Inglewood Charter High school you create a family, everyone is always there to support you and assist you in your path to success. I am glad to be attending Animo Inglewood Charter High school.
I liked the way they really prepared me for college, leadership, and life. Thea testers and staff were always on top of their work in order to push us and help us succeed.
The teachers care about their students success, and I feel safe. The sports are not great at all, and the campus is small. Even though I can confidently say I was given a great education, I still feel like my high school experience was taken from me for attending AICHS.
I love how supportive the staff is towards the students. The staff is always willing to help students and the school counselors are extremely helpful in preparing their students for college. The teachers really push us all to reach a growth mindset. The work load and expectations prepare students for college. One thing I would change is to widen the options on available classes.
What I liked about Animo inglewood is that it is a very united school and everyone here helps you. Teachers have office hours where you can go to ask questions on something did not understand. There is also tutoring where students help other students out on topic or subjects. What I would like to see change is the food because it is not that good and adding more advance placement classes where all students who are determined can join.
What I personally enjoyed about Animo Inglewood Charter Highschool was that the teachers were very attentive to their students and tried to make time for each of them during their weekly office hours. I felt like if I could come to my teachers in order to assist me with just about anything from telling me how to increase my grade and telling me how I should confront personal obstacles. However, one aspect of the school that I didn't like was that it didn't have any elective classes which made for some boring classes that were just time wasters.
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I loved the teachers and staff, they were all so helpful and caring. My school's pep rallies were always the best and bought all the students together. Our school is so small that it really feels as if we were a family. The only thing I would change would be that i wish we had a bigger campus. We don't even have a field and the hallways are always hard to get through because it's so crowed. Besides the space issues, my school is amazing in academics and culture.
My experience at Animo Inglewood Charter High School (AICHS) my four years were great. My perception as a freshman was struggling for four years. I was a very shy quiet girl, however, now that I have graduated I look back to the girl who entered high school in 2013. Coming to the last days of school I realized the quiet shy girl was now an outgoing friendly girl who built strong friendships with her peers, teachers, and staff. Entering AICHS I wanted to get involved in activities, but when I had the applications in my hands to join a club or programs like student council I did not feel applicable and refused to continue the process of applying. AICHS is a small in size, the first day the freshmen were told to look at each other not as friends but as a family. Rumors of me wanting to apply spread to teachers and students who motivated/persuaded me to apply to student council. I was accepted and it was there where today I realize I've changed for better now willing to experience more.
Animo Inglewood is a charter school located in Inglewood, Ca. Animo is a great school if one is looking to go to college. It includes rigorous classes such as a physics in the 9th grade, a mandatory 6 years of math etc. Though the school does leave much to be desired. The school does not offer much in the way of sports having a football budget of only 500 dollars. As well as there is generally no school spirit and the diversity among the school being practically nonexistent. What I would like to see change is the student body participation in the implementation of school policies. The school's motto is college, leadership, and life but there can be no leadership if the students have no say in their school.
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