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Animo College Preparatory Academy Reviews

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What I liked about Animo College Preparatory Academy is that they have a working system to help students succeed and to pursue a higher education. Things I would recommend changing is the freedom and spirit.
What I like about Animo College Prepatory Academy is that my teachers supported me to keep pushing myself in my education and they constantly told me to not give up until I achieve what I want.
Animo College Preparatory Academy really cares for all their students. It is noticeable that most of the teachers want their students to succeed. They stay extra hours to help their students out.
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Animo college prep academy taught me so much, and it helped me develop skills that I thought I never had. The teachers and staff are great and treat us like there own.
Animo college preparatory academy helped me out a lot. They put me in the right track to attend college. The staff are great, principal and counselors are so helpful.
As an alumni student, I believe this school wanted their students to pursue to higher education. Of course, since the school is located in Watts, it's difficult due to the lack of funding.
I have attended ACPA since freshman year. The school is very small and as a result students are able to form a deeper connection with the staff. Although the school is located in a "tough" neighborhood, i feel safe. I like that our school offers advisory courses that keep us up to date on colleges and social justice issues. I would like our school to offer a broader variety of electives and clubs that will allow us to explore or interests.
My overall experience with this school has been amazing this will be my four year going to this school I love everything about it. I might have some bad days at school but who doesn't that's life with the right support system from school and at home you can be the brightest student you can be going to this school.
I absolutely love the teachers in animo watts college preparatory academy because they are all involved with their students. Not only that but they also motivate each and everyone of us for college, leadership, and life.
Teachers are really good at it.
This school is pretty on it when it comes to there's things. They want everybody to be date so they have many securities government stops m around the school to see that everything is good
The clubs at this school are pretty good. They want many students to be in clubs,sports, to keep their minds from being in trouble.
When I started at animi college preparatory academy I didn't let it at first because they were to strict. I started learning that they do this because they care for us. They help us out in many ways because they want us to be successful. They want to see us graduate and go to college to have a bright future.
Teachers at my school engage themselves in many ways. They worry about everyone getting s good education. They help us a lot when we don't understand work. They stay after school for office hours to have a one on one tutoring. They make it environment safe and fun so we won't get bored. Everything they do is educational and I like the way the reached get together to discuss how to make teaching fun.
I think they're are okay but there isn't much extracurricular activities. One in particular that I think is really good that we have as of right now, is the drama class.
The teachers at Animo College Prepatory Academy really show their interest and care for the students' well being as much as their education. They really show an effort to try and help students succeed in their classrooms.
We did not have a nurse office at my school. Some of the health resources were located at the main office.
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The Spanish Multi Cultural Club was really amazing because of the involvement with Latin America history and culture.
This school helped me to become a better scholar. I had the opportunity to enhance a communication with every staff member. They always had time for me and gave individual help when I needed it. I learned how to explore my interests and also my passions by seeing their jobs and also the way they manage life after being a student.
The interest in students is reflected in the teachers of this school by the office hours they hold after school and also the way they teach with a great passion that makes their students to explore new ideas and also to internalize the lessons that have been taught.
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