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Project-based learning is pretty neat. The teachers are usually great. Relationships between students and teachers are really strong. I call all of them by their first names and a lot I would consider friends.
I have greatly enjoyed Animas High School. It is a relaxed school with wonderful teacher student relationships. We are a project based, college prep high school.
If you choose Animas High School, you must be very self driven. A majority of the teachers offer a wonderful classroom experience and challenging content. AHS is very successful in the "student-teacher relationship" arena. However, it lacks in discipline and its math curriculum. To further explain, taking grade level math is a requirement for every student, and if you wish to take a higher level math class, you must sacrifice one of your elective periods. Overall, success at Animas High School is obtainable, as long as you are open to working for it.
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When I was choosing where to go to high school, Animas was a clear choice for me. It is a small school, under 400 students total, which makes it unique from most of the other public options. The small size provided for me a much richer sense of community, where I knew all of my peers and they all knew me. Similarly, it fostered extremely deep connections between my teachers and me, something that I hadn't experienced to that extent before. The curriculum is wide open, and mainly focused around projects and real life applications. The main problems affecting the school seem to be lack of funds. The facilities are not great, to say the least. There are not a ton of extracurriculars or electives available to students. The teachers definitely have a liberal bias that has seeped into some of the coursework and projects, but never on their opinions of students or their work.
Great school and has AMAZING teachers, but is incredible difficult for students on the advance track to be challenged.
Animas High school is a public charter school in a small town in Colorado. This school has offered me an amazing personalized education through project based learning and prepared me for college. Students have great relationship with their teachers and are able to integrate their own interests into their learning.
Animas is tight. Although we reside in two trailer-like building made from pieces of wood and rusty corrugated metal that somewhat distracts the student body and visitors of the quality of building that's full of mold and "skunks". I guess they were trying to go for the "every other house in vail" look, somewhat distracts the onlooker from the lack of government finding we were promised four years ago. Don't fret... student teacher relations are unlike any other school!
I love the student - teacher relationships at AHS, everybody is so supportive. However, I do not think that students at Animas High School are given enough schoolwork, or hard deadlines. The academics at Animas allow the typical student to be very independent - if they are academically driven.
Animas is unique because it accommodates students needs and listens to feedback. I have had a great relationship with nearly all of my teachers, they have been flexible with what we are learning and what type of projects as to better fit it to the students interests. The school is full of students and teachers that are accepting to all the different students that attend. They support you in getting the most out of your high school education.
The atmosphere of a college preparatory school is upheld to the highest standard that they can. However, some of the staff can make this school seem one sided. Animas attempts to uphold the idea of tolerance, while a majority of the student body is willing to have logical and well thought out political and social discussions in a civil matter, the same can not be said for a few of the teachers residing there. Conservatives are a minority. In some instances, teachers will attempt to fit their political and social stances into the curriculum and spread this to impressionable students which is immoral. Many Conservative students seem scared to combat these immoral motions, because these teachers will simply send them to the hall or send them to the principle. Some staff choose to speak negatively about students to other teachers behind their backs, in a destructive manner. I would like to see a change in the professionalism and morality of the teachers and staff.
Culture is amazing!!! You wont find anything like it anywhere else.
Animas isn't a normal school so.... basically there are set class you have to take and you get options for two other classes, a P.E. class and a student interest class. At Animas its hard if you make it hard. There are honors classes and students are encouraged to take college classes at Fort Lewis College. There is no AP classes because the school feels that taking the time teach to the AP test is not in the best interest of the student. Animas is also finding that it is more beneficial to take college classes so that you get into that level of learning early.
We have a security system and all that stuff. We practice drills like every other school.
We have a wide variety of clubs and activities, however we don't have the facilities for sport teams. We have clubs like back country skiing club, rocking climbing, knowledge bowl, gay-straight alliance, rotary, video production, newspaper, student council, yearbook, IAM Music, Animas mountain bike team, etc. Most students who are interested in sports participate in Durango High School team sports. DHS is very accepting of Animas students being on the team, they are created equal. There is a bus that takes student athletes from Animas to DHS after school.
This school is absolutely amazing. Animas is a project based learning school, meaning that teachers use real world applications to allow students to develop hands on projects to gain a better understanding of the concepts. This alone makes this high school unlike any school in the area. In addition to the type of learning offered, Animas has a culture of excellence. Everyone, including staff, is expected to do well and strive for greatness, whether that be academically or culturally. Every student is held to high expectations. Because the students present their hard work publicly through exhibitions in the community, they must do beautiful work and present themselves professionally. Another great thing I love about Animas High is the culture. This school is nothing like what you see in the movies. I could honestly say that everyone cares about one another. At Animas people get what is described as "the feeling" and I would describe it as a learning environment that makes me comfortable and excited to walk into the building each day. Just as an example, we have students who hold the door open in the morning and greet people and we have a group of students who hand coffee out to parents as they drop their student off. Each day is a new adventure, whether that be building a life size catapult, preforming slam poetry or going down to the river to study the chemistry of the water. Everyone goes to Animas because they are committed to their education and they want to learn. Animas is full of uniquely minded students who are interested in finding and learning about their passions.
Student-teacher relationships at Animas are extraordinary! You can not find devotion like this at any other school. The teachers are committed to their job and for them teaching is a passion. Most teachers are young and are full of knowledge and passion about the topic they are teaching. They are willing to take the extra step to make each student gets the education they deserve and need. They cater to each student's individuality and personal interests. What's amazing about the teachers at Animas is the fact that they have the freedom to develop their own lesson plans that work with the student's needs. Instead of being forced by the state to teach to the test, our teachers create a plan that teaches student about the real world.
Although we don't really have any safety measures in place, we don't really live in a place where they are necessary. We don't have a health program, but we can use the one at DHS.
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Because we don't have sports or clubs, I would rate this in the low category, but most of these things can be participated in through the other high school.
Animas is great for the most part, but has kind of gone downhill in the past two years. We are in great need of a new building, and sometimes it seems like things get a little too unprofessional between students and teachers. But, project based learning is great and it's nice knowing that my teachers really care about giving me challenging and important work.
Almost all teachers are very relatable and care about their student's success. easy to get to know and appreciate all of them. though a little bit unprofessional at times.
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