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Animas 7-12 School Reviews

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Overall, Animas is a great school. The community is small and supportive in everything the kids do, and since the school is so small, bullying is very rare and teachers put a stop to any bullying they see. Actually, most kids and classes are like a family. There is no separation between the athletes and drama kids because most kids participate in everything.
the food has gotten better, but it is still notthat good. there arent many different kinds and it is usually the same kind of food every week.
All of the teachers come from the same family. they dont try very hard to tech us. most of them quit and let because they werent liking it here
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there are no after school activities.
There arent many different sports and there are a small amount of players.
There are only a few extracurricular activities at this school. For example, there is Volleyball, Basketball, and Football. thats about it.
I like this school. It has had a few good teachers in the past, but not so much anymore. They have either quit or gotten fired. I still think some teachers are good though. I would come back again if some teachers came back and taught.
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