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If I could give this school less than 1 star I'd do it in a heartbeat. This school has the worse teachers and workers I've ever seen. The teachers are rude to the students and only care about sports. If you're not an athlete don't bother coming to this school. And the lunch policy is the stupidest thing. I am a very poor student, and it's sometimes hard to pay for lunch, I went a dollar under in my account and they said I couldn't get lunch. Also if you are being bullied or are having trouble they don't brother helping you. They only act as if they care but they don't. So glad I'm almost done with this stupid school!
My class was treated poorly throughout all four years of high school. At every turn we were treated like the trouble class, for doing absolutely nothing wrong. As a result, our graduation ceremony was improvised, as none of us were interested in it and only wanted to leave the building as quick as possible. I wouldn't reccomend this schoolk to anyone based on my experiences with it.
Angola High School is a very knowledgeable and sports oriented school. The school family oriented and is always there for you when you need them.
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My experience at Angola High School is amazing. All the teachers there are always willing to help. At Angola High School they have so many clubs and after school sports that are great, even if you're not interested in playing, watching the games with friends and family is great also.
Angola is a wonderful community to grow up in. From multiple outdoor activities to the great vibe produced, Angola is a fun and safe place. The school system has its pros and cons. It challenges its students with a harder grading scale than surrounding schools, multiple AP classes, and opportunities to achieve a students acedemic success.
Overall Angola High School is pretty good. The core academics are pretty solid with the exception of a few teachers. The extra classes are where I feel Angola kind of falls off. While we offer a good amount of extra classes for a school this size, the quality of those classes is lackluster I've found. Our athletic programs are pretty phenomenal though. We have a great football coach, volleyball coach, basketball (both boys and girls) coach, and both our Cross and Track programs are improving. Something I would love to see is a greater development of other extracurricular activities like Speech and Debate and Academic Bowl.
Angola is by my opinion, the best school in the district. The students here are majorly white, there is very little diversity. The school is overly religious when it comes to students culture. It's a little difficult to be liked by others in the school if you aren't Christian. Other than being that, the school's teachers and academics are great. Food isn't the greatest but we do get what we think is real food. We have a total of 8 days we can miss, but if we go over the 8 days we cant to any extracurricular or any after school activities which aren't good. The school only teaches two languages French and Spanish, but we have three language teachers. Students don't like the administration.
My experience at AHS was good but I don't feel like I had the support to prepare for and commit to college.
I grew up in the Angola School system. It has its ups and down but in the end the teachers and councilors will help you through.
I have so far enjoyed my time at Angola High School. I've been going here since I was a freshman. The teachers are wonderful, the school activities such as football games and dances are well out together and enjoyable.
My experience at Angola High School has been decent. The teachers are very knowledgeable in their individual subject. I would like to see the diversity of the school change. I would like to see the administration focus more on the fine arts than athletics. In my opnion, I think the school's focus should be equal towarss both. Angola High School fails to do that.
Here at Angola High school, most of the people are very nice. Somethings could be changed to make it better but that's about it.
Ever since Travis Heaven became the principal and Nancy Irwin became the vice principal I've witnessed the school I used to look up to turn into shambles. They have introduced so many new rules and guidelines and I know they think its for the best but it's affecting all their students lives in a negative way and they refuse to hear us out when we want to express our concerns. Every once in a while you'll be lucky enough to have teacher that loves their jobs and love teaching but most of them are just teaching for a paycheck. I've got a lot of biased opinions for a school that was once the best school in our conference and is now the one that is most looked down upon.
My experience at this high school was very mixed, I enjoyed the courses but no so much the environment in which they were taught. I think students and staff both are much too concerned with things other than education and it makes learning a difficult thing for students like myself. I was singled out for being different and having different viewpoints, I think if very much a conforming school and if you are an individual who does not do well at conforming this can be a very difficult school to transition to. i started here my junior year so things may have been different had i been brought up in this type of learning and social environment.
I have really appreciated the teachers I have had. Many of them care how their students are doing in and outside of school. I feel that I have gotten the support I need for the academic career I have chosen.
The school takes precautions to ensure student's safety, but I would not call it the "safest school in the world" - or, for that matter, even in the county.
There are a lot of clubs to get involved in at Angola High School that in return contribute and help you become a better leader. I am currently involved in soccer, SWARM, Student Council, Class Officer, National Honor Society, Academic Bowl, Student-Athlete Advisory Council, Prom Committee, and many more. There is a variety of options for a variety of students.
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Although my school has many flaws, I will always do my best to represent Angola and its community as it has shaped me into the person I am today. I have learned many valuable traits from this school, and I can't wait to further my education as I know the knowledge I've gained here will help me in times to come.
I have met some great friends I would have never met at a different school. I also have a couple of teachers that are really outstanding that I have a great connection with.
Some of the Teachers are great. They go above and beyond to make sure you are achieving your potential. Others just do the basic cookie cutter type lesson plan and have a one size fits all mentality.
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