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Challenging educational opportunities for advanced students. Counselors and Advisors always looking for greater opportunities for students. Lots of extracurricular sports, clubs and activities to choose from. There is something for everyone.
Angleton is an overall good school. The campus is very nice and the teachers due care and try to help the students as much as possible.
Angleton high school has many amazing teachers and staff. My personal experience with them has been amazing, and two of my past teachers are what inspired me to choose my career path.
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Angelton High School was a very nice campus to go to while I was enrolled there in 2016 and served to inspire me to go to college because of their friendly staff and my teachers who helped me achieve what I could.
Teachers were cool. Class sizes were decent. They could have offered better preparedness for real-life events, i.e. training for jobs, how to balance a check book, how to file your taxes, etc.
I liked the way the city supported student involvement in extra curricular activities. Students were very frequently succeeding in various competitions and the community was always encouraging.
Angleton High School overall was an educational experience that created a stepping stone in my future. I admired the the schools faculty and staff for providing a safe and efficient place to receive my high school diploma. Therefor, the only changes I would recommend to this excellent campus is for the teachers to be given more opportunities to bring the education outside the classroom.
I liked the people there and the classes but there is a few things that could change like longer lunches for the kids who go off campus.
I had wonderful, memorable teachers, and I was prepared to do great things with my life after leaving. I loved it!
My experience at Angleton High School is great. I came from a home-school environment the expectations were well pleasing. The teachers and other administrative staff personnel are enthuse about all students being successful. They provide every opportunity for you to be the best. One thing I would
change-we have seven class courses I would reduce the number classes to to six and that would be more time for students and teachers to get more information about each subject. It would be less stress. Because when it comes test and quiz time I made have four to five to take in a single day. There needs to be a balance. This is my suggestion - select a day of the week that each subject is to take a test or quiz.
Angleton High School was a very unique and diverse school. The faculty helps you strive and reach your academic goals. There are also many college readiness programs and classes you can take.
The diversity at the time I attended AHS was not very diverse. The staff remained welcoming and made sure to let the students know they were readily available, and they remaining focused on assuring the best for the students in preparation for college. Although not all students demonstrated proper respect to the faculty, the faculty remained intent on doing its best to prepare students for the future.
Angleton High School is a great school that has helped me receive a good education. The teachers are wonderful but it's just too crowded. The school is big, but there's just so many students for it's size. The school is clean and you can get hell any time you need it.
My experience here at angleton high school has been good so far. I would like to see more of the students be accepting of the other students in the future of the district. I love how there are so many different choices for electives so everybody feels like they belong somewhere.
These four years at Angleton High have been great, I've witnessed people come and go, teachers and students are always there to support one another, I know I will miss it.
The academics are awesome here at Angleton high school because there is a lot of smart people.
The culture and diversity is okay not a lot of people are accepting the diffeerent cultures so it's had for those people that are different.
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The extracurricular activities are awesome they have something for everyone.
My experience at the school have been really good. I'm a senior and it has been a very good 4 years so far.
Different teachers have different ways of teaching subjects but overall the teaching is very good.
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