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Teachers were cool. Class sizes were decent. They could have offered better preparedness for real-life events, i.e. training for jobs, how to balance a check book, how to file your taxes, etc.
I liked the way the city supported student involvement in extra curricular activities. Students were very frequently succeeding in various competitions and the community was always encouraging.
Angleton High School overall was an educational experience that created a stepping stone in my future. I admired the the schools faculty and staff for providing a safe and efficient place to receive my high school diploma. Therefor, the only changes I would recommend to this excellent campus is for the teachers to be given more opportunities to bring the education outside the classroom.
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I liked the people there and the classes but there is a few things that could change like longer lunches for the kids who go off campus.
I had wonderful, memorable teachers, and I was prepared to do great things with my life after leaving. I loved it!
My experience at Angleton High School is great. I came from a home-school environment the expectations were well pleasing. The teachers and other administrative staff personnel are enthuse about all students being successful. They provide every opportunity for you to be the best. One thing I would
change-we have seven class courses I would reduce the number classes to to six and that would be more time for students and teachers to get more information about each subject. It would be less stress. Because when it comes test and quiz time I made have four to five to take in a single day. There needs to be a balance. This is my suggestion - select a day of the week that each subject is to take a test or quiz.
Angleton High School was a very unique and diverse school. The faculty helps you strive and reach your academic goals. There are also many college readiness programs and classes you can take.
The diversity at the time I attended AHS was not very diverse. The staff remained welcoming and made sure to let the students know they were readily available, and they remaining focused on assuring the best for the students in preparation for college. Although not all students demonstrated proper respect to the faculty, the faculty remained intent on doing its best to prepare students for the future.
Angleton High School is a great school that has helped me receive a good education. The teachers are wonderful but it's just too crowded. The school is big, but there's just so many students for it's size. The school is clean and you can get hell any time you need it.
My experience here at angleton high school has been good so far. I would like to see more of the students be accepting of the other students in the future of the district. I love how there are so many different choices for electives so everybody feels like they belong somewhere.
These four years at Angleton High have been great, I've witnessed people come and go, teachers and students are always there to support one another, I know I will miss it.
The academics are awesome here at Angleton high school because there is a lot of smart people.
The culture and diversity is okay not a lot of people are accepting the diffeerent cultures so it's had for those people that are different.
The extracurricular activities are awesome they have something for everyone.
My experience at the school have been really good. I'm a senior and it has been a very good 4 years so far.
Different teachers have different ways of teaching subjects but overall the teaching is very good.
The curriculum is going to be just like any other surrounding high school. Scheduling is a very time consuming process which can be, at times, difficult especially after changing your mind once your form is turned in. The workload given by the teachers is what you make it. If you don't do your work in the class or don't participate when it comes to learning, then of course you are going to have a heavy workload. At Angleton, students have the option of taking pre-AP and AP courses. These courses are tough and have more homework than a regular class would have, which the students are told this at the beginning of the year in which they have a chance to change their schedules if they want. When you are taking difficult classes and then decided to become involved in an organization/club, it is also brought to the students attention that it is going to take some of their free time, but that their homework always, no matter what, comes before the organization/club. Teachers are always open their classroom doors to their students for after school tutoring. Every teacher makes known to the students their tutoring hours so that they can start making arrangements a head of time.
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Everyone in the world is different and has their own beliefs so of course it is going to be like that at Angleton High School. A lot of the time, whenever there is a student that is crazy passionate about something, its because they were influenced from someone older than them. Some of them were expected to pick up from where the other had left off, which has made some of the best people I have know and/or will ever know. Angleton does not stand for bullying which helps with all diversity, religions, cultures, and even sexual orientation. Usually at Angleton, if someone doesn't agree then they just wont say anything to you. Of course there will be that one person who thinks that they're opinion matters and will blurt something out, which the high school authorities then step in to resolve the issue and pursue any disciplinary actions if they're needed.
There are multiple clubs and organizations/clubs to join and interact with, starting with the Fine Arts. There is choir, band, piano, theatre, and art. Other organizations/clubs include journalism, welding, agriculture, PALs, student council, book club, art club, and of course athletics. Football is truly the main necessity at Angleton High School which tends to rub some students the wrong way, myself being one of those students. I was in choir all four years of my high school career and band for my first two years. One thing I noticed was that the community always knew about the athletic program and of their accomplishments, but not all of the fine arts accomplishments. Usually when football season is over the fine arts department gets some attention but still not all which they deserve.
This school, just like any other, is not perfect, but they truly give comfort to not only the parents but also to the student as well. They let us know that they truly do care for our future education and do anything and everything they can to help get their students to college, whether or not they are on the varsity football team or the varsity choir. My favorite experience by far is being able to expand my musical knowledge with their high school choir program. The directors, past and present, have inspired me to do what makes myself happy, which is music. Whenever their was an accomplishment achieved, not only the principal, but the superintendent of the school district made sure that we knew how proud she was of us along with the rest of the board. Angleton High School is also one of the schools that sponsor the PAL, Peer Assistant Leadership, program which is an organization that goes and mentors the younger children in elementary schools as well as mentoring students in the high school as well. I would definitely go back to this school because it helped me find the person I am today.
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