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Angelou Community High School Social Justice Reviews

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There are only a few clubs at this school. I belong to the M.E.C.h.A. organization and it has been of great help. It has helped me obtain community service hours and has also helped me be more involved in my community. We attend rallies, protests, conduct and attend forums that are in any way helpful for anyone.
My time in this school has been a good one. I personally believe that my senior year has been the best one because I joined a club within the school. By doing this, I am open to doing more things within my community as well as being more involved within the school itself. Starting from ninth grade, I feel that I have been able to grow academically thanks to the support of the teachers and a few students.
The teachers at my schools do the best they can. Most of them do more than others because they truly care about the students and understand situations they may be going through. Most teachers are comprehending when a student does not turn in work on time, therefore extending the deadline. Also, the teachers here try to teach us what they know will be useful to us throughout our lives and want us to be a little experienced before we leave high school.
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They were cheer and it was okay
My overall experience at the school was interesting. I met lost of new people and my teachers taught me complicated subjects an easy way. I was involved in certain groups at the school and learned about the people i was dealing with at the school.
Some teachers are respectful and some are not. Most teachers have good communication skills and teaching skills. All of the teachers have knowledge in their subjects that they teach. They all have a standard way of teaching and a syllabus to help students understand what will be done in the classrooms.
The teachers are good but class schedule isn't.
The security at this school is really good actually. They are always there to stop fights and have actually caught a couple of students selling drugs and others outside school campus during school hours. From what I've heard the nurse is usually never there. The school has a therapist though.
I am not sure if there are after school activities here but i do know there are clubs such as MECHA which organizes fun activities for the school like some school dances and fun games during lunch. I believe MECHA has the most students participating in it and is one of the most popular clubs here. I believe the school also has an avid program as well as leadership. Leadership is also very popular. They also organize activities like school dances and do many fundraisers for their club and for the graduating class to be able to have more senior activities.
This is one of the worst schools in academic terms. The majority of the students don't try to pass their classes. There is a lot of ditching going on and more than half of the seniors have to leave the school because they are not on track to graduate. It is not the teachers fault though, they do a really good job. The problem is the lack of motivation the students have and the lack of school spirit. The school has "rules" which no one follows because nothing is done when students don't follow them. I think the only good thing about the school are the staff and students. Overall I think I would go back again if I could and do better as I was one of the many seniors who had to leave in order to actually be able to receive a high school diploma.
The teachers at this school are not the best but they overall do a good job at teaching and I say this because a lot of the students many times do not understand what the teachers are teaching. I'm not saying the teachers here are terrible, they're just not the best.
Students here are positive and helpful. All students tend to get along and there are no discrimination. Teachers and counselor are helpful and encourages us on our academics. Not much activities and field trips but there is some programs that are helpful to improve our community and environment.
this school is amazing. best teachers and you get the best help possible
My overall experience with this school isnt a great one. It lacks of help towards how to prepare for college. It doesn't have enough money to go to field trips. There art enough active kids in the school, it lacks spirit.
My previous highschool opened when i was a freshman and since it is a new school there was a lot of chaos the first two -three yars. What I liked about it was that I got to join SRLA for my last two years and I felt that I gained confidence within myself. Since i had some AP courses I didnt have trouble with any students .
I love this school over all the dilemma during my school year.Yet everything was compensated by my involvement in school sports and clubs that are wonderful. Most of all the environment almost but not all the teachers create and the staff that are amazing and caring people that are always there to hear you out, cheer you up to find solutions.
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