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I liked that this High School have a lot of clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities that anyone can be a part of. However, some teachers that are hired should have never been hired to "teach."
The school is very ethnically diverse and has a majority of good teaching staff. Many of the staff are very kind and open. You learn a lot academically and socially. There are a lot of clubs to join and to feel welcome in.
Rodriguez High School is cool, I guess. I do not really mind anything. One problem is that our school does not have that much school spirit and that is just the students problem to be honest. There is no changing it until our sports teams are actually well put.
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during my time at Rodriguez high, its been decent. as far as extracurricular we have some very involved teachers, that genuinely care about students learning and having fun doing it. our principal is involved, and is always interested in students best interest, as well as still having fun. RHS has a Great leadership class, they plan fun free Friday events, rally's, lunch time activities, and more. as far as other academics our math department hasn't been the best in my experience, but we have a great variety of electives. the school is very diverse, there are students of all different backgrounds. we have a college career center and I've found it helpful, they'll help you learn how to do anything from fill out a job application to scholarships etc. as far as clubs and sports we have a very wide variety of both. one thing our school is particularly proud of is our award winning marching band.
It's okay overall. I haven't been in the school long enough to judge it effectively, but I enjoy it so far.
I went to Angelo Rodriguez Highschool starting in my sophomore year. The school has been overall postitive to me, however there are some glaring negatives I have experienced, mainly with the administration of the school. The teachers are caring and some are passionate about their jobs, however the admins are a different beast. They are seemingly lifeless and uncaring for students, and treat them unfairly under all circumstances, not giving students room to improve rather bashing them. However, besides aministration, the overall school is great for students who wish to further their education.
Rodriguez has a partially great teaching staff. It is very diverse which is great. The schedule helps students not have as much homework, and there is a ton of time to do your work in class or at tutorial.
Angelo Rodriguez high school is a good school overall with some room to improve.The school is very big and diverse where mostly everyone know each other.
I'd say it is a fairly average school. My favorite part would have to be the diversity, I have never felt discriminated against for my race or felt out of place. There are so many different types of people, Rodriguez has it all. It is such an accepting school (as far as a high school can be). And although there are several problems with the school and people you're going to have them wherever you go.
Angelo Rodriguez High School has many great teachers that do their best to prepare students for the future. I'd like to see the art department get more attention, as the school's top priority was focused on sports.
In my past two years of being in high school, I learned a lot and met some new people, however this school has copious amounts of bullying. Like myself and many others, a lot of us have been bullied by other students and I wish the school would take note of that.
I really enjoyed that the majority of teachers made me feel motivated and excited about getting an education, however, I feel as if they could have done more to prepare me for college, like perhaps encouraging a bit more independence and treating us more like adults.
Angelo Rodriguez High School is amazing in terms of academics. The school offers a very wide variety of honors and Advanced Placement classes and most of the AP teachers have experience grading the actual exams and therefore do an excellent job preparing us students for the exams. Something I would like to see change at my school, however, is the amount of restrictions we have on fun activities such as rallies and spirit weeks, too many of the things us students find to be good ideas are deemed inappropriate which is why there isn’t much school spirit when it comes to these things.
Our current principal is very supportive of all activities and always present at school events, even coming with our music program to Reno.
What was great about this school was the diversity and all of the after school things such as sports or marching band were pretty great as well. There was a few great teachers there however a majority of them did not seem to care about the students or teaching in general so it would be great if that changed.
The things I liked about this school were my friends and the amount of things I learned. Although the administration isn't very good some teacher do make an effort to keep you focused ad make learning fun. I would like to see the culture of the school change. For example going to rally and more school spirit. This starts with leadership and the activities happening at the rally.
When I was in high school I liked how they had fun electives as well as science electives. I also though they did a good job at keeping it clean.
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Food was awful! All the teachers I got were nice and knew what they were doing. Pretty much your average high school. The swim team is definitely high quality. I recommend joining even if you never swam.
Rodriguez High School is a pretty good school, with a wide range of academics and a very diverse population.
I am part of the Early College High School Program at Rodriguez. Teachers are willing to make time to help students out in their academics. ECHS promotes rigorous work in preparation for college. Success is recognized. Students are ready to learn and are motivated to their best.
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