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Rodriguez High is a good school with teachers who are there to actually help students further their education. Rod tries it's best to have lots of school events, more people just need to get involved to make the events more fun. Our principle is very active with students and loves to be here.
This is the second generation of our family the graduate high school in this community. My family involvement in the school and community helps my children to feel apart of the school. I Think if gives them the security and self confidence to succeed. I think the students school spirit rubs off onto the teachers making their jobs easier. The school is completely computerized and the students can catch up on missed assignments. Ane parents have access to the students grades even on weekends.
So far, my experience at this school has been positive. However, it seems that our district is not interested in providing us with the money necessary for materials and upkeep. All in all, this school is better than others in the area, and most of the problems I have can be summed up to the lack of money available to the school. From what I have heard from my friends, and from my own experience, the sports teams-while not very good- are structured well outside of the attitude of the coaches. The students tend to be respectful and kind, especially in higher level classes. Overall, I would rank my school a four out of five, because I feel that while my school is better than others, there is still room for improvement.
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This was a very good high school. I was well cared for by peers and staff throughout all four years here. I was in the ECHS program which was very tough but very rewarding for me.
Disclaimer: I'm actually apart of the Early College High School program available through Rodriguez, so I actually don't know much about the high school itself. The school experience for me though has been extremely good, albeit with it's own faults.
What I like about Angelo Rodriguez High School is that it is a very clean and safe school. They have good security and the people there are nice. The teachers are good as well. They are very helpful and reliable. The faculty is very good and organized as well.
I like how we are very diverse, and the class AVID helped me a lot when I feel overwhelmed about school or have questions about college.
My experience in this school has been good. Some of my teachers are Great. I have learned alot in the time I have been there and I am looking forward to learn as much as I can. I take advantage of all the learning resources the school. I try to make my High School years Great! My overall experience with Angelo Rodríguez High School again has been GOOD!
Its the best high school in FSUSD. Especially the marching band. Izzy is the best principal and we couldn't ask for a better one.
I had a great time at Rodriguez during my 4 years. I have made friends that I can myself being with after high school. It is a great friendly place with some amazing teachers, but I would like to see some changes to the schools attitude towards some students.
The campus is really nice and there is a good pool of teachers. The music program is great. The overall atmosphere of the school is awesome along with the wonderful principal Mr. Isadore. He works with students that need help and is a great resource for clubs to go to when they want to promote an activity.
Rodriguez was a challenge for me because I was the new student. Once I got comfortable everything was cool. I would like to see my school involve themselves with better activities and a new admin.
What I liked about my school is the teachers. I've had teachers that have changed my thoughts on life and really made me go outside the box. My photography teacher is one of the best! She has taught me to be more creative with everything. This has helped me with a lot and see two sides to everything. Then something I would change about it is I wish my school had more school spirit and more students who cared about the sports and clubs. Most people think joining a club is dumb or being proud of your sport is dumb but it isn't and they need to be here to support everyone to be overall a better school.
Angelo Rodriguez HighSchool is a good school, specifically because you are strongly encouraged to take challenging courses to expand your education. The overall student body voice of the school is a major work in progress with the classes to come after class of 2018. The Early College High School program that Rodriguez offers is a unique program that enforces peer and teacher support to help every single individual prosper and gain new connections to cherish.
I do not go to the actual campus. I am apart of the Early College High school program that is run under Rodriguez high school and so far my experience there has been great. The teachers are very helpful and I love getting to experience what college is actually like by being able to take college courses along with my high school classes. Overall the teachers and students are friendly and helpful and it is a good school.
The teachers are great here! Most of the teachers are great teachers, they keep their students entertained and does not bore us as much. Many students get involved with our teachers and that is a great way for the teachers to be known and be called a "great teacher". The only thing that needs improvement is the school spirit.
I absolutely loved how Angelo Rodriguez High School had a program called Early College High School. Fortunately, I got into Early College High School. Because of Angelo Rodriguez High School, I got the chance to experience the high school life and the college life at the same time. Also, this opportunity gave me the chance to get a taste of the college life and what exactly goes down in colleges while getting the chance to participate in the high school life.
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As a parent, I have found the school to be open and welcoming. The booster club is very involved with the students and other clubs to help support the students through scholarships and college awareness.
Overall, I love being a student at Angelo Rodriguez High and have really enjoyed my experience here a lot.
Rodriguez high school is a great school for teens who want to excel in their studies. They are one of the top high schools in Fairfield, California. I would love to see more parent involvement.
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