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The safety and health policies at this school are excellent. There is a zero bully tolerance and all of the teachers are always willing to help students who feel harassed or feel as though they are being bullied. The gates surrounding the school are always locked during school hours so no one would be able to walk on campus and cause a disruption. The school also has a security officer who patrols the school. The school nurse is always readily available to help any students who may need it.
Andros Karperos has many extracurricular activities and organizations for students to join. There is the GATE program which rewards students with high CST scores with a fun, elective-like class added to their schedule. Andros Karperos also has the Renaissance program which rewards students with high GPAs with a day off a few of their classes to go participate in non-educational events such as water slides or field trips. There is also another organization called CJSF (California Junior Scholastic Federation). This is another organization that rewards students for their effort. CJSF members take a day off of school take a trip to Great America at the end of each school year. These school organizations are very popular and are a good way to help encourage students to try their best in their school work.
My experience at this school was full of life lessons and fun times. The atmosphere is excellent, due to the fact that everyone gets along, there is hardly any bullying, and the teachers get along great with the students. My favorite experiences were the Renaissance Rallies because students would get rewarded for getting good grades, making students want to try harder and succeed in there classes. I would choose this school again if I could do it all over because I made some of my best friends there that I am still close with to this day. I learned a lot about growing up there and Andros Karperos made me realize that some teachers actually do care a lot about the students they work with.
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The teachers at Andros Karperos school are outstanding and very friendly. The teachers styles of teaching help students understand and grasp the full concepts of the lessons. They always answer any questions students may have and provide before and afterschool tutoring for extra help. Grading consistency is excellent due to the fact that teachers keep their gradebooks up to date online, and it is very easy to view students grades. The staff is also very friendly and approachable, and always ready to help if a student is having an issue. I have seen many situations while attending Andros Karperos, where students come to school with personal issues, and teachers are always there to listen, give advice, or simply be there for the students. The teachers interact greatly among the students and always form bonds with themselves and their classes.
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