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Andrews Osborne Academy unethical practices! They made us pay up front a full year of tuition amounting to $48,143.04, soon after while still in China our son felt very ill and had to be hospitalized, after several days of being in hospital. We contacted the school administrator Larry Goodman PhD, to see if it would be possible to have the tuition fee refunded, to which he said that my son’s illness is not severe enough, and that it wouldn’t be possible to get a full refund. After providing hospital records and medical records attesting to the poor health of my son, he refunded half of the said tuition, but kept $24,071.52. For them to keep half of the tuition is a totally unjust enrichment. Their actions of refusing to refund tuition is tantamount to highway robbery.
AOA offers many courses in which students are able to plan their academic experience in a way that will prepare them for their college major. With the small class sizes, students learn with little to no distraction and teachers ar4e available throughout the day to provide academic help for almost every class. Also, besides academics, the lunch options at AOA are numerous and satisfying, supplying a salad bar, sandwich bar, soup of the day, along with the main course. AOA academically challenges students and provides them with skills that will not only help them in the classroom but also in the real world.
Great Teachers/food options/ students are generally nice and interesting people. I feel like the main reason I got accepted into the university I wanted is because I came from AOA.
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An amazing school focused on creativity and the arts. There is no place I would rather send my kid than AOA. A strong sense of community, students feels at home in the setting, creating a safe environment and atmosphere students of all cultures can appreciate. When they say there is no discrimination or judge, they mean it. Academics are amazing, and, again, a very arts focused school. They make sure their students are having the best opportunities they can while making sure they are enjoying themselves as they do it. I would like to see more in the athletics (at least, better teams. My daughter is on their tennis team, and they have not won a match), however I do understand that they cannot start practices until later than most schools due to their late start date (for the boarders). I seriously love this school. I love the arts program and some of my favorites are the performances (ballet, dance, music, etc). A truly amazing school.
The extracurricular at this school are amazing. They have something that fits for everyone whether its Varsity club for the more athletic kids to drama club for those who love theater or even a walking and talking club for those who enjoy disscusing whats going on in the country today. There is something for everyone.
From my own experience I have seen a number of issues that i can count on one hand. It is a great place to learn and grow as both a student and overall person. Activities like spirit week, international day, and so on keep the experience one that never truly gets boring or feels like you're stuck in a rut.
The teachers at this school are really great. They have engaging lesson plans, nice teaching styles, and show overall interest in each of their students. Almost all the teachers are approachable in out of classroom experiences even if its for a different class.
I really love a lot about this school. Though some programs like music are smaller they're slowly building and becoming more appreciated. We have cool science labs that are new. I love the traditions like Powderpuff and Sing out/Senior Farewell. Sometimes the school (students rather) lack school spirit but they're so many different traditions that make us all bond. There's our Asian new year celebration, karaoke nights, movie nights, international day, talent show, all these cool things to share pieces of our culture and what makes us happy.
The teachers are very energetic about their specific subjects. I've had many teachers who completely geek out over the subjects they're teaching. And if you don't understand they're always suggesting times to meet and stop in class to make sure if you're getting it. They also worry about whether you are in a good place mentally not just academically. Most of my teachers have made an effort to know what teaching styles we are used to and if theirs is effective.
Teachers are passionate and helpful. The stem classes (math, English, history, science) are very good, the scheduling process almost always gives you what you want, and the workload is college prep.
Our campus is really, really nice. There are great computer labs and a fantastic library. We all have advisors and the college counselor always has an open door.
We're a small school so that contributes, but overall it's really safe and welcoming. There really isn't bullying and there is always a nurse on duty.
There are different opportunities to meet varying interests.
Everyone feels encouraged and welcome to participate regardless of skill level.
Given the fact the class of 2014 is the biggest in the school with 53 students, the fact we repersent 11 countries is pretty impressive. Kids come from all walks of life, millionaires to the ghettos of Cleveland. Overall students are pretty accepting but groups tend to divide up based on language. Also, there seems to be a large percentage of gay/leisbian/bi. However, there is that kid every year who gets frozen out, generally because they act trashy, are a whole new level of annoying, or get expelled for stalking.
The teachers are amazing but there's a huge jump from regulars to honors. You can easily flunk honors and ace regular. Classes are small and teachers are always willing to help.
With small classes (sometimes even over 15), it's easy to bond with teachers. A few teachers hangout after school in the student center just shooting pool or playing cards with students because they enjoy their company. Most teacher's attend sporting events to cheer on their students. All teachers are avaible to help a student who feels they need help. For instance two days before midterms I spent 3 hours straight after school getting assistance with math one-on-one. Then my first period art teacher lets me start working when she gets there, usually 20 minutes before school starts.
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Breakfast, Lunch, and Brunch rock. You can always find something you want with a ton of options. Dinner on the other hand is awful, that's why you see the so many delivery cars and you can just use the dorm name as your address and the drivers know where they're going. If you do have an allergy it's easy to get specially prepared meals. Snacks are tricky... be nice the the kitchen staff and you can always get something out of them. If your not, good luck.
We have a supposidly strict dress code, but by October the teachers have pretty much given up on it. However, every so often they'll go on a dress code crack down for a day or two but the teacher you're close to will always warn you. Other than that, we've given more freedom than most high schoolers. Administration is great for the most part and there's really no need for much adult intervention on a students behalf, they tackle the problem as soon as they see it.
A lot of the international students smoke, but other than that AOA is pretty good. Sometimes the school has a whole freezes someone out, but there's always a reason, generally they are expelled/asked to leave by Novemeber. The students are very trustworthy though and you can literally leave your wallet sitting out with cash and credit cards and find it like you left it, or your computer, or a phone, or ipod, etc. We don't even have locks on our lockers because we don't need them. However, sometimes people eat your food in the dorm fridges.
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