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As a student at Andrews High School, I have been given two crucial leadership positions. While serving as both cheer and color guard captain, I have been given the opportunity to teach, lead, and encourage others. To be granted this responsibility is truly honorable. However, as captain of both organizations, I was often pressured and pushed for time. If there was one thing I was most proud of as a captain, it would be my ability to adapt to the stressful responsibility and manage my time accordingly. Andrews High School has allowed for me to showcase my leadership skills and to help others succeed.
What a terrible place. I was warned about avoiding Andrews due to a bad mix of parents, but the homes were cheaper. They were right, we messed up and sent a kid here. The students are mainly backwoods or “think they’re rich” and the kids act accordingly. The school talks more about its football team than both the other sports and especially education. The majority of the football team also smokes and drinks and frankly, I worry that some of those parents actually provide it for them! The kids are about the rudest we have encountered anywhere. Since most of the kids don’t accelerate in grades, the parents mostly focus on sports and that’s just a bad combination.
Andrews High School is a joke. The school has no control over their students, the some of the teachers do not want to teach and are fed up, let's not forget the administration staff who don't want to be bothered. The environment at this school is disgusting. The students run the school and there are major safety issues. This school is not a school to send your child if you want them to get an education.
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I would like to see the teacher's attitudes towards their students change. Many of them are trying to be our friend when really we just need a teacher. And some of them need to be a bit nicer, one teacher in particular enjoys telling us that we will not graduate and he doesn't care. I feel that as students, we get overwhelmed easily and we need a positive environment to help us out.
Andrews is a good school. It's in a good location. I would like for them to have more resources and prepare more students for college.
It's boring and the things we do that arent in the classroom, such as pep rally's are really bad.
Some teachers are either old or just rude, but for the most part they are pretty good. They like for students to get involved in any way possible when it comes to a lesson and enjoy having them do group work to collaborate on subjects.
The teachers I had were very helpful and encouraging.
The academics are good at AHS.
Almost all students are involved in one thing or another....sports or educational wise.
The health and safety policies in the school are good, I always felt safe.
There are many organizations you can become involved in any many of the students stay involved in something or another.
I made very good friends and our families are friends as well.
Most teachers are good there are a few who were unapproachable.
There is lots of support when it comes to the clubs and other organizations that are on campus. Lots of the teachers help out with student council and other organizations that are around campus.
Sports are great at Andrews. They offer something for everyone when it comes to extracurricular activities. However, if you are a girl participating in sports don't expect much of a crowd. The boys get the majority of the support, and the girls were a lot better.
Teachers try to do everything to help the students. However, not all Pre AP teachers care about the students as much as the regular teachers do.
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Our athletic trainers are not the best and often do not do a very good job at what they are suppose to be doing.
Things like NHS and Student Council remain very active throughout our school.
Overall, I would chose to go to this school again because of the many advantages we have here and the support from certain teachers and many parents in the community.
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