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This school offers many programs. I enjoyed the overall environment of this school and appreciated the teachers. The only thing I can comment about at this time that needs improvement, are the school lunches.
Overall my experience at Andrews High School has been wonderful. I moved across the state from Wisconsin and decided that I wanted to go to public school. All the previous education I had been homeschooled. I was terrified to begin something new in a new place, but Andrews High school made me feel welcome and important. I was able to be involved in sports, extracurricular activities, and community service. It helped me be involved in the community and feel less like a stranger. My teachers have helped me a great deal. A special thank you to my principle and guidance counselor for helping me get through high school and for guiding me for my next steps in life.
Andrews High School is a small school, which increases the teacher-and-student interaction. The school has big goals, despite being small. It is located in a very safe environment and offers a variety of clubs and sports. Many of the past students have attended major universities throughout the country, including the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC State University, and Duke University. There are no limitations attached to Andrews High School and I thoroughly enjoyed the four years spent at this school.
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we have a variety of clubs that students can attend throughout each week of school to get students more involved.
my school experiences has been great, ive had a blast during highschool while learning all im supposed to. whats makes my school unique is the community support and how close knit our school it with the community.
i love the teachers at my school, they are caring, involved, and do a great job teaching to our students. in my highschool career ive not only got a great education, but also learned many life lessons. i believe my teachers have prepared me for college in the best way possible.
I love my school and the teachers I have had over the past four years, most of them, have become great personal friends. Some teachers have been moved to other school, including my favorite teacher and his wife who was also one of my favorite teachers. They have remained in contact and helpful during my senior year and I am so thankful I got to have them in school when I did.
Each morning and afternoon there are police parked out side the school making sure students drive carefully and that parents are following the proper drop off systems for underclassman. I have never once felt unsafe in this school. The school nurse is here twice a week and our athletic trainer is here everyday! They are both so wonderful! I went to them last track season when we discovered there was something abnormal about legs. They worked together to set up my doctors appointments and checked on me regularly at school. They wanted to be included on what the doctors were saying to hopefully get to the bottom of the problem.
There's a ton of clubs and most people are in at least one. I'm a part of 6 clubs and very rarely do we do community service with our club. I've done more on my own time or with my sports team than with a club. The principle enforces everyone to be in at least one club. The most popular clubs are FCA, Bet club, and fitness club. The most fun clubs are Fitness club, Outdoor and adventure club and monogram club. Monogram club is all the varisty level athletes who have lettered in their sport.
I've had my fair share of ups and downs. The first three years were the absolute best, my sophomore year was my favorite! We have always had so much going on , there was always something to look forward too. the beginning of my senior year we got a new principle coming from our biggest county rival school and everything changed, the rules and policies. The first two or three weeks were terrible but 5 months later into my senior year, I'm so happy with what has gone on this year and how it has all turned out.
Over the years, slowly teachers I never had the opportunity to have-have left or been moved. There's a large amount of teachers I haven't had but there's larger amount that I have. The ones I have had have been helpful and and devoted. Teaching styles vary. I have a teacher who has a degree in science but also teaches lower level math's and her teaching style was very different than the teacher I had with a math degree teaching an upper level math. Our English teachers are the coolest, they're always coming up with new fun things for the school and one of them has helped me so much in college application process.
Andrews have some good teachers but, then their are teachers that are willing to help you along the way. My experience has been okay but not the best to me academically.
All the policies and rules are enforced at this High School.
Some of the kids could devote more time to school, which could take away the bad stuff that goes on.
Teachers are great, really help teach the students what we need to know.
There is so much to offer here after the school day has ended.
Wow, our school really has some wonderful academic opportunities.
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The sports at Andrews High School are fantastic. All the team display school spirit, and the whole school backs our teams one hundred percent.
Our school has plenty of space and facilities to accomidate all the students, just got new bleachers for the football field that are awesome.
The principal and teachers are very involved with the students and are interested in each one. You know someone will be there if you need to talk to them about something that might be going on.
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