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The teachers prepare you very well for college and you recieve alot of infornation about starting the college process early. So, by senior year there is not rush to get things done.
I have had a wonderful experience at Andrews Academy so far during my highschool career. The school has excellent academics and great teachers, with an amazing student to teacher ratio. Many opportunities are offered such as international trips, intramurals, and various student-led organizations. Since it is a religious private school, Andrews Academy presents a dynamic integration of faith and real-world preparation.
Being the new student is always hard, I should know I've been the new student three times in four year. Out of the three schools that I attended Andrews Academy was my favorite. Of course there was drama but that comes with teenage hormones. The school is full teachers who made school a safe place allowing us to speak to them if we needed to vent and made school feel like home to me. I really loved this school and their connection to the University.
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Andrews Academy is an excellent school. I enjoy the fact that my classmates are students that migrate from all parts of the world. It is a very culturally diverse school. I also appreciate the opportunities for community involvement and study tours.
I would like the diversity, the activities and music. The food could be change. I like the opportunities to make friends, and the teachers always listen you. The programs are very variety and everybody has opportunity to participate. The music is wonderful, I play in the orchestra and sing in the choir. I have opportunity to do mission trip in the Mexico and help me a lot, and went in trip to Chile. The school help me my spiritual life giving me straight an support.
I graduated from Andrews Academy in 2007. The teachers during my high school years were EXCELLENT, the academics definitely prepared me for college, and the diversity and culture you was an important part of my experience. Some of my favorite experiences were Band Tours, Feast of Lights, and Community Service Day.
Andrews Academy has really well academics, which is important considering it’s a high school. But more importantly, it has such a strong emphasis on Christian morals and standards, as well as teachers and staff who genuinely care about their students. It’s really a priveledge to go to a school who cares so much about God and academics.
Probably the worst thing is the food - but some days it's not so bad, and you can always bring your own.
The best thing is the staff - they look out for their students, and aren't afraid to be friends with them. Everyone really loves each other and it's such a close community.
When you attend Andrews Academy you will have countless opportunities to travel abroad and experience cultures different to that of your own. At the Academy alone there's many different cultures and ethnic groups and being different is encouraged. I think that Andrews Academy can work on implementing some school sports teams because that would bring the school more recognition and students.
My personal experience was a challenging but rewarding at the end. The environment that I was in was safe. The teachers were friendly and took extra time after school to work with me since I struggled with different subjects. The patience and care that I received at Andrews Academy has made me into the person whom I am today. I am glad that I had the opportunity to receive my high school education from such an institution.
My experience at Andrews Academy has been fairly good so far. I am only a freshman, but in my short time attending, I've seen that there should be more activity between the students and their hobbies that they would like to connect to. Not only would this make the school more pleasant to come to, but also a very friendly way to get involved with those that have similar interests. Regardless of this, the academics and teachers have been outstanding at showing their intuition for our better behalf. Even on the days when I feel like I don't want to come to school at 8:00, I am constantly reminded by my peers that Andrews Academy is the place to be. I am blessed to go there and I really do believe that change is an area that should be zealously praised throughout the walls of my school.
The extracurriculars are extraordinary at Andrews Academy. It is one of the best schools to get involved in.
My academic experience was phenomenal at Andrews Academy. As of the relationships with friends, classmates, and peers, I was not accepted by many of them. Personally, I wanted to have a good experience making friends and meeting people who had similar future interests as me. Unfortunately, I never realized the true colors of most of the attendants of the high school until my junior year.
In my opinion, the teachers of Andrews Academy genuinely care about the overall well-being of its students. Their knowledge of the information they teach is so amazing, it eases the learning experience for students, and for myself also. One of the most important things I can recall of these teachers, is that their schedules were so flexible for their students, to the point of being willing to stay till late in the afternoon for extra help. Overall, the teachers at Andrews Academy are there for a specific reason, and I hope every other student may reap the benefits that I did at that school.
the school in general is clean . the school should work on its heating system during the winter.
there are no fun extra curricular activities that are exciting or open to everyone. most extra activities require prior knowledge or having your own equipment.
i only wish the school had many options for sporting teams and classes. appart from that, i have enjoyed myself
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the teachers are fun and caring. they create a family orientated surrounding for the students.
They do not have a very good first aid kit. But the nurse is very sweet and helpful.
I was in both orchestra and choir. We had a bunch of fun. Many tours are included in the music groups.
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