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My experience at Andrew Hill was great. What one should do more is ask for help when they need it because the teachers there are willing to help when you ask for it.
Disadvantaged students at this school fall behind other students in the state, and this school has had significant achievement gaps.
Andrew Hill High School was not the best school in the area, but I try to make the most of it during my time there. I joined as many extracurriculars as I could and tried out for different sports. I loved being apart of an Andrew Hill's sports team because of the sense of camaraderie I felt, anyone could join any sport they wanted. There was a strong sense of pride and spirit there knowing we would support each other in anything we did. The most frustrating aspect of this school is the lack of classes to choose from, we had limited honor classes and only one or two AP classes.
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Andrew P. Hill is a school is an imperfect school with many faults but there is a ton of potential. Academics at Andrew P. Hill are sub par; the IB program is not at all what many perceive it to be. AP is mor worthwhile, but there are only a couple AP classes.
The community itself is fairly diverse. There is a lot of exposure to different cultures and languages. There are many different clubs and many sports. School culture is pretty spirited. Safety is an issue, because of the community. Be careful crossing the street. Food is below average. Facilities are poor as well, mainly due to messy students.
Teachers often do not really 'teach' so it is up to the student to get a good grade and learn. College readiness is incredibly lacking. Most of the school counselors allocate their time to other students and have favorites they check up on. They only really prepare you for graduating from the school, so it is up to the student to figure out major choices and make sure they are on track.
One thing I would I say that I liked about Andrew P. Hill High school is the people that help support with many issue. Some of the teacher, not all, were very helpful and did what to see their students do well.
The people, your classmates and the teachers is what makes Andrew Hill High School. There is so much diversity and cultures, honestly a bowl of differences.
The best and only part of Andrew Hill is the potential of getting great and inspiring teachers. Without the group of teachers that are great, Andrew Hill would be in the dumps.
Great environment. Caring, inclusive kids and teachers that treat you as a good friend. Teachers give you advice, kids that act like kids and understand the significance of kindness.
When looking back all I see in my experience in that this school it was a just negative vibe where I didn't like the people that were there, beside some, during the school day. With the bad environment in the school I would say that it the focus on my academics was very well since the IB Diploma Programme is in the school. With the program in mind the readiness for college I would say is excellent and it readies you to go to college and leave the school for good.
It's a very mediocre school. The teachers and classes are questionable when it comes to material. From what I've experienced, most of my teachers are very laid back, and the behavior, as well as the lack of effort that some students put in, is a little concerning.
The teachers focus more on dress code than they do on teaching some days. The academics are strong, the athletics are par and clubs are great.
it was horrible I had the adminstrators follow me around in there little golf carts my whole freshman year because i had old friends that became gang members so they told all the people i hung out with

i was a gang member which i wasent also the teachers are horrible i had a math teacher named garma and he was horrible he would just put on videos while he ate mcdonalds and when i asked for help he would tell me just to look at the examples
Andrew P. Hill was a rough school in the early 2000. I attended this school as a freshman in 2005. During this time the school lacked the budget needed to keep many school activities open. Many clubs and sports had to be removed. Teacher did not have the nescesarry tools to perform their job adequately. Drop-out and teen pregnancy rate were high. Eventually funding increased and the school were able to improve the facility. Many clubs, sport and activities also came back. Student life is now at a much better quality than when I attended.
For me, the only worthwhile thing that comes from Andrew P. Hill is their IB curriculum. Regular core classes tend to be far less rigorous than they should, which is the result of the district wanting to graduate students rather than truly educate them. Although the majority of the school's teachers and faculty are nice people, some of them do not seem like they care about the students. There are only a small number of adults that truly care about their students, which is juxtaposed many others that are, for the most part, sub-par and uncaring. Andrew P. Hill is not a bad school by any means, but attending the school left a lot to be desired. The bright side is that the school is making attempts to improve their faculty and student life. They are now employing new staff with more aspirations to help children succeed, as well as provide more and more student resources with each passing year, including an on-site therapist/student psychologist.
Andrew Hill has a very unique setting. Although within San Jose and is quite close to many other great schools, it has a horrible stigma behind it. Parents believe the school is terrible and yet, it can be said that the staff who teaches here have heard of the stigma, and wishes to change the way they think. Despite being in the, what most would call the "ghetto", the teacher fully understands many from Andrew Hill are not from a privileged family and intends to support them wholeheartedly.
Andrew Hill was an "okay" high school. I would be lying if I said that I enjoyed walking onto the campus every morning. The area of the school as well as the dress code, gave off a very depressing vibe to me and most students every day. What I would hope to see change is the ridiculous dress code, because walking through the halls only seeing black and grey is really upsetting, and it doesn't help when the school is in a not so good community. You need color to uplift your spirits, and the choice for self expression because being in a bad mood or feeling "down" can make a negative impact on your grades.
I liked the teachers, they were pretty easy to get along with. It was easy to make friends and join in various clubs and activities.
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Andrew P. Hill High School is one of the rising high schools in San Jose. Offering many different pathways for students, it is obvious that this high school is trying to prepare students for the future. I've had many interesting and wonderful experiences at this high school which have shaped me into the person I am today. Although this school has its faults such as its strict uniform policy and a couple of sub-par teachers, it is constantly growing and improving itself. Just last year the school started renovating its quad area for students such as myself. I know this school cares for each and every one of its students and it will never stop trying to provide resources to help with their future.
Throughout my four years of high school, I feel as though my experience at Andrew P. Hill was fairly average, borderline poor. There are some teachers that lack a drive and put no effort into their teaching; they throw work at their students expecting them to teach themselves. The counselors are rarely of help - they don't communicate well or connect well with their students, and clearly have favorites. The attendance office has always been a nightmare to contact, and when you go to the office to speak to someone the staff are always in low spirits. They give students and parents attitude. The principal, however, is quite the opposite. He is very cheerful and positive, always interacting with students and greeting them. Overall, Andrew P. Hill could improve on many things, their staff in particular.
good school i ever been when i come to America. the teacher there are very helpful, they are really good.
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