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It’s alright. Nothing out of the ordinary. Good multimedia program filled with lots of resources. This school is very diverse, and we our very active when it comes to spirit. Our sports are good too.
I like that the school is always working to better their impressions. They've been renovating some things and painting buildings to make it look nicer. When people talk about Andrew Hill, they usually call it ghetto, but it's actually pretty nice. The teachers are always willing to help students when they're struggling. We have a good student support center as well. The dress code is kind of annoying but it is for our safety and at the very least it's much more lenient.
I went to Andrew Hill for two solid years. The teachers either make or break you. I had this one world history teacher, and he was so full of knowledge but he was very tough on the students. He was a coach and taught his students as if we were athletes. He was tough but meant well so I really respect him.
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The things that I liked at Andrew Hill were the Football games, they were very lively and were amazing to attend. I also liked some of the teachers there, the ones that can make the class interesting while also being able to teach the subject. Those teachers are the best. Some changes I'd like to see is probably the change in the restrooms around the campus. Being a male, this has been a problem as there are no dividers between urinals making all but 2 urinals: unusable. I would also like to change the way that the outside sees us, this will take a while but the idea that Andrew Hill is "ghetto," is a false paradigm. The school is pretty great, aside from some minor things that can be changed.
Andrew Hill is a pretty good school. People think that it is a “ghetto” school that has a lot of gang-related people there. It really just depends on who you hang out with. Andrew Hill offers a variety of different sports and academic opportunities.
This school offers many programs, such as the rigorous International Baccalaureate program. There are many clubs and sports to choose from. The teachers and staffs are friendly and supportive. It is a big school, the buildings look new and clean, there are many different electives offered. I just wish that there are more AP classes to choose form.
There are generally good teachers at this school, especially at the higher level classes. There are plenty of clubs and sport teams. I joined cross country and tennis and loved both!!! Do note that this is an IB school and is most AP classes have been replaced. Feel free to join if you need a challege and college credit. There is also Multimedia and a Mediacal Magnet Program. Current administration works hard at promoting school spirit all day, everyday. Go Falcons!!!
Andrew P. Hill High School is a diverse and unique school: full of bright, young, and educated students ready to learn. Its variety of sports, clubs, amazing teachers, and hardworking students make up the school. If there was one thing to change about it, it would probably be the lack of resources of school supplies, or for help with being college-ready.
I came to Andrew Hill as a Junior and I would love to say that my experience is pleasant. The teachers, although difficult, really try and care about your education. The student body is diverse and full of open-minded individuals. The staff has good relations with the students and the environment is very welcoming.
Andrew Hill is a school located in a low-income community. Compared to other high schools in the same district, we have very little AP classes and incredible diversity. Some uniqueness-es of our school are the Multimedia Academy, Medical Magnet, JROTC, and IB. Before, A. Hill was known as a "ghetto" school, which had me terrified before attending. Yet after a few months of adapting to the atmosphere, we are not a bunch of thugs nor gangsters. We are not best located in San Jose economically, but the students bring so much culture to school to share. I was a Multimedia student and currently IB. Multimedia brought out the creativity that I had lost. For IB, courses are immense. Getting into college isn't the goal, but surviving college is. From numerous group projects, I've built bonds with my classmates, and some became my best friends. No doubt, there are fights in school, but we are just like any other school, and I hope people don't find us scary for what we were called in the past.
I have had a pretty good experience in this school. Some teachers could be better but most teachers are pretty good. People are really nice. I wish there was more electives to choose from. Overall i think its a good school.
Like all high schools there are good and bad teachers. I am in the IB program and I just wish there could be better organization. This applies to what I think of the school as well, because there is a lack of organization for the most part, which can be seen in the counseling office. The district refuses to raise the teachers’ pay and wants to cut the number of counselors we have.
Andrew P. Hill high school boast in its many vary academic programs, from International Baccalaureate® to the multimedia academy there is no denial that the school does not provide its student opportunities for higher learning. But what the school excels at in opportunity, it lacks in execution. Being on of the many of the underfunded schools, materials and staffs are often lacking, making it difficult for student to engage. In spite of this, the school still manages to produce many academically successful student because hardship builds good character.
I liked the school overall, because the teachers actually care about you. If you put in enough effort, then you'll succeed, because there is plenty of opportunity here. However, I was dissatisfied with the poor funding we had for everything, because if a club or sport wanted buses or money in general, we had almost no help from the district and had to raise it ourselves.
My experience at Andrew Hill was great. What one should do more is ask for help when they need it because the teachers there are willing to help when you ask for it.
Disadvantaged students at this school fall behind other students in the state, and this school has had significant achievement gaps.
Andrew Hill High School was not the best school in the area, but I try to make the most of it during my time there. I joined as many extracurriculars as I could and tried out for different sports. I loved being apart of an Andrew Hill's sports team because of the sense of camaraderie I felt, anyone could join any sport they wanted. There was a strong sense of pride and spirit there knowing we would support each other in anything we did. The most frustrating aspect of this school is the lack of classes to choose from, we had limited honor classes and only one or two AP classes.
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Andrew P. Hill is a school is an imperfect school with many faults but there is a ton of potential. Academics at Andrew P. Hill are sub par; the IB program is not at all what many perceive it to be. AP is mor worthwhile, but there are only a couple AP classes.
The community itself is fairly diverse. There is a lot of exposure to different cultures and languages. There are many different clubs and many sports. School culture is pretty spirited. Safety is an issue, because of the community. Be careful crossing the street. Food is below average. Facilities are poor as well, mainly due to messy students.
Teachers often do not really 'teach' so it is up to the student to get a good grade and learn. College readiness is incredibly lacking. Most of the school counselors allocate their time to other students and have favorites they check up on. They only really prepare you for graduating from the school, so it is up to the student to figure out major choices and make sure they are on track.
One thing I would I say that I liked about Andrew P. Hill High school is the people that help support with many issue. Some of the teacher, not all, were very helpful and did what to see their students do well.
The people, your classmates and the teachers is what makes Andrew Hill High School. There is so much diversity and cultures, honestly a bowl of differences.
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