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I enjoyed being at Andrew Jackson High School and really learned more than just academics and extra-curricular activities, but life lessons and readiness to help prepare for college life and life after college.
Andrew Jackson High School is the epitome of how an average high school is represented. The teachers are mediocre; basically, they teach you what you need to know to get by. Except that they don't. I had never been taught how to use proper English grammar until taking AP Language and Composition. The teachers overall help you with outside tutoring, but they're only human, they have their own lives too. Andrew Jackson High School, for the most part, is a good environment to learn in. I'd be able to learn better without disruption after disruption. The people are base, but high school is a breeding ground for savagery, what do you expect? On a scale of one to ten, I'd give AJHS a solid 4.5.
The Dress Code is very strict and highly unfair. Guys can wear shorts that fall right about their mid thigh, but girls can't wear a rip above their ankle! Sexism in schools needs to be looked at.
While I was attending Andrew Jackson High School, I could always count on the teachers helping me when it was needed. The teachers are willing to help the students and each other in any way they can. The bond with the student and facility is amazing. Everyone is like family. The students got along and grew closer each year. Andrew Jackson High has a really great sports program which is fun and amazing to be apart of. Everyone was close with one another. The parents support not only their child but are always pushing everyone to do their best.
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The biggest thing that I would like to see change is more classes that better prepare students for college.
My son attends Andrew Jackson. The coaches are awesome along with the teachers. They take pride in the school and the students. They do not put up with any bullying.
I loved the arts of this school. I've went to this school for four years, and also attended the middle school for two years. The staff are extremely supportive and I've got most of my information about colleges from the advisors and guidance counselors. The principal is extremely kind and is willing to listen to whatever issue you have, he even helps tutor math.
I have to say that Andrew Jackson has such a welcoming atmosphere that resonates from the students, faculty and staff. The children are passionate about what they do and are remarkably talented. The custodians keep the school super clean and I've never had complaints about security or cleanliness.
I liked how you could talk to the teachers and administration about what was going on and they would help you and understood.
I like the environment in which I’m given to learn. I would like to see however more of a focus put on seniors with the application process for colleges, scholarships. I wish we had a home economics class. That would have been very helpful since I’ll be living in my own pretty much within the next few months. I also wish the girls could wear shorts but I know a bunch o people would cross the line so I could understand that not changing. Overall, I just think that the teachers should be more involved in the students’ lives and get to know each of them personally before they attempt to teach them something. After all, teachers can always learn new things too.
I've enjoyed my four years at Andrew Jackson. I have friends that will be for a while, and teachers that I know I can come to whenever I have a problem. Playing football I seen how much school spirit we have, and the support that comes from my classmates and teacher is second to none.
I attended Andrew Jackson High School for my entire educational experience, and it has helped to shape me into the determined and knowledgeable student I am today. I have found teachers whose sole focus is to nurture me and that care for my future even more than my parents. However, this school is particularly known for its arts focus program. I was a part of the visual arts aspect of this program, and I continued with it to further my skills and love for my talent. And although it has brought me great satisfaction, I wish there was more opportunities for deeper interaction with my talent, as the focus classes were seemingly just regular arts classes with a more elaborate name. However, this school has brought me nothing but success in my academics and otherwise, and, given the surrounding options of this area, I wouldn’t choose to have attended anywhere else.
My experience at AJ was completely different from what others told me high school would be like. I made lots of friends, did good in my classes, & had a great four years.
The arts program is very diverse and colorful. You get to become yourself and find your inner meaning. The sport facilitation is also very great.
I went to Andrew Jackson High School for 4 years & I loved it. I made plenty of friends, & I loved most of the teachers.
the councilors and teachers are very helpful. they make sure I'm ok and they help kids with college applications and help picking the right school
Excellent!! I loved the small town school atmosphere and the fact that the teachers are always there whenever they are needed.
I have been a student at Andrew Jackson for 4 years. I have had an overall pleasant experience. Almost all of the teachers are friendly and are willing to help students. I have played football for 4 years and it is funded very well. I wrestling for two years and it did not receive much funding at all. The parents and coaches had to donate a bunch of money. We also had to have a bunch of fundraisers to raise money. The wrestling program needs more funding from the school. There is some diversity in classes but there could and should be more. There are only a few AP classes and there should be more for the students. There is some school culture but the school could do way more to make it better. Overall, this school is really great.
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AJ has the usual sports such as basketball, football, baseball, etc. but I would like to see new teams such as tennis or swimming. There are barely any clubs at AJ, which I am really disappointed about. We have National Honors Society, Beta Club, FFA, and that's really all. I have planned on starting my own clubs because of the lack of choices. And with the clubs that we do have people wouldn't attend as frequently as they do if they weren't getting penalties.
The experience has been average for me. The school doesn't have many functions for the students to enjoy, but it still is a pleasant experiance.
Many of the teachers at AJ are very knowledgeable at the topic that they have chosen, but there are a few who are not that great at one particular subject and should be teaching another subject. All of the teachers I have had were very friendly and open to new ideas put forth by the students. All of my teachers have always been available outside of school for anyone in need or for questions. Overall the teaching staff is really good.
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