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Great magnet program. Teachers are actively engaged with the students. The academics are wonderful and the athletics are outstanding. There are wonderful ways for seniors to get accepted into college. Great staff team and more seniors graduation ready than ever. It is a wonderful school to attend and well to make friends and better your education.
The teachers and the administration is good. The change I would want to see is the meals they need to have a more variety.
AJHS has done a complete 180 degree. It's now a dedicated magnet with a new principal that does all that she can to improve the school with the help of her staff. Teachers actually care and help you learn. I've definitely been set up for college and the real world!
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As a student at Andrew Jackson, I would like to say that the depictions previously attained by outsiders do not exist. This school needs work much like other schools; no school is perfect. We need community involvement and we currently struggle with school spirit. Our football team is better than the last 3 years but still needs work. We need more honor students to make this the perfect magnet school worthy of an A school rating. Our magnet programs such as Cybersecurity and Early College are successful, and geniously designed to create students who will be ready for the future and for their careers. We are constantly improving. We have some of the most dedicated, driven students in Duval County. You will not find another school like Andrew Jackson. We are unique in multiple ways. There is no other school in Duval County that resembles a family from the faculty, to the staff, to the students. I can honestly say that I am proud to be a Tiger.
I really appreciate that the teachers there are always willing to help. For the most part, the staff is very nice and helpful. However, my testing records got lost twice as well as my medical records.
My experience at Andrew Jackson has been way better than when I went to school at William M. Raines . The administration is becoming more helpful , the only thing I think we should work on is school spirit and school pride .
Throughout my time at Andrew Jackson I have had some good and bad times. Andrew Jackson is a good school. I think that it needs a lot of improvement with the students that attend, the clubs and activities, and the facility itself. However, the school has some good students as well and has great volunteer programs which I have been in. The teachers do a great job because I have never had any problem with the criteria and they are now renovating some parts of the school to make it better for us students.
I as an alumni, I feel that Andrew Jackson is an improving school. Reason being is that their staff has improved and the opportunities they offer with their Magnet Programs such as Air Force ROTC, medical magnet, sports medicine, now their sports broadcasting, and cyber security with their video game design. Their staff is awesome, supportive individuals who sole determination is to succeed their students. Great school.
Within the confines of my four years at Andrew Jackson high school I've seen a consistent rise and fall in the school's Culture varying way to the academics. As a student myself I think that the students don't receive the right amount of assistance academically and psychologically. With the lack of building and guiding students along with no school spirit nor culture how do you expect the learning environment to continue to grow. I asked myself that continuously throughout my time here and I still don't have the answer to my own question. With determination and self confidence I succeeded my senior year, currently graduation ready, but looking back onto the past Andrew Jackson wouldn't be recommended by me to anyone.
The experience was great. The faculty staff well , most of them were friendly. Except for a few of them. The students well they are OK; crazy but OK. But overall looking back, and then now they have changed dramatically and upped there game and I recommend them for that
Better opportunities for students to be more involved with colleges or to be involved in the school.
The school could function a lilttle more freely. Right now it feels like a prison. Would have been fine stars if we had a little more freedom like the other Duval public schools.
What I like about Andrew Jackson high school is that the school almost makes me feel like we're all family . The teachers are dedicated and will do anything for the students to get their education. I like that the teachers, staff and faculty hear us out on any ideas we have if they're reasonable.
It is good but i think now its getting better.
Its ok only a few students shows interest and participates
parents try there best to get involved with there students and their teachers as best as they can.
They try there best to help each and every students excel to the best of the knowledge and capabilities
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The school itself is really great. However thomgs happen where something mught not go as planned or adminstration may not cover important details in a timley manner
Andrew Jackson is a positive school that support your every need. Sometimes they have too many students to keep track of because they're short staff. The adminstration does their best to give every child help. Overall Andrew Jackson is a good experience for a child.
the food is ok on certain days
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