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I came too andrew Jackson Academy as a high school freshman. In the small town of Ehrhardt I basically knew everyone there so the transfer wasn’t too hard, but even without knowing people the students, faculty, and staff will welcome you with open arms immediately and treat you as their own. Now, as a Senior whom is less than ten days away from graduation, I couldn’t imagine experiencing my high school life in a different school.
Over all Andrew Jackson is a great place to learn. Small class sizes is a must for learning. Teachers are warm and understand each individual. Always wanted to be at school. I am sure going to miss that place.
i am where i am because of this school
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Everyone at the school is always helpful to anyone who may need their help. Our guidance counselor is always caring and always there to help. There is never any bulling involved at our school. Everyone gets along with everyone. My school is a private school so Its a tiny school. There's a good bit of people that go there but pretty much everyone knows everyone. Everyone's friendly and nice.
We have a lot of after school activities including sports like football, cheerleading, volleyball, basketball, softball, and baseball. We have a Spanish club which I'm in. We also have junior and senior beta clubs. We have student government. We have after school piano lessons and there's also a art class available to those that are interested.
I think the food at my is great. We have a wide variety of things we can choose from. Healthy food options is a salad. Every now and again we have a hot lunch every month like spaghetti, chicken tenders, or hamburgers. etc. We have snacks like crackers or chips. We also have apple juice and other variety of drinks.
I love my school. It's the best school by far. The teachers take their time to sit down with each student to help them with anything they may not understand. We have great athletes at my school and everyone is always in the school spirit.
I feel like I am prepared well for after graduation and for the real world. I have people by my side helping me and telling me about everything I need to know for the real world. I experience and see things every day that make me realize how important it is for college and to become somebody in this world. Without going to college or having a job it's hard to make it in this world. I'm excited for college and how great my future will turn out.
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