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Andrew Carnegie Middle School Reviews

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There are a lot of different classes that people can take and they have pretty good teachers. I just wish that health was a year long course because Health isn't just sex and an anti-drug unit, it has information about mental health, relationships, and first aid.
The school has over 10 sports available and dozens of clubs. I think there is always room to improve with sports, but my main complaint would have to be that football is over hyped when it really doesn't bring in that much money for my school.
I had an amazing time and I would suggest it to any parents or children looking into the school.
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They all genuinely care about the success of every student. Not only was the staff amazing, but there were many different options for electives, including art, Spanish, media, TA, not to mention that it has more sports than most middle schools, including track and field, wrestling, basketball, and football. I had an amazing time and I grew up so much in the accepting atmosphere. Some people think that middle school is one of the worst times of your life, but at Andrew Carnegie, it is one of the best times.
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