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What i loved most about andress high school is how caring the teachers are or were rather and also the layout of the campus. The layout made college life a breeze when locating classrooms that are halfway across campus
ANDRESS high school is a very good school in general. I would like to see many changes but we can never make a high school so perfect. Every school has to be flexible. And you can say Andress high schools is flexible now that we have a principal that cares about their students. Andress isn’t very traditional. They have a lot of support even though weren’t the best school, our neighborhood all supports us.
The environment not everyone there is helping you for the good but overall i like it i must say some things do get out of hand but our sports are crazy good we have good games good teams everyone's got school spirit.
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There's nothing spectacular about Andress. Everything at Andress is "decent". The restrooms are decent, the work and rigor is decent, and the overall experience is decent. It could be worse, but it could be better.
It's a good place for learning and sports. I liked my time there, not only the staff is friendly but it makes you feel like you can be you're self and have so much going on. Andress is an overall amazing place to learn.
Andress High school was a very diverse school. The diversity of the school made learning challenging at times. Andress is recognized as a low socioeconomically school. While these type of schools showed need of money, it wasn't always the case that we got that money we needed. However this did push teacher/faculty to be more creative, and still provide a free and appropriate education.
Andrews was a very competitive in sports and school culture. We were at the time in the top 2 in competitive football and track.
Andress High School is an excellent school. From my experience at this school for the past four years have been awesome. Despite what everyone says about this school, its far from it. The teachers are very helpful just like the administration and faculty. The only change that i would like to see is more school spririt!
This is a good school for academics and sports, but failed in the security department. The administration needs work. Some facility problems.
I had a good experience at Andress high school. The teachers and staff are amazing. Sadly the school is falling apart and has very old resources available to students.
Andress High School offered me a wide variety of opportunities to enhance my education by allowing me take classes that allow me to earn college credit for free, which allowed me to get ahead in my college career. Overall, my experience in Andress High School was exceptional, the only thing I would like to see change is how a few counselors are not very knowledgeable on what is going on in terms of class scheduling and scholarships. I noticed that I found myself in the counseling center a lot asking my counselor questions about the high school classes available to me, college, and scholarships opportunities, and I often found myself leaving my counselor with unanswered questions. I would like the counselors to be more educated on the opportunities that are available to the students. I am a soon to be graduating senior and I would like to see this change so incoming seniors will not have to go through the stress that I had to endure.
I like the administration at Andress high school they try the best to make Andress a friendly atmosphere. If you have a problem with a teacher or anything at the school they don't hesitate to help. What i like most about Andress are the counselors they will try there absolute best that you have all the credits that you need in order to graduate. I have had a great experience at Andress but the one thing i would change is having students more involved in school activate. Nothing can beat a school that has school spirit!
I like the community of students, but I would change the organizations. I would change them into becoming more involved.
My school is awsome we have alot of things to do but we have alot of pride i love my school and would never leave but we will always soar we are the golden eagles
We have a great variety of teachers. Some of the best in their field I'd say
When we have a function with a club or with sports, our parents are always in full support. It would be nice if they didn't just get it from the parents. Only athletics is when we have everyone's support.
When it came to athletics, the whole school would be in attendance. Every game was always packed and that made it great. No one really liked my school but I believe that we were the best high school in all of El Paso, TX. Our pep rally's were kinda wack but the rest was good. If I was asked if I would do it over again it would be a yes and no. Yes because my high school experience was great and no cause I don't wanna live with my parents again.
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Sometimes my high school could be great but why have some teachers afraid of the students? We have great teachers who know a lot, and they will help you if you ask but since some of our teachers are scared they won't put out a helping hand.
i honestly never had a problem with security or anything. andress was really good with keeping us safe, one great example was when i was a senior, we had our gown exchange but there was a man with a gun around the school area. so they took us one by one to gym to go to the ceremony and i felt safe and protected
the extracurricular opportunities were endless, i ended up joining about 4 clubs in my senior year and let me tell you they were awesome, i was in the law enforcement club, key club, science club, and i was the class senator. of course there was some clubs that only had few people and others had more which made them quite unique. overall law enforcement was the more committed club i have ever been in, simply because a lot of students wanted to be in that field.
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