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Andress is a really amazing High School, people think it is a horrendous place but its not bad at all!! So many kind teachers, students, and staff! I dont regret coming here at all
I would like the water fountains, bathrooms and the cafeteria food to be fixed and look better. The overall experience wasn't awe but wasn't the best. Ive been here for 3 years and the teachers are great the administrative are pretty bad.
Andress high school is a very welcoming school. There isn’t any type of bullying. Everyone is accepting of everyone. We currently have a principle of 2 years and is trying to change a lot in the school in order to make it better. Counselors aren’t much of a help though.
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I transferred to Andress high school during my sophomore year. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. To start off, the school is in a low income area with many delinquents running amok. The schools facilities are completely worn down, with many air conditioning units completely broken in multiple buildings.
Andress is a good school. Despite our reputation, we are very good kids. We care about graduating and moving on in life. I think because so many people talk down on us, we really just take more motivation and we need to be shown our community is putting something in to us like the other schools.
There are few teachers that are very dedicated to the education of the students. college readiness is poor and can be improved through more extracurricular activities.
Honestly my high school experience was overall great. I feel like If my school was able to recieve more funding the classroom would have been more updated, but they made do with what they had. The teachers were great and engaged with students as much as possible.
What I like about Andress was playing soccer there thats pretty much it. I didn't really like anything else about. If you aren't in football or basketball the people who make the yearbook only put people in those sports in the yearbook. Teachers were alright sometimes they would mamones and the staff when they bell rings for lunch they say hurry up lets go at least let them finish there food. Other than that andress is a good school people just think its ghetto because of the past but i would recommend this school better than irvin
Andress High School is a somewhat good school. I believe that it wasnt what i expect. Before i was enrolled as a freshman i expect a very ghetto school but being there for years now I've realized that its not that bad. Depending on your teachers , will depend on how your year will go. The teachers i had a pleasure knowing made my high school experience quite nice. The food quality was pretty bad so i had to bring my own lunch or go to the food trucks that would park by the school. The cleaniness of the school overall isnt that bad but can need some work. The water quality needs a lot of work in my perspective. Ive had problems with it and ive confronted the principal and he didnt really do much.
Andress High School is very comforting to me and we have a lot of school spirit, but one thing that i would change is how strict the Admin can be
After being a student at Andress for four years, I can honestly say I love the school. We have a very diverse student body, yet it is a very tight knit community. The teachers and administration are very helpful and passionate about what they do. Being a very old campus, Andress needs a little maintenance here and there. Overall, Andress is a great school.
In all honestly, this school is not bad we just have a bad reputation. Sometimes depending on the thing that it is, administration can be very good. Sometimes they focus on irrelevant things rather than other things. But also, the people inside the school are pretty chill, everybody kind of does their own thing.
The teachers don't do a very good job and I've only met very few who care for students. As well as the amount of teachers who openly mock and look down on certain students needs to stop. More attention needs to be given to normal kids rather then only the jocks.
I loved the open campus, and loved design of the buildings. I personally did not like that the staff seemed to always be coming and going. Being a Band student, I went through 3 band directors, 2 choir directors, and several principals/assistant principals during my time at the school.
What i loved most about andress high school is how caring the teachers are or were rather and also the layout of the campus. The layout made college life a breeze when locating classrooms that are halfway across campus
ANDRESS high school is a very good school in general. I would like to see many changes but we can never make a high school so perfect. Every school has to be flexible. And you can say Andress high schools is flexible now that we have a principal that cares about their students. Andress isn’t very traditional. They have a lot of support even though weren’t the best school, our neighborhood all supports us.
The environment not everyone there is helping you for the good but overall i like it i must say some things do get out of hand but our sports are crazy good we have good games good teams everyone's got school spirit.
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There's nothing spectacular about Andress. Everything at Andress is "decent". The restrooms are decent, the work and rigor is decent, and the overall experience is decent. It could be worse, but it could be better.
It's a good place for learning and sports. I liked my time there, not only the staff is friendly but it makes you feel like you can be you're self and have so much going on. Andress is an overall amazing place to learn.
Andress High school was a very diverse school. The diversity of the school made learning challenging at times. Andress is recognized as a low socioeconomically school. While these type of schools showed need of money, it wasn't always the case that we got that money we needed. However this did push teacher/faculty to be more creative, and still provide a free and appropriate education.
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