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The food was okay. It could of been healthier but there were times in which the food was great and sometimes it was just like a hamburger with a cookie. I am sure now that has changed with all this input from other areas that say school food isn't the best.
This school needs free programs. I know that its hard to start a club or sports organization without money but if you have volunteers who are willing to play softball or soccer with students it will develop an interest. Something to keep them off of negative influences which for some reason are easier to get into than a art or sports club. I think workshops that teach students how to use power-point and word in a creative way to develop an interest and also help them remember how to use it in the future. A club that offers volunteer work like cleaning up a park and after a certain amount of hours they get a free movie night or gift cards to some of their favorite stores.
I believe this school could get some counselors to help young students prepare to move on to middle school and let them know the importance of what SAT scores are. If someone helped me earlier on I believe I would have taken my SAT's I just didn't know what they were until I was a senior and by then it was too late. I also think that schools should work on getting parents more involved. The more parents are involved I believe it raises the self-esteem of students to do better in school.
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This school had a bad school nurse who always thought you were just trying to go home. I hope they have replaced her. The gates were usually open I was at this school until 2005 eventually they started closing them and only had the front gate open which leads to the main office and cafeteria area. I think school needs cross walks, better nurse and more on safety measures with students.
This school was my K-12 school. I believe because of the time changes that now everything might be different, but at the time I went to school everything was much easier and very simple. Physical education consisted of a student playing in the playground or running around a field. School meals were very simple and plain. The bullying policy wasn't too relevant because it wasn't a big issue. Now I'm sure this school has flourished into something better because it was a good school to go to and it can only get better with the technological advances.
At the time when I went to this school we only had PE which consisted of us playing in the playground or the teachers letting us walk around this big field. You only had sports if you had money to afford paying for the equipment and someone to take you to after school programs.
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