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My experience at Andrean really good so far. I really like most of my teachers, except a few that I feel like are truly really dumb; I don't even know how they became a teacher in the first place. The food at school is pretty good; we have a salad bar, sandwiches, and soups everyday; we have a different hot lunch each day. The school in its self is trash we have no A/C, the locker rooms are really dirty, and our school puts sports before academics sometimes.
I love that Andrean is a close-knit high school. Everyone knows each other and we’re all like family. Andrean teachers are great because they actually care about —not only— the students grades, but out well-being.
The school was fun to go to and definitely prepared me for college, but the politics among the school administration was absolutely horrendous.
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Andrean is a school that is built on tradition. It is a school that will challenge you in terms of academics, character, athletics, and faith. The school needs to improve the facilities because they haven't been updated much since the school was built in 1959. Overall, Andrean is a school that will challenge you and will prepare you for college.
Andrean is a great school that prioritizes excellences. Whether it is academics, sports, theater, or academic teams, Andrean expects you to excel at whatever you do. The teachers are passionate about what they do. The courses are challenging, but you learn a lot and are really prepared for college. Andrean is not your average private school.
A great school! Attended all 4 years of high school and really enjoyed the atmosphere and met so many people that will be apart of my life forever!
I am an incoming Freshman and I am very excited about the opportunity to go to a Catholic High School.
It feels like a family enviroment, most people inlcluding staff and students are very close. Andrean is also very involved with most athetics. Academics are held to a very high standard.
Every year that I attended Andrean I had a different principle. The rules and regulations were always changing, and the Andrean tradition was never continued. I hope all of its problems are resolved soon, the education there was poor. They were always replacing teachers, so we never had a solid curriculum. My own high school experience there was very poor, and I would not recommend this school to anyone.
My experience at Andrean High School has been educational and fun. The teachers and staff are very kind and treat the students with respect, care, and show us that they value on our opinions on how the school functions and goes about doing things. The students at our school are fun and caring, don't let the words "private school" make you think you'll have a less fun time here than in a public school. Everything is the same except we are a college prep. school which means our teachers push us even harder to do our best educationally. I really like going to Andrean, you should really come and join us," The 59'er Family".
I loved going to Andrean High School. It felt like one big family. The teachers, faculty, and student body supported one another, which made activities and sporting events enjoyable. I loved the atmosphere! It was so enthusiastic! I am a proud 59er alum ! God bless.
The Andrean community is like a second family to me. I have truly enjoyed my experience here the past 3 years.
Good school, especially for the area. Andrean offered me the best education I could possibly get out of the area. I enjoyed how fun and personal the teachers were and how students made sure everyone was included.
Andrean High School is pretty good. There are some really dedicated teachers that really care about the students.
No A/C.. too hot to learn in the summer . The teachers don't open the windows because the bees 'will come in'. Teachers and education are not bad.
I loved going to Andrean High School, it was some of the best 4 years of my life. I have lifelong friends because of Andrean.
Andrean High School offers a college preparatory education in a diverse community. We offer students a lifelong commitment to faith, learning, and leadership in an ever changing society.
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Andrean High School provided you with small class sizes. There were teachers ready and willing to help you succeed. There were some administrative challenges during by time at Andrean. The staff at Andrean needs extensive diversity training. Students of all backgrounds should feel welcome at school everyday. the facilities need some serious updating. There is no air conditioning in the summer and the heating system is very inadequate. There is some parent involvement, but I believe that a PTA would be very helpful. Andrean needs to improve on the communication with the parents and students concerning changes that may effect a child's education. The cafeteria and the lunch staff is the best. Food choices are very satisfying.
I am a parent of a freshman and a senior at Andrean. I love the school & the positive peer pressure put on my daughter's to strive to be better academically, spiritually, socially as members of society and leaders in the community as well as athletically. I never worry about their grades, their safety, what they are wearing. I have trust in them and open communication and they are growing into mature young adults. The financial sacrifice has become more of an investment into their future and an assistant to my parenting in the most challenging and important time of a child's life as they are very impressionable as teenager's. The positive reinforcements from the faculty and other parents are priceless. Andrean is more than a high school. It is a community and a family.
People take extracurricular activities much more seriously than they do any of their classes. That still doesn't say much because it's fun to join an academic team, but athletics are the most important kind of activity for anyone at this school.
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