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Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy Middle/High School Reviews

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The school exposes students to colleges so when they get to their senior year they have an idea of what colleges they would like to apply to. The teachers are satisfactory depending on the subject that it taught. Overall, the classrooms are small and teachers can tell when a student is falling short or is not participating. The school overall did prepare me for college and I am grateful for the college opportunities that I experienced over the years attending the high school. However, they converted to Democracy Prep and am no longer aware of how the new curriculum has benefited the students and prepared them for the college level.
Overall Andre Agassi College Preparatory High School was A good school. The preparation for college was unmatched by any other Clark County school. The teachers always prepare the students for life after high school. The small class setting provide individual attention in class. Majored of the teachers was always helpful and truly cared about the students inside and outside the classroom.
I absolutely loved being at Agassi. I have just recently graduated from this institution, and I can honestly say that no other school in CCSD compares to this one. Their mission is to prepare you for college, and I can say that they have definitely provided me with the tools not only to go to college but excel at whatever I choose to do. It is not easy in any way. I fell many times. At the end of my journey I came out triumphant, because my teachers and friends refused to leave me behind. We are a team!
You may find that Agassi is more than just a K-12 school, it is a family. Your teachers understand that it is not about them, but about educating each and every student. The classroom environments are very diverse and collegiate like. From the sports, expectations, deadlines, homework assignments, college applications, etc, it was all well worth it.
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I attended Andre Agassi from 8th grade until senior year. I was the valedictorian and from attending this school I was able to receive a full ride scholarship to attend college. This school is determined to get students into college and that is one of the best things about this School. If anything needs to be improved it is the teacher turnout.
My experience with Andre Agassi high school was fair enough. The academics provided from the teachers was really good however the teachers hired by the staff of the school do not stay very long at the school. They do not provide many clubs but sports. The safety provided is really good. The food is okay however i believe schools in general can do better with their food. Some of the staff treat students well but others are disrespectful. Andre Agassi should follow a better statement.
I spent the entirety of my school career attending Agassi Prep. From first grade to now, I have been prepared to graduate and attend college. Agassi has taught me many things outside of just academics. I have learned communication skills, philanthropy, and how to be well-rounded.
AACPA offers great education and opportunities. It is a very interactive school and he teachers are interactive as well.
I actual like the school it helped me be more prepared for college than I would have been if I would have went to a public school.
Iv had a lot of fun at Andre agassi I love this school. The teachers here want to see you be successful and strive to do better in life. If I had to change anything at this school I wouldn't change anything at all. Andre agassi is great I love this school.
I have attended this school since kindergarten and have seen the school for through many changes. Although the school , the faculty , and even the students have their up and downs I still personally enjoy attending this school despite all of the complaints made about the school. Even though I also complain , there is no school similar to Andre Agassi that allows students to form close amd useful relationships with other students and faculty.
At Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy, I learned so much about the college experience. I've gone to this school since first grade and I can truly say that Andre Agassi is a great school. The elementary school gives you a great place to build upon, while middle school gives you time to build upon that platform. Andre Agassi's high school furthers the students knowledge and prepares you for college. Overall, I believe it is a great school.
My over all experience at Andre Agassi has been great and I have learned a lot of new thing at Andre Agassi. To me this is the best school and I would recommend it to everyone.
Andre Agassi College Prep started as one of the best charter schools in Vegas. Every day was a new adventure, you meet new people and shared common experiences. I personally attended Agassi Prep since I was in the first grade. The school has transformed over the years. I've watched the school get its first gym, I've personally seen eight years of graduating classes since the school opened. One thing I wish that would change at the school would be the sexism of the school. Females are looked down differently then of males. Overall, Agassi Prep is a charter school that does help prepare you for college and for the world on your own.
Honestly Agassi's's "messy-er" like you are bullied more often than you would have been 4 years ago. Also the staff is "ghetto." I mean don't get me wrong there are a couple teachers who "don't play." But I think some teachers are just here to socialize and "make money." Like you might here them say "I don't get paid enough to babysit y'all bad kids!" And you can complain to the counselor about a bully and they wouldn't do anything about it. Also there are "cliques." And I think that people think that you only get to hang out with certain type of people because that's your "crowd." But that is the reason why I think if I was to be a new student this year I probably wouldn't have made any friends and I don't have many friends. Its also hard to concentrate in class because the kids act like they weren't raised right.
Agassi Prep is an excellent school. From the teachers, to the students, to the curriculum, I am appreciative that I got to attend this school. Agassi Prep does its best to prepare each and every student for college. Not only is the curriculum great, but the sports culture is also very productive. The only problem I would say about the school is the size of it. It is both good and bad. Learning wise, the school is beneficial because students receive extra assistance on their work. The bad aspect is the social part; socially everybody knows everybody's business. But other than that the school is amazing.
My name is Khadeejah Griffin and i have attended Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy since the first grade. I have been among many great people and have created a bond with many people who have had an impact on my life. The school has helped me find myself as a young woman and has helped me control my attitude in many different aspects. I used to hate myself at one point but, when I came to the school, I met people who would always pick me up when I felt like I was nothing, they made me feel like I was something. When I started to become distant, they noticed and would always make sure I was okay. I found my best friend at this school and although some people faded away over time, she never did. I never had to question my friendship between her & I and I learned that there are people in this world who can make you become a better person.
I have been at Andre Agassi since I was in the first grade, I am now in the twelfth. It has been a great experience for me and I would not have wanted to be anywhere else. I have gone on several college trips since I was in the third grade. I've been to Atlanta, Washington D.C, and Southern and Northern California. On all of these trips I attended colleges campuses included HBCU's and top ivy league schools. It was amazing to be so young on a college campus and even out of Las Vegas. I have also learned leadership through the school. Andre Agassi is a K-12 school, so I learned that I needed to be a leader and set examples for the students that are younger than me. I am sad the my Andre Agassi days are coming to an end but I am glad that my mom made the great decision to enroll me into this school.
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My experience at Andre Agassi was great and very hard at times. I am grateful for the agassi staff who helped me on the way . I recommed for everyone to attend Agassi for a great education.
At Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy, I am taught at a level that I can be challenged. I am understood and exalted for the knowledge that I have in myself.
My experience is wonderful. I appreciate how Niche helps me apply for different scholarships and learn more about the application process.
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