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Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy Elementary School Reviews

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One club they had was the chess club which even had the principal involved
This school is unique because it allowed me to find my true potential in subjects like math
Teachers really care about your grades and students being successful
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Safety policies make it to where people at the school don't have to worry about danger
It's great and gets everyone involved as a unit
It was great for my education and understand of college
Class of 2016 which is a "special" class for this reason, we are a family of 60 strong, we love we fight,but at the end of the day we have each others back no matter what,and that is all that matters when we stand strong graduation day
Clubs are open for afterschool such as art and cirques De Sol
I'm just Goin to say its overall ok
My overall experience has been good because I met good people and had great opportunities I might never had gotten at another school.
It's a place with pretty good teachers that are dedicated to helping a person if there willing to listen and learn.
People around are friendly so it's easy to just get along and then the work is fine as long as people pay attention.
Sports there is amazing and gives people the chance to really be involved with there peers
It has great protection and the nurse provides people with things she has if not then you will be sent home of serious.
It's a really great place with great oppertunitys.
I don't often eat the food because I like to have my own lunch to go with a certain diet.
Social scene is also great allowing you to always have a group of friends.
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Our extra curricular activities is great with some sports going far in the program and the new acquisition of wrestling.
It's a great environment for a lot of different students.
Pretty well covered in safety because the school acts upon things they need to.
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