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Andrada Polytechnic High School Reviews

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Andrada is a school that is continuing to grow and prosper. It is a place that gives you a chance of finding or making the right career for you. This is accomplished through their variety of pathways. Whether your interested in the medical or bio-science field, digital communications or transportation technologies, or even engineering. The reason we are able to have these options is how our school is structured, freedom with responsibility. This is a crucial life lesson to be taught and learned. It is through these few reasons why Andrada is such an impacting school.
The school is an average high school. The student population is too big and the school is very cramped. The school offers a lot of good teachers and pathways.
My high school, Andrada Polytechnic, is a pathway based school. The idea of going to high school not just to learn about basic studies but to prepare me for my future career goals was exciting to me when I began. As a result when I graduate I will already have a head start as a certified veterinarian assistant which will help continue my dreams of helping animals. Not only has Andrada helped me schematically but at my school my counselor became my mentor. Through my mentor I completed my senior project by volunteering at a local food bank which increased my desire to help animals thru a non-profit. I met many people who are struggling themselves and struggle to keep their animals. I believe animals are part of the family so my dream is to help the entire family.
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The teachers are amazing here, very well educated. The only issue is the cell service is spotty and it is hard to contact people when in school.
Andrada Polytechnic High School is an excellent school. It allows young students to venture off into the real world. The school allows kids to reach beyond their comfort zones and study as if we were already grown ups. This school incorporates pathways into our everyday learning so that we have knowledge on things that we would like to do when we graduate. From freshman year and beyond, we are introduced to amazing CTE teachers and equipment to gear us in the right path. The highly trained teachers help us reach our goals at a young age. Some pathways that we have at Andrada Polytechnic high school are Sports Medicine, Bioscience, Medical Assisting, Auto engineering, and more. This school allows us to become great workers at young ages while still giving us the high school experience.
Andrada is a great school for kids who want to start their career path in high school. The pathway options that are available are amazing and extremely advantageous for those who are involved. The teachers all have the students best interest at heart. The administration is the only thing that I would change, I don’t think they care about students as much as they should.
The opportunity for students to choose a career pathway while in high school is wonderful. It helps young students to determine fields they like or dislike before entering into a university, saving time and money. Also, many of the pathways allow a student to leave high school with a certificate in their field and enter the workforce right away. This is a great opportunity for young people who aren't able or interested in pursuing continuing education.
I love Andrada! I feel welcomed all the time and I have made so many new relationships not only with kids, but with the teachers as well. I love the classes and am ALWAYS excited to go and learn and have fun. I actually try to succeed which wasn't always big for me. I love this school and wouldn't ever want to leave, and I can't wait to become closer to the entiee family. I don't want anything to change, I love this school with all of my heart and I love the family I have gotten out of it.
Andrada Polytechnic High School is a great technical high school teaching students skills they will use in the workforce.
I love the atmosphere and the teachers are excellent. The administration is understanding and helpful. The college courses are excellent and gave me an extra 16 credits towards my degree.
Andrada Polytechnic is a college-based school that has allowed me to pursue my interest in Psychology earlier in life than most. I now have a head start on my future and am better prepared for college and what is to come after I graduate.
Andrada is a place where it is okay to be different. Being different is what makes everyone fit in, in a way everyone is unique. The atmosphere is almost like a college. We are given so much freedom, and with that comes responsibility. The pathways make it so that students could have a job lined up the day after graudation. Andrada is like no other, and any student would be lucky to go here.
I'm a freshmen at Andrada Polytechinic and my experience here so far is good. I like how they have a pathway/jumpstart college program available for all students. The high school also has a very nice environment, they have nice buildings. Although a good school, I would like to see Andrada grow bigger. We don't have our own sports team and there really isn't that much of a variety of clubs and activities.
I loved it all The school is amazing, a pretty good school for everyone. I would recommend it. It was the best school I attended. The teachers are really involved with students, teachers show they care, they have their reteach times, they are flexible. Vail district overall is the best district among all.
At my school there is a vibrant and fun school culture centered around Freedom with Responsibility. This is where responsible students can get free time outside of lunch. They also offer Career Technical Education in engineering, digital communications, medical assisting, a pathway in molecular biology, veterinary assisting, automotive technologies. Also interesting classes such as Rock Band, and Alternative Energy.
It is an okay school. Not the best. The teachers over react or don't keep up with grades and put a ton of pressure on the students. The security guards at this school are a different story. One security guard is amazing everyone loves her. But the only guy security guard its absolutely dreadful. He gets the students in trouble for going to the bathroom or walking to the nurse even with permission. He is a dreadful person and brings the great safe feeling place down to being felt like your under attack.
- Parent of a student
My experience during my freshman year attending Andrada Polytechnic High School was mixed. Of course, I am glad I picked this school and I would never even think to transfer anywhere else. I picked Andrada for it's pathways and college benefits. Mostly, my teachers this year have been great, it's more my student life that I would change. There are frequent fights at my school, as well as drug use and other things. One good thing is that there is a lot of diversity at this school, but that could also be bad. I am unhappy with the amount of inequality that was shown prior to the recent election, such as a lot of supremacy of certain races and the discrimination of minorities such as African-Americans and people of the LGBT community. I would change the way that some teachers choose to educate and I would also promote equality and acceptance of all throughout my school.
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Likes: Counselors (very willing to help)
Free Periods (no class; given so homework can be done)
Dislikes: Mandatory SEP (Senior exit project; must do or held back (for whole Vail District; means thousands of high schools students competing with each other and another hundreds of thousands of college students (2 colleges near by that do internships))
Advertisement of school (States it is a high level class; IS NOT)
Pathways (polytechnic pathway; provides useless certificates at the end of the 4 years)
Lunch Time (no organized line for lunch; takes honest students 40 min to get lunch because others cut to front)
Passing Periods (Small hallways, about a thousand kids; teachers make students wait in the halls)
Classes (all classes swamp students with tons of projects, notes, homework combined in a week at the same time)
I love the concept of freedom with responsibility, however I believe the staff could be held to a slightly higher standard. I love what I get to do every day and the education I am receiving. I wish we had a little more educational guidance, and assistance with college applications and scholarship applications.
I loved my high school. Amazing staff & Teachers . And I loved the Pathway programs. They are the reason I am a certified medical assistant now
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