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Andover West Middle School Reviews

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It's a very open school that doesn't tolerate bullying of any form. The teachers are very helpful and you are sure to get good grades if you study hard.
Teachers are great, helpful, easy going, communicating well, I never had to wait for an email response longer than a day. However, the Common Core creeping in is detrimental to American core and self identity of each student. Forcing the teachers teach in this new way, where education becomes politicised, is not good.
West Middle school helped prepare my child for her high school curriculum.
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The teachers at West Middle School truly care about their students and their well being. They are willing to take the time needed to resolve issues and are an huge factor in many students success.
The school offers a wide variety of sports for all students. They also are very creative in the gym classes and make fitness fun.
The policies are very clear and accessible to parents, faculty, and students.
The West Middle School is an accepting environment where all are welcome and included. If issues arise they are addressed promptly and efficiently.
Students have ample opportunity to be involved in school clubs as well as sports.
The school has a very good system and they only allow in those people who are supposed to be there. They do drills with the students to assure they know what to do in case of an emergency.
Middle school is a rough time in a child's life, I feel that the school helped each and every student feel included and part of a bigger community. Motto "Together as a TEAM we will accomplish great things"
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