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Andover Central School is a place I'm proud to represent and learn from. In later years after graduating, I believe I will look back on the school with fond memories and want to give back to not only the school but the community. Andover is unique. It has strong academics and extracurriculars but tiny classes and a very tight-knit community. Everyone knows eachother, but the talent is plentiful. Andover is competitive academically, in sports, and in the arts.
I feel that some of the teachers should be available after school to help students that struggle with subjects. I strongly think that communications skills need to be improved.
For what the local school can afford, I feel that we have an average facility but could do more about technology, tutoring and college preparation
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We live in a very small area and have little to no violence. Even though there are procedures put in place at our school for most situations, there is always that chance or situation that no one is ever prepared for
I feel the policies are inconsistent among the Staff members. I also feel that involvement of Administration could improve immensely. Students should also be more involved in putting these policies together, not just Administration and Staff.
I studied and worked hard with the resources available
Sports gave me the opportunity to stay fit & compete
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