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Andover high school is very exclusive. It’s hard to find a true place to fit in there. A lot of the teachers pick favorites and it’s hard to have any sort of connection with your teachers if you aren’t a favorite.
Overall I had a decent experience with the teachers and programs that this school offers. The administration however, was not helpful in many situations regarding the way students were treated by one another. Sports and extra school activities were set up and provided. Post high school options were talked about, but definitely lacking information about all the different options students have after high school.
Andover High School was relatively new when I attended - about 15 years old. It is a nice school with an awesome culture and I am very happy with the education I got there.
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The Amount of Caucasians that are in this School is . profound. It's no Wonder there's no Diversity Up In seemed to be very in titled Hmm.
Lack of Human kindness. Very Up tight & Very Rude to other Ethnic Groups. Rude t Adults, unless favored by There Adult Teacher's.
It is the smallest school in our district, but yet a decent size. There was between 20 and 30 kids in a class. The higher level language classes were often very small though. The staff was very helpful throughout my time there.
Great school in size and offered a great variety of classes at all levels and many opportunities to participate in sports.
I really enjoyed all the opportunities this school presented me with. There were clubs for everyone, activities, sports, and arts readily available for all students to try out.
At the beginning of high school I started out as “the new kid”. I was scared out of my mind to start high school. I didn’t know how I would fit in or if I would make any friends. I also wasn’t super focused about school work. Luckily, that didn’t last very long. Andover High School pushed me to succeed in my studies. I became more comfortable with the kids I now call my closest friends and the idea that I could be myself. I will even be graduating with highest honors, thanks to the wonderful support I was given. When I think of Andover High School, I am immediately happy and I have many memories to look back on.
I loved Andover High School, I thought it was a very well put together school. The teachers and all of the staff there were super kind and helpful, as well as the students. One thing that they could change would be putting their money towards better things, instead of having 10 flat screen tv's displaying the lunch items that day, they could put that money towards nicer desks/healthier food items/better gym equipment etc.
Andover High School was still relatively new when I began attending so the facilities were very modern. I enjoyed the sports programs and thought the academics and the culture were very good.
This school gives their students amazing opportunities. Majority of the teachers are supportive of the students and are willing to help students. Over my four years at Andover, the diversity of students has grown which is a wonderful thing. They are expanding the school this summer, I believe so. Which is much needed and will be very beneficial for the school, students, and staff.
My time at Andover High School was a good experience. I had the opportunity to meet a diverse group of kids and I feel like I have benefitted from knowing them. The only thing that I would change is the school view on bullying. They give the impression that our school has a very low bullying rate compared to other schools in our district but I feel that this is not true. I feel like they do not hold the kids who bully accountable and try to find the "easy way out" to ensure that the number of incidents appears low. Because of this many kids will not report cases of bullying because they do not feel that the school will do anything. The school administration needs to be held to a higher standard where their "no tolerance" actually happens.
Not only does Andover high school have superior academics, Andover high school also carries a sense of togetherness and warmth. I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience at Andover High School, from excellent faculty that felt more like friends than teachers to the opportunities to become involved, Andover offers it all. I'm proud to say I'm an Andover High School Alumni.
Much like any other suburban school, it was very clique-ey and split up. The students there like to stick to their own group, inattentive of new students. The teachers are generally nice, and the education, sports, and buildings are relatively nice.
The ability to learn at Andover High School is great. Teacher's care about their students. Teachers help when students need it. You can tell that what the teachers are teaching are important for the student. One problem with the school is their inability to spend their money the right way. Instead of fixing some of the bathroom problems, they went and bought new TV's for the hallways, which less than half of all students look at them and basically every student uses the bathrooms every day. With that said, I believe that Andover is one of the safer schools in Minnesota. We keep the doors secure and don't let random people into our school.
The teachers are all very kind and know what they’re talking about, but some of the administration doesn’t seem to have the best interest for the students in mind. Classes are big, but overall a very nice environment. Could be more diverse.
My overall experience at this school has been amazing! Most of the teachers care about their students in and beyond the classroom. The art and music programs are very exceptional, especially orchestra. A downside is that they prioritize sports over anything else, and don’t give them recognition or funding. The other downside is diversity. Overall a very good school though!
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I love high school! I really will miss it! Andover has given me amazing memories. I told myself my Freshmen year that I was not going to let myself ever at the end of senior year regreate not joining more things. so that is exactly what I did, I was on the dance team, speech team, track team, tech crew for theater, french club, chess club, art club, FCA (president), link crew, band, pep band, climbing crew, and attend many sporting events. I love school spirit and being a Husky! The only thing I would like to see improve is our school favors sports and clubs over others. We are all equal.
It’s a good school to learn at. It has a lot of fun and funny teachers and makes me happy to be there.
I enjoyed my experience at Andover high school. Though it is not a very diverse school, you get a chance to meet many different people with different experiences. It is super easy to get involved in music, theater, and sports. There are also many opportunities to take harder courses to prepare for college. I took multiple honors and AP courses throughout my four years here, and found them very manageable with my busy schedule. Most of the teachers really care about you as a person and student, and are willing to do extra to help you succeed.
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