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The school is pretty good, the english teachers are fantastic, though the other teachers are very good as well. The atmosphere is alright, as a whole the students and principles don't get along too well. There is also almost no diversity throughout the school when it comes to race.
I like how the schooling system is runned and all the equipment is to help students learn. The bad part is sometimes the staff don't know how to react to some things
The teachers are amazing and genuinely care about their students. However, the administration does not handle bullying well and the arts are often overlooked.
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Coming from a busy and lower income community to the complete opposite environment, I can definitely see many differences. The education over here is at a higher level. They really push us to ensure a great education and help us prepare for college. Andover High School has many great resources to help struggling students. They have an after school program called "Husk Hut" in the library for students to connect with teachers for help, make-up test, or simply use the school's many other resources. Many other teachers also make time for students in their classroom. If you choose to stay after school, miss the bus to get home, and don't have a ride home, they have a second set of buses that leaves around 5 P.M. which gives students about 3 hours after school to do what you need. Andover school also has a lot of clubs, activities, and clubs anyone can easily get involved in. This makes it easy to meet new people and feel the school spirit. Although it starts very early, it's amazing here.
Andover High School provides lot's of opportunities for involvement and school spirit is also demonstrated through events like pep fests organized by the student council and staff. Many wonderful teachers. When I was a freshmen ( year 2016-2017), currently a senior, the communication within the school wasn't the best for me. I never knew there was a freshmen orientation till I was a senior being apart of Link Crew which is a group of seniors demonstrating leadership. If I knew there was a option for freshmen orientation, if connection with or among students/classmates was better, I have a feeling my freshmen experiences would've been more guided. But as the years go by, I can see the school improving in many areas, esp. communication and diversity. I start to see the changes that are being made by students and staff as the years go by.
I like the teachers and the atmosphere at Andover High School. I have really enjoyed my time at the school.
Andover High School was a good school itself. A good environment with great teachers and staff. The athletic department was also great! My biggest problem was the academic levels. It was not challenging enough and it didn't prepare me enough for college. The rules and regulations of the school were too strict for my liking. I ended up doing PSEO my junior and senior year instead of attending classes at the high school. Andover was also very organized with all their activities such as the school dances, talent shows, and other extra curricular activities.
good quality education, inclusive people, great clubs and activities to choose from, quality sports programs
The teachers at Andover High School are some of the best people I have ever met. I've made such personal connections with my teachers and many of them really care about their students. However, the environment tends to be negative and much of the school is white, so diversity is severely lacking.
This school is mostly white, so as a person of color who was new freshman year, it was very hard to make friends. To this day, I'm a junior and don't have very many. I do PSEO and love the fact that I don't have to be here very often.

However, many teachers, especially in the english & french department, are amazing. They were some of my favorites and although bad teachers are prevalent, it's the good ones that you remember more.
From an academic standpoint, Andover High School was great. They had different level courses (regular and honors) for students at different levels. The school could improve their discipline standards and rules, since students got little punishment for severe situations.
Andover High School has always had a reputation for high academic excellence and boasts high ACT scores along with an extremely high amount of AP tests taken every year.
My time at Andover High School was very enjoyable. I learned a lot and made a lot of good memories within all of the clubs and organizations I was a part of. The teachers and staff were very supportive and they always wanted the best for me. Overall Andover High School was a great school that helped me to prepare for college along with shaping me into the person I am today.
My school's mantra is 'Stronger Together', and the faculty put in a genuine effort to support that. The students and faculty create a strong sense of community. Through the failed attempt at a school libdub video, to the energized school assembly for Olympic Gold Winner Maddie Roonie, our school sticks together in what we do. All these years at Andover High School, I've maintained a close connection with friends and faculty. Truly, we are stronger together.
This school is trash the teachers suck at teaching they barley help when u ask and the school is FULL of bullies i have attended this this school for 3 years now and it has made my life terrible, i have never been so depressed because of how mean all the kids are. the staff does nothing about bullying. if someone says this is a good school your wrong
Throughout my four years at Andover High School, I got the chance to participate in anything that I wanted. There are so many different sports and clubs there. I found myself very busy. Most teachers that I had really wanted to get to know me and cared about my learning, while I found some did not. I like how free I am at school. The school doesn't tolerate bullying and really put a stop to it so I found that it was a very safe and fun environment to be.
I really enjoyed being at Andover High school. Everyone makes it so welcoming and it is a very friendly school. I can learn very well because the teachers make it such a great learning environment.
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Andover High School works very hard to support everyone. The staff are generally pretty friendly and are willing to help with any issue or situation you are dealing with in their free time. We hold a lot of school pep-fests which allows the whole school to come together for a little while. As a senior, I feel like I know almost everyone in my graduating class, despite there being about 450 students. There are some differences between Andover and the other 4 high schools in our school district with includes a lack of specialty classes (especially in the Technology Education area) and no homecoming dances.
My experience with Andover High School was very good. They offered many clubs, sports, and a variety of classes to take. The teachers were all very kind and made an effort to get students involved with the course and also made sure everyone knew the material for the tests. The sports events are very fun, many people get involved and show a lot of school spirit. The school is updated and clean and they are adding on a new addition for more classrooms. I feel very prepared to go to college, they provided useful and challenging course work to help give their students a more college setting.
Education is decent, could be better but if you take advanced classes it can help prepare you better. Some teachers are great, others are not. Overall a good school but the lack of diversity really hurts the atmosphere.
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