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I do not like the administration at Andover at all. They claim to be preparing us for college yet they put ridiculous rules on us that is nothing like what we will be facing next year. Good education though.
I would like to see more acceptance at Andover High School. There is not much diversity so when others come into acquaintance with someone different than them, they are usually very rude and disrespectful.
I think that Andover High School does a great job at preparing students for college, although other options are somewhat looked down upon. I think that move diversity could benefit the school community.
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it's was ok ... because a student of color there it wasn't really what i was looking for, but the education was coo I guess
Andover High School was a great learning environment. The diversity was lacking to the point I attended most of my high school classes as the only non-white person. The food offered to students for lunch was the standard American diet with slight variations to attempt to give the idea of an "option." College readiness does not exist because the courses given are centered on how to duplicate the success you had K- 12 in a college classroom and that isn't realistic. The demands of attending college and the details individual to each person should be considered and a class catering to these particulars ought to be given. Academically the school performed above average but no where near some of the other surrounding high schools. When it comes to sports Andover has too many parents vying for their child to see success where they did not in life so the teams don't have great athletes. Just the spoon fed parents of entitled children.
Students are friendly, the same holds true for most teachers too. The other staff are absolutely amazing, although the administrative staff are very rude to students and teachers
At Andover High School, I have had an overall positive experience. The school is nice and easy to navigate, and I have connected with many people over the years. The teachers are passionate about what they do and helpful to the students.
Andover High School is a great place to get an education. It is one of the best schools in the area academically. I've had my fair share of poor staff, but there are beyond plenty of caring, helpful, and professional staff members. The building is fairly new (built in 2002 I believe), and it is very nice. The environment is okay, but can be very "cliquey". It is in a nice (and safe area). Overall, the school is a great place to get an education, and looked upon highly. Students are offered a great chance to get the right education and the best preparation for college.
I had a great experience during my 4 years at Andover High School. I received a great education by teachers who really care for their students.
I would like to see more teachers that are passionate about their subject and care about the success of all of their students.
What I Like About Andover High School Is The Fact That I Feel Accepted By Others And Feel Apart Of The School. I Cannot Tell You How Much Andover High School Has Changed Me In Good Ways! I Am The Mascot Of Andover High School And I Absolutely Love My Job! It Really Has Became A Huge Part Of Who I Am Today! I Could Not Be More Thankful For The Opportunities I Get To Have And To Have The People That I Have Or Had In My Life! However What I Would Like To See Change Would Be The Food Because It's Not The Greatest Food But At Least Our School Has Food. The Amount Of Homework Students Get, And I Would Like To Have End Of The Year Field Trips.
Teachers and admin staff have always been helpful with any issues that arose. There are a good number of class options and activities for any interests that one might have.
I loved the teachers and the ability to take hard classes and still succeed. The only thing I would change is to make it bigger.
I liked the ability to participate in music. I was able to participate in both orchestra and choir during my time at Andover. The teachers and administration do a great job at teaching and informing student about the expectations of the school. They all come from numerous collegiate backgrounds and experience that spreads wide the academia of Andover. I think the plethora of Ap and honors courses is very great and allows students to prepare with all levels of rigor.
I do think that our school needs more diversity. The school is almost all white, which takes away a key component to developing relationships with people of different culture and religion. I think Andover should open-enroll to all students who feel the want to attend Andover High School. Additionally, I think the school needs to add on to accommodate all these students who want to attend, but cannot because the school cannot physically hold many more students.
I had a great expirience at Andover High School with teachers who were engaged and interested in my learning and well-being. The only downside to this school is that our population is 92% white, leaving only 8% of a minority population, leaving a school that lacks diversity and variation in viewpoints.
I love that you can communicate freely and joke with the staff. However, the communication with important things is lacking
All around nice people and many clubs to join if you want. The most notable experience I have had is with the math teachers. The staff provide help and make math an enjoyable class. For example, I took Calculus AB with a teacher there. He was very tact in explaining why we did what we did and also provided an atmosphere that was very conducive to learning and gave us many opportunities to improve our math skills.
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There is a wide variety of extracurricular activities at Andover High School and there is something for everyone to be involved in.
As an incoming senior, I will be very sad as my student career at Andover High School comes to an end. This school has given me an immense amount of opportunities to grow academically and personally and I wish I would have taken more advantage of those opportunities.
The teaching staff at Andover High School goes above and beyond of what is expected. They genuinely care and support their students and live to see them grow as young adults which truly encourages and motivates students to strive to reach their full potential.
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