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Andover High School is a good school with overall average facilities, sports teams, and academics. However, Andover High School is currently over-capacity and there is insufficient attention and funding given to STEM subjects. That being said, Andover High has many positive aspects as well. The cafeteria food, especially in the snack shack, is excellent and most teachers are well-qualified and enjoy teaching and interacting with students.
The administration Is crappy all they care about is hiding the problems at the school and picking on the kids who are lower income or have bad grades. the administration specifically targets friend groups (especially those of color and lower income)and constantly its to the students and parents about whats really happening inside the school. The administration uses fear and intimidation to try control the students which make us hate them more. as for the friend groups it is very clicky and only vsco girls thrive in this school. the kids are unmotivated to play sports or do clubs and the vaping problem is incredibly bad. your kids will become drug addicts if they attend this School. the food is over priced but amazing. the actual building is run down and the administration waists money on unnessicary updates (such as the bathrooms that have been renovated 3 times)instead of updating the run down labs. the arts programs are great but get no recognition
Overcrowded hallways and big classrooms await you. The building has had many renovations but not nearly enough to accommodate all students in the small space, definitely a hazard in an emergency. Liberal environment, however, many student hold conservative views and it is not uncommon to hear racist comments in the hallways, largely due to the primary demographic being upper class white Americans. The administration rarely steps in, and is not popular among students. Teachers overall provide good education, although those in the math and science field often struggle to connect with students, and seem to not like their jobs.
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Out of the time I have spent at Andover High School I have come to terms I would rather be at a different school. Freshmen year it was not terrible until I had some issues with a couple of kids. Anytime I try to go with the administration with a problem they just look the other way and won't do anything unless it makes the school look bad. There is no equality or justice between the rich and those who aren't. It seems like it's white vs black in some cases, not all but some. The academics are good as well as some of the teachers. I just don't like how things are run. All we care about is football and we don't actually put any funds towards the actual school or towards the more deserving in music and the arts. The nurses almost every time you go send you back to class with a bandaid or icepack and don't seem to care if you're sick. We're all pushed so far to make the school look good. As long as the school looks good then that's all that matters to the administration.
So far, I am enjoying my time at Andover High School. The teachers are very passionate and genuinely care about their students, although there is quite a bit of emphasis on sports, rather than artistic extracurriculars. The quality of Andover High School is very good, but the physical building could use some renovations and the science labs could be improved. All in all, I am very grateful to be a student here!
Something I like about my high school is that I experience so many different things. Each day is going to be different no matter how normal the day starts out to be. You learn something new every day and reflect on it the following day. All the students at the school are different in their own ways. They are all interested in different things but somehow find a way to connect with each other. They connect in various ways such as sports, art, music, education, clubs, and social media. Andover high is filled with different kids with different stories but when we come to school we put away our stories to focus on one thing and that is to study and achieve our dreams and goals.
I would like to see the school caters to more students' needs. Many guidance counselors were not as helpful in the college process and they should have been. They are known for being a school that focuses on academics and getting into the Ivies if that is something that you want, but allow for no flexibility. Also, the school should have prepared the students for life more, such as through financial preparation and Home Ec.
My experience at Andover High is like most high school students. I made many friends, and it is relatively easy to find a place where you belong at Andover. Most teachers are there to see you succeed and are always there to help. However, they all have various teaching methods, and not all will work for everyone.
The school overall is pretty dull. Being a senior at the school, the past 4 years felt draining with no excitement. Administration doesn't really help students. There have been several issues that administration has done nothing to solve, they kind of brush it off and ignore the problem.
My school is known for being extremely STEM heavy and good at sports. Overall, students are kind to each other and it has prepared me very well for college and my future endeavors. If there was one thing that I wish I could change about my experience, I would want to have closer relationships with my teachers.
Teachers are very helpful and experts in their fields. They take the extra effort to answer questions, and have lots of availability. The Guidance counselors are always there for the students, preparing them to go onto college. There are many clubs, sports, and activities to participate in. The student body, for a large school is inclusive and cohesive. The administration is supportive, encouraging, and friendly. Overall a great package!
Loved the culture, teachers and the guidance dept. esp. school social workers are amazing. Andover High has a lot to offer.
Andover High School is pretty average, overall. There are good teachers and bad teachers, challenging courses and courses great for leisure, and some good people in administration that actively help students, while others have a lack of presence. The school was built in the 1990s, and in some areas of the facility the age of the school shows. The food is good, mostly when it comes to the "snack shack" and the wrap line.
I wish that more of the funding was budgeted towards the art and music departments but the level of college preparation is pretty great.
andover high school may seem really good to a lot of people at a first glance, but there are a lot of flaws. the main reason the academics look good statistically is because andover is an affluent community and the parents have enough money to get tutors for their kids, which overshadows the amount of people that are academically sub-par. there are quite a few kids that go to ivy league schools from here, but many of them end up going on sports rather than academics. there is also a vaping problem at school, which gets quite annoying especially when the fire alarm goes off so many times. the academics here are mediocre at best, and you have to do everything yourself.
The teachers in particular are incredible. Many of my senior year teachers were very well educated, two graduating from Harvard, and other teachers graduating from Dartmouth and Columbia.

Overall, you really get out what you put in. This applies to everything. There is a fine amount of diversity. The administration is well organized. I would say that the biggest drawback at Andover is that students here can be very tribal, and there is no real unifying set of values that the student body can get behind.

If you really get serious about your education and take advantage of the many opportunities offered at Andover, you can launch from this stepping stone into a very successful future.
I had an overall pretty good experience at Andover High School, but I also encountered many problems with the staff and the school. For example, they were not going out of their way to make sure my transition back to school was easy after I missed two weeks due to a medical issue. While this was tough, I did meet so many incredible people.
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There are many aspects that I love about Andover High School. Everyone is welcoming and kind. The teachers are always there to offer their time to help you understand different subjects. The sports are very fun to be apart of, I was apart of the Varsity Volleyball team for a bit. One thing I would like to see change is easier passage in the halls since it is very crowded, new bathrooms, and less traffic in the to get into and leave school.
AHS needs more diversity in staff and teachers. No after school transportation limits opportunity to children of non-traditional 2-parent households.
It was a good high school experience and it prepared me well for college. Although the school is old and a bit overcrowded, overall my experience was positive. Most of the kids are welcoming and kind and many of the teachers approach teaching with a positive mindset. A lot of what has made my experience better are sports teams and teachers.
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