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I love that Andover High School gives students many resources and opportunities to achieve unique goals in a safe environment. I hope to see that teachers work harder than they currently are to provide their students with accurate, concise information.
Andover High School is a place for students to get a solid education. There is definitely room for improvement, especially with student-administration communication, but AHS has wonderful potential and many phenomenal teachers and students.
Overall, both the teachers and the students at Andover High are very supportive and willing to help anyone who needs it. The school is constantly changing for the best with environmentally friendly options being available and new clubs being introduced seemingly all the time. The classes themselves are often taught at the level they say they are, but there are times when some of the teachers forget they are not teaching an AP class. The homework load is manageable and for the most part, the teachers understand that we students have extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs that also require our attention. The parking situation is definitely a mess for the upper-class students, but a good portion of that is also because of the confused parents that like to block all the exits. All in all, Andover High is a decent school that does offer a friendly and welcoming environment a good amount of the time.
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I like the academic options at Andover. After sophomore year, course selection broadens and you are offered a wider variety of courses to take. The one downside is that there are approximately 2,000 students at the school so it can feel a bit crowded at times.
My experience at Andover High School was not that great. It was hard for me to stay involved in the clubs and activities that it had to offer. They are not a diverse school at at. Its hard to immerse yourself with other cultures when there is not a lot to offer. The admin was horrible.
I have enjoyed being a student here overall however, there are a few things that I wish were different. The school is very divided into different groups. For instance I am in the band and they don't associate with other groups such as the basketball team or soccer team. People just like to stick to their small group of friends which can be hard for a new student entering the district.
Administration never put the students' interests first. Heavy grade inflation. Too many tenured teachers.
I found that the teachers at Andover High School were not interested in student success. During my years, the teachers at one point went on strike hoping to increase their pay and this impacted a lot of students negatively.
Some really good teachers, some really bad. Curriculum is mostly useless but there is some good stuff hidden in there. Administration does some stupid stuff sometimes.
Andover high school is a great place to learn about a very big range of subjects, from architecture to automotive to college math, Andover high school has it. The teachers here are very kind and care about kids futures, many work along with them to prepare them for what they want to do with their lives. Here you will meet many friendly people of all ages that will end up being a close friend throughout your life. Overall, Andover High School is a wonderful school and I recommend it to anyone looking for a fun time in High School.
Andover High School is a great mix of people and academics. There is a lot of diversity on campus. However, the best part about this school, in my opinion, is the after school clubs. There are so many, from debate to science to music, and there's something for everyone at Andover High.
Andover High has a strong academic curriculum, but it can improve its curriculum by allowing sophomores to take APs. The teachers are all very dedicated to their classes, and the block schedule at this school makes work very manageable. The fine arts programs are weak but steadily improving.
I liked my experience here. It's your normal Massachusetts public High School. It's mostly filled with kids that come from affluent families, so you expect them to act the way they do when you go to this school. Which is snobby and entitled, but that doesn't make them bad people. It's a very safe town and the worst a student has done was make a fake threat on the stairwell wall. The food is good and I love the staff in the cafeteria, they are wicked nice. The High School as a whole is a pretty good place to get your education at.
Fine town if you can find your way. The administration needs to do a better job with listening to students and others opinions. The academics are good and the majority of teachers do care. I took a lot of great classes here, but some were lacking.
Andover High School is a very good school in terms of preparing students for life in college. The academic rigor prepares students for their next educational steps. Some teachers, however, expect too much of students and fail to teach the material. Students are often expected to teach themselves.
I loved the science programs here, there are many opportunities as an upperclassman to conduct your own research and experiments using school resources.
Everyone has a voice. No matter what age, ethnicity, race, or sexuality, anyone who attends Andover has their say whether that comes as creating a club, making posters or announcements, or sitting down with the school board and talking to them about how the students feel. Andover accomplishes the goal that everyone feels safe and well guided from the time they walk in as a freshman, all the way until they graduate and even after they graduate and move on. I feel as though I am in good hands coming through Andover High and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
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My 4 years at AHS were ones to remember. I remember walking into the first day of freshman year and seeing boys with beards and wondering what I was doing there! Yes you'd think that the older seniors were welcoming and nice to freshman but that was not always the case. Being there for the past 4 years, I have noticed something. Kids these days have lost all people-person skills. Everybody is so sucked into their technology and they have no consideration for others. Nobody holds the doors, nobody has full on face to face conversations, everyone is so focused on who recently posted on Instagram. One thing that I would like to see change, if its possible, would to see there be an etiquette class taught at the high school. Once your out into college and the real world, you have to have professional skills that can be used anywhere you go. That would be the one thing that I would like to see change at Andover High School.
My time in Andover High School has to be one of the best 4 years of my life. I met some close friends here and really bettered myself as a person here. I learned so much and I'm going to miss this school.
When I was a child I had a hard time learning. Not many schools focused on education but more on disobedience. Andover High School has teachers that not only care about the behavior of their students but their education as well. The teachers do not teach just to graduate from high school but to teach you more then you need. This is to get you prepared for college or the outside world. Not much of a diversity group of children but it is mostly where it is located. Parents are very involved with the school, even other kids within the area. Such as the middle schools and elementary schools. I absolutely am thankful for being a part of Andover High. God Bless you all!
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