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Andover has a pretty good academics. There are some really good teachers and there are some really bad ones. The arts are very underfunded but are staffed with amazing teachers. The counselors help you plan your post-high school plans. The new principal is trying to change too many things all at once and won't let the teachers just teach. The students and staff lack diversity.The Andover district just received a bond that allows it to update facilities and Andover High is being rebuilt.
Andover High School has been such a great experience for me. Coming from a small, 2A school, it has been a huge difference and very challenging but I have enjoyed it. The teachers, students, and faculty are all very kind. There are so many different clubs and activities to join.
Such a positive community. Filled with tons of teachers who you could tell actually cared about their students.
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Andover has amazing teachers tons of athletic programs and very good academics classes are usually under 25 kids per classroom and it was always very easy to get extra help or one on one time with teachers and the graduation rate has always been very high
It was a Suburb in Kansas. I went to schools there from my seventh grade to 12th. The teachers were great but I'm not sure it prepared me for college and beyond. I drive through the town and think of it fondly.
I love Andover High School! The faculty is amazing and is super friendly to work with! I have never had any issues. The students promote an inviting atmosphere and they definitely love their sports!
I loved the fact that the school was connected to a community college, and offers such a great dual credit program. One thing I would change would have to be the schedule. The schedule needs to be more realistic for the students to be able to learn at the highest rate possible
I love the atmosphere. The teachers are some of the best in the state. The school offers a lot of AP classes.
My name is Garrett Dorf, and I currently attend the optimum high school in Kansas, Andover High. Over 800 bright and talented students attend school for 7 hours per day, ready to learn about all kinds of different information, including from subjects ranging from Advanced Placement English Language, to Advanced Placement Environmental Science. Most of the teachers at my school are exceptional, but a few struggle to teach at the quality rate that is expected from teachers at Andover High. Our sports teams are also prodigious, and our girls tennis team has won the state championship for five consecutive years. Students can also be involved in numerous activities that are not sports, such as STUCO, Scholar's Bowl, and any fine arts department at our school. Overall, I am extremely proud to attend a high school that offers an exceptional combination of academics, sports, and extracurricular activities.
Personally, I have never felt unsafe inside my school. I know it is possible for other students to feel unsafe, but as a whole we have never had much of a threat. We have a police officer always available inside the building. There are security cameras everywhere, and always a teacher in the hall. The nurse is helpful and wants the best for all students. We have drug dogs that come at random times throughout the year and check the parking lot and the inside lockers. We are constantly doing drills for safety measures. All around, I feel 100% comfortable being inside the building everyday.
When the final bell rings, it seems that there are always more than 20 kids remaining in the school for some type of activity; not including anyone apart of a sport team. Student Council is extremely involved with almost everything that goes on in the school. We have a day specifically set apart from other days dedicated to a club at the end of the day which the student chooses. They involve a christian club, a Big Brothers Big Sisters club, fishing club, sports club, knitting club, photo club, and so forth. There are many opportunities for students to be involved in the school with something they have a passion for. We have many updated resources to choose from.
I have had an absolute blast. We are given a lot of freedom as a student body, and get to make our own choices. We are in charge of a plethora of events, which promote student involvement. There are constantly new clubs, groups, and committees created by students themselves. We have many traditions as a school, and to pull them off, we incorporate the entire student body, staff, and parents. They always are a blast, and bring smiles to everyones faces every year. Not only are we a whole at school, but a lot of events happen after school. Some may think numbers don't show, but the amount of students that help one another outside of school is outstanding.
Being at the school for 4 years, I have formed amazing relationships with my teachers. They not only make me laugh, but genuinely care about my life and my skills. I am challenged by each of my teachers to do better and to do more. They get to know their students on a deeper level, creating a comfortable atmosphere in the classrooms. I am able to ask any and all questions that are of topic, and get assistance every time. The teachers are welcome to change and exciting newness. I love going to school everyday, and feel at home.
My favorite experience at this school has been doing marching band and symphonic band for 4 years, including being a section leader for one of them. It has helped me develope very strong relationships and a music hobby. It has taught me leadership, diligence, and dedication, and I will never forget it.
The teachers definitely care about their students; however, many of them are too knowledgeable to explain lessons in a comprehensive language, and many expect students to understand the material after being taught once.
The majority of students at Andover High School will be involved in some sport or extra curricular activity. The band is a huge activity numerous of students are members and many band members are also involved in sports like football and basketball. At games the 190 person band cheers on the teams along with a large student section. For a locally held tournament at Wichita State University, nearly half the school made up the band and student section and went to the basketball game. Overall, the involvement at Andover is high and gives the school a fun and unified atmosphere.
Andover High School offers many AP classes and the teachers for these classes are the best and most knowledgeable in the school. Every student has a huge chance to perform well on AP exams and other Standardized tests. Juniors and Seniors also have the wonderful opportunity to enroll in classes at Butler Community College to get a head start on college classes.
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There is a wide variety of clubs available at Andover. Every other Wednesday, clubs take the place of advisory/study hall at the end of the day. Students' choices on these Wednesdays include having joined a club at the beginning of the semester, or attending a silent study hall. I think it's cool that the faculty encourage students to get involved in things they maybe wouldn't ordinarily. A lot of the clubs were established by teachers doing something they are passionate about. For instance, my sophomore world history teacher is the sponsor of the film club because he loves watching movies, discussing them, and discussing their effects on our generation.
This school takes extreme measures to ensure the safety of all of the students in both the Middle School and High School. For example, when a concern came in about a suspected stranger on campus, the principle put the school in a forty five minute lockdown and escorted bus riders to the bus stop until the issue was solved. Also at Andover High School there is a SRO on campus during all school hours and for all sporting events. Through him the school participates in anti bullying assemblies and seatbelt pledges to help keep students and the school atmosphere safe. He also conducted periodic drug searches with the drug dogs. Duirng drug searches the students and faculty practice all levels of lockdowns. Andover also participates in monthly fire or tornado drills to practice in times of peril. Therefore, Andover High School emphasizes the importance of safety and health to all students and faculty.
Andover offers many extracurricular opportunities with clubs, sports, and fine arts. The activities reach out to people with many different interests. Athletes involve themselves in sports, theatre or music artists are in fine arts, public speakers join debate, and artists express themselves in art clubs. This school offers many opportunities to express one's hobbies and interests while socializing with others. Our school has two separate administrative directors to help support both activities and athletics at Andover. This way, each area receives support and attention from administration. Two of the largest and most popular extracurricular activities are band and sports. Currently 190 students make up the Trojan Marching Band. That number adds up to almost one third of the student body population. Within band, students are also involved in sports, debate, art, and other activities. Band caters to so many groups and unties the school together. Overall, Andover has numerous opportunities to help students get involved to meet different interests.
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