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All of the teachers are super helpful and truly care about students! I transferred in and everyone was so welcoming!
Andover Central High School is very much like the stereotypical small town or suburban high school. I don't witness bullying and there aren't too many cliques within the student body, but we don't really have something that separates our school from the rest. We have no culture. We have a few traditions such as rumble or our other school dances, but only a portion of students go to these events and the numbers are decreasing after each year. I would like to see more students and teachers participate in these events and make improvements as the years go by. This would make our school traditions much more enjoyable.
An excellent overall school with a diverse range of classes and opportunities. The school population is excellent and friendly, and the staff is supportive of anything you might need.
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I think that Andover Central is headed in the right direction by adding the weighted GPA. My sister actually graduated from college with her Associates Degree BEFORE graduating high school and go no recognition, whatsoever. This was very unfair to those who actually challenged themselves versus those who took the basic classes and got a 4.0.
What I liked the most about my high school is how much involved in the students lives that the faculty was. what I want to see changed about andover central is the lunch food.
This is a great school to attend and i loved my time spent here and how it got me ready for college.
Very interested in academic achievement. Pushed me hard to do well and be prepared for college. Wonderful arts department, although could use more funds. The lunches left something to be desired. But the majority of the teachers were genuinely interested in the students growth.
I recently moved to Kansas and specifically moved into the Andover Central district so I can attend this high school. I love it so much. The teachers are so nice and friendly and I feel very comfortable attending this school.
I loved the atmosphere of the school and the friendliness shown. I did not like the way the school promotes sports over other academics and arts. The school had a very high academic program and many options for students to explore that I found accommodating.
I absolutely loved Andover Central and all the opportunities it gave me to get involved. The teachers are wonderful and really care about the students. Many of the students were involved and gave their all when it came to the band/choir, theatre, and sports. This year for example, our band/choir excelled at competitions, our cheer team got 3rd at state, our boys soccer team place 2nd at state, our boys basketball team earned 4th at state, our baseball team got 3rd at state, our softball athletes were state champions, and our boys golf team won back-to-back state titles.
Love the teachers, some students need an attitude check though, but that is not the school's fault. Many of the teachers care about the student's learning experience and are very easy to talk to when confused. For example, a student would be more hesitant to ask a question when confused when the teacher is stern and not willing to work with his or her students.
I can say that Andover Central High has been a great fit for me. I’m glad I got the chance to go to school here. I have made long lasting friendships with teachers/ students. I can definitely say that my teachers have played a major role in my success at Andover Central. It is because of the love and kindness that the teachers showed me once I walked through the doors of that school. I would tell others to come to Andover Central because many people think that Andover Central is not diverse and they’re not friendly at all. I have the experience to say that, it is very diverse and that I have made long lasting relationships as said before.
Andover Central High School provides great curriculum. Teachers guide students as they struggle or have a hard time in class. Grading system is well-organized. Counselors, however, sometimes can't give right answers to students, so students often suffer from lack of information from their school counselors.
Andover Central High was a great place to learn with great teachers and a nice environment. Although, when I was a freshman, there were a total of 30 students who weren't white. Since then, the number has decently grown, but it still is a very white school, which isn't really a bad thing, but it's just not as diverse as other schools in the area.
Andover Central High School is an amazing school, especially academically. The students and teachers are very friendly. The school even has chromebooks in most classrooms and they will soon be expanding the school
I went to Andover Central High School for my 9th grade year. I liked most of my classes. I also liked that they had multiple electives. I didn't like that they made me join a club though.
For the past few years, I have been rather satisfied with the way that my teachers have been able to work with me on an educational level, as well as helping me grow on a personal level. That being said, the students I go to school with have began to behave in a manner that reflects poorly on the school. I would like to see there be a more direct approach on matters like bullying and social equality.
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I am currently a senior at Andover Central High School. My school would be considered a big school to some but my school is very organized and easy to find your way around. I love all the teachers we have at the school and how amazing they all are and that they are always making sure you are feeling okay. I wouldn't change anything about the school other than they food that is being made. Over all I really like my school.
Overall my experience at Andover Central High did a very good job of preparing mt for college and the real world in general. The teachers were very personable and got to know every single student. The building was incredibly nice and up tp date. We used laptops and Ipads for many of our in class assignments. It never felt like we were doing busy work and I found a lot of purpose in the lessons and lectures that were given to me.
One of the best public schools in South Central Kansas! I loved my time at ACHS and recommend it to other students and parents. There are plenty of clubs and activities, the teachers are nice. My golf coaches were wonderful, stressing that studies are more important than the sport and allowing us to skip a tournament if our school load was too heavy. The school is not as diverse as neighboring public schools, I felt that it was diverse enough to not leave me feeling out of touch with other ethnic students as compared to my mother's high school, which only had 2 African-American students. While I don't love homework, I'm not sure the workload was enough to prepare me for college because I struggled with 2 classes I took my junior year. Overall, I highly recommend ACHS!
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