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A lot of opportunities to take high-level classes online or over distance learning. All of which are paid for by the school. Sports are transferred to South Kortright and Andes kids get playing time on a very good winning team, for both boys and girls.
Andes is an amazing small environment where the community becomes a family. An amazing school. A perfect place for someone who doesn't fit in elsewhere.
The administration and failing facilities are hard to get past, but if you do the technology and teachers are the best around.
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The teachers are magnificent. They care about the students and would do anything to help them succeed. Of course there are a few teachers that so not meet this standard, but most of them do.
The school is falling apart. The heating works half of the time and the gym is ruined because of it. The only thing good about the school resources is our technology program. We have a one to one computer program which is unlike any other school in the area.
Again not much is done in way of rules and restrictions. For example, the police were not called when two young people (not students) were on school property with weapons (bows and arrows). The school nurse is really nice though and is always in her office.
There is no discipline in the school. Dress codes are nonexistent and punishment for misbehavior is minuscule. The superintendent is hardly in school and the guidance counselor is never in his office during the school day.
There are a limited amounts of clubs and a limited amount of people that participate in the clubs. We no longer have most sports teams and have to travel across the county to join another school. Although I participated in as much as I could, my experience certainly could have been amplified by the administration.
The nurse is not particularly good at what he does but I'm sure he's trying his best.
It depends how hard you're willing to work, and if you're willing to risk your mental health just to stay above falling.
The policies are awful and incredibly sexest. Most of the teachers are doing well and trying to reach out to the students but the principle makes it impossible.
It's not the greatest school, the principal is not doing as much as he could be to keep money into it for buying new books. It's small, and a little drafty. Honestly i'm not really proud of it, but it's an okay school.
we are not allowed to have any drinks, even water. we can't were hats, and we cant wear open toed shoes
I love the group of 2 friends i have. i hate the way everyone gets bullied and the drug problem.
everyone always gets picked on, no matter race or anything like that. everyone is a subject of another.
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