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Andes Central High School Reviews

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Andes Central High School was a challenging school to attend. As a Native American student I often felt like my culture was not valued. However, I had a valuable experience. Many of my teachers devoted to my learning wholeheartedly. They would never hesitate to help me whether it be with sports, school, or college essays. I am proud that I was an Andes Central eagle! The community will support it's students!
It is easy to have one on one time with the teachers
I like the small community this school offers, but I feel like that contributes to an atmosphere is too relaxed. I like rules and order and sometimes those things are missing. But overall, I have enjoyed my high school experience.
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My highschool has a outstanding staff group. They work hard to boost our education and prepare the students for their future. Our guidance counselor works hard to take us on different college visits and gives us plenty of scholarship information.
Our janitors do a fantastic job keeping our school cleaned and in running condition. Our school has only been on lockdown a few times due to the police searching for certain people outside of the school. They were only taking steps to keeping us safe.
The learning environment and student body is great at my local high school. Everyone treats eachother with respect and dignity. It feels great to be graduating from such an amazing school.
There are plenty of extracurricular activites at this school. Some of the clubs are fun and available for anyone to join.
We have various clubs and groups.Examples are FCCLA, JAG, National Honors Society, etc. Unfortunatly the participation of many student is not as high as we wish it was. The students that are involved seem to be involved in everything. The bright side is that more people are getting involved in this last year.
The teachers are experienced and generally know what they are doing. I feel like they could do better on class control and one teacher could use more knowledge on our subject, but they are new to the school
Our teachers don't always enforce the school rules such as; no phones and no gum. Our school counselor is really good at staying on top of stuff for seniors.
The academics offered at this school are the general required classes. Students can take AP classes and online classes as electives. For online classes, students can take almost anything from Medical Terminology to Web Design. Students can also take band, choir, Tech/woodshop, Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry, Advanced Chemistry, and Biology II. The workload for these classes can be somewhat intense.
I really like my school. I have made so many great and awesome friends and memories. It is a very small school and everyone knows everyone. We have a few clubs that many people participate in. We are very competitive when it comes to sports and our school crowd is very supportive. This is a friendly school. If I had to choose to start school all over again, I would choose this one.
Students are not allowed to use the restroom unless it's an emergency and if the teacher thinks it's a good reason. Students only get a few minutes to transfer to classes, which I don't think is not enough time. The guidance counselor and office staff are very helpful and nice. Other policies are standard.
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