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Anderson W. Clark Magnet High School Reviews

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I really love that this high school prepares you for college especially with the block schedule, in order to be ready to sit in a long college class. I also love the cleanliness and how safe it is.
It's a rather small school, so everyone here knows each other. The events are also on a smaller scale, there aren't any homecoming dances, the rallies happen on the school field, so if you want to have a high school experience with big events, this isn't the place to go. The events here are movie night, clarktoctoberfest, etc. There isn't a sport or theatre department, but there are many classes that are centered around technology and science such as robotics, scientific research, etc. Personally I loved this school because of the Mock Trial program, it's a great starting point for future lawyers and for those who want to be better at public speaking. The teachers are very understanding and easy to talk to, there where many times when they supported me and gave me advice when I needed it.
This school is quite a rigorous school that I would recommend for any students who are interested in learning and pushing themselves further. Even when you feel stressed out, many other staff members, including teachers and administrators, are there to help you and listen to you. It is a small school making everyone know one another. For that, the staffs are very welcoming and understanding of the students as well.
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My experience with Anderson W. Clark High is one of relative happiness and educational fulfillment. It has an good teacher ratio with an amazing accessibility to resources.
Teachers are good and do provide support for their students and there is not a lot of drama that goes on. There is not much diversity in the school though, otherwise the experience is pretty good. No fights occur often.
Clark is a very small school. It is, in many ways, not your traditional high school. Due to its small campus, the students and faculty are very closely involved with one another. Though the school doesn't have much activites, I think it is an advantageous high school for those who don't seek much and who want to focus on their studies.
Anderson W. Clark Magnet High School prepares kids for college. With a focus in science and technology there are many opportunities for students who are interested in the STEM fields. They prepare their students with a professional style dress code and block schedule. Each class is about 1 hour and a half similar to that of an actual college course. Unlike other high schools Clark does not a have sport or art department.
Clark offers so much to students that are interested in areas of STEM and technology-oriented careers. However, if you are pursuing something artistic or related to technology, I feel that Clark doesn't offer much. It's definitely a good school academically, but it doesn't give the full high school experience.
High level courses, little drug use, fighting, ect. Not a great support system and a lot of anxiety, but that's the failing of every american school
Clark Magnet High School was originally not my choice of school to attend to. After being convinced by my parents to attend, I did not completely regret my decision at the end. I truly appreciate the small campus, and how everyone seems to be aware of one other, considering the small class sizes. I truly did feel safe on campus, since I got to know the students of my class well. I was not a fan of the entire uniform aspect of the school, since I felt that it was not entirely necessary. I felt that with the addition of uniforms, strict rules regarding the enforcement of them ultimately took away from time that could be used for educational purposes, since teachers and staff had to attend to the students lack of compliance. Overall, the riddance of uniforms would be the only aspect of Clark that I would change. Other than that, I enjoyed the majority of the time that I was at the school.
The teachers are well-educated about the subject and enjoy teaching. There are many clubs and students can start a new one by talking to the Associated Student Body or ASB.
Even though Clark Magnet High School does not offer specific programs like other schools, it teaches students to be ready for college. Some may think it is hard, but it is not. You need to try in order to achieve your goals. Clark is a small school. It focuses on mathematics and technology.
The block schedule can be confusing at first but it is helpful for students who want to learn more on their spare time. Teachers are nice and helpful as well as counselors. The school does not own a big auditoria to proceed a graduation ceremony, so that is a bit sad.
As part of the school, I have experienced self-growth through academics. For example, in our classes, we often have the chance to present and practice communication. Since 9th grade I have been able to over come my shyness and communication became part of my life; I do not hesitate to raise my hand or share my ideas, I learned how to project my soft voice, and I have developed confidence.
Another essential experience of my high school is the substantial support they give us. Recently, I was impressed with the counselors who set with me and my parent to explain to us about this school system and plan for my future.
Contrarily, I would like to see some changes in the cafeteria food and opportunities for athletes. For food, It lacks the vegetable category of my plate. Also, as athlete I would like to be given the opportunity to participate in more club activities.
Terrible, i cry every second i spend n this skool. im bullied for being black, the teachers are kiddie diddlers kiddie diddlerskiddie diddlerskiddie diddlerskiddie diddlerskiddie diddlerskiddie diddlers
This school is actually so bad, the teachers aren't even qualified to teach and don't know how to. The Spanish classes have a 30% pass rate, and the enrichment concept is trash. The punishments are bizarre, 3 lates turns into an ATS. Also, the only good food is the pizza they bring in from pizza hut. Another thing is that we have to wear polos and during the winter its freezing which results in us having to wear the same sweaters everyday.
Clark Magnet High School isn't like your average high school. It's cramped, and everyone knows each other. It's as if you are living in a small town with neighbors watching your every move. However, that makes our community safer and more aware of our surroundings of who is coming and going at school. Our compact school allows us to stay in touch with our motivations and future career goals. The teachers and staff, given our small numbers, are able to focus on each individual student and make sure everything is fine mentally and physically for the student. Students at Clark may not have the full "high school experience," but that allows them to work hard now and play hard later when all is accomplished. Strict rules on dress code and academic requirements don't leave any room for slacking off. Overall, Clark Magnet High School extensively prepares its students for university, and later, for future careers.
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This is like a jail for children. Unless your child is in love with technology do not send them here.
Do not send your kids to this school.

Ages 14-18 is a crucial time-span where kids are supposed to grow to be social, and connect with adults on a level to hold strong conversations and maintain relationships with peers, and elders.

This school does not promote an environment where students can be social, and hold strong relationships with staff members who are outright rude, and condescending to their students. What a hostile environment this school is.

I wish I went to my home HS, I would have grown a lot more socially and been better able to form life-long relationships with others. Today I am dealing with the impacts that Clark's hostile social environment has had on my life.

If you are a loving mother who wants your kid to grow socially and academically, do not send your kids here.

If you are lucky enough to be an incoming student who has a choice on where to go, do not go here.

You have been warned.
There is too much work assigned, I have had panic attacks many times since my first day here. I used to be a straight A student, taking all the advanced classes, and now I dont want to take any advanced classes anymore because of the ungodly amount of homework assigned. Some of the teachers are insane and give even more insane punishments, and most of the teachers don’t even know the subject they have to teach. I am switching schools next year because I am so incredibly stressed out and done with this absolutely horrible school.
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