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I enjoyed my four years at Clark Magnet High School. I liked how the school was small and the teachers were caring. This school has an emphasis on science and technology, so it offers a variety of classes.
Sometimes not cheerful, but still a great school. You learn a lot from it, except teachers do not really teach.
Being a student at Clark Magnet High School is definitely a challenge. The teachers and administration heavily emphasize our academics with rigorous courses. The students have to follow a very strict dress standard so that the students look professional going to school. Clark also applies heavy emphasis on science and technology. Personally, I am not interested in science and technology; however, I do appreciate that the classes are taught in a challenging and rigorous manner, preparing us for college. The dress standard, however, doesn't sit well with me because, living in Southern California, it is difficult to evade the heat as wearing short shorts and thin blouses are not permissible. Another aspect of my high school that bothers me is how there is absolutely no school spirit. Since our school doesn't have any sports teams, we rely on our clubs to brighten our experience. In conclusion, Clark may have its drawbacks, but it definitely has strong academics.
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I love Clark, it's a great school for engineering pathways, and the teachers are there to help with anything you need.
Clark Magnet High School is not the average high school experience. There are no sports or after school activities. Despite all of this, there are amazing teachers and classes that will prepare anyone for college. This school is difficult because there are 7 classes taken rather than 6. Balancing all these classes could be difficult but it is easy to get through as long as time and effort are always put in. The bathroom is constantly clean and I really appreciate little factors like this. The food is also pretty amazing for a high school.
The teachers are very engaging. They help us use new technology and incorporate it into their teaching styles. I find all my teachers to be friendly and approachable. They are always willing to help me when I need it.
I love this school! There is a wide variety of clubs and unique ones at that. Clubs where you can self study AP Psychology and Forensic sciences and this school also has a strong Mock Trial Team. Athletes play for their home schools so Clark doesn't have any sports teams of its own but there are a number of other teams instead. The idea of Enrichment is also a very good one.
As it is in all high schools, there are good and not-so-good teachers. At Clark, there are wonderful and outstanding instructors and then there are the ones that you don't like. But, it should be noticed that all these teachers are well-educated and have a strong basis on their subject and most teachers give engaging lessons. The concepts are crystal clear and the teachers have an appropriate sense of humour. In all, I would give a 9.5 for Clark staff.
Glendale has a large Armenian population. About 87% of the school are Armenians. Usually these Armenians come from a strict family whose ambition is to pursue a goal using path of educational implications. So they would like their students to attend a reputable school like Clark. So that is why the school is nearly all Armenians, but there are other diverse groups like Arabics, Persians, LGBT people, Russians, Koreans, and Hispanics.
The school is located in a upper-middle class neighborhood where is it safe for most of the time. The police are very responsive to any threats and events that may occur which also goes along with the fire department. The health office is ready to help students, but does only two beds which impact on how effective they can be. Regardless the school is excellent at health keeping and making the campus and the surrounding areas safe.
Since students at this school take and the bus and live relatively far, after school programs are essentially non-exsistent. Clubs however, find the time to meet during snack and lunch breaks and often times find ways to have progressive meeting thats accomplish something.
The teachers at this school are highley educated and have the necessary credentials to teach in a public school enviroment. What the district lacks is the ability to implede teachers who can bridge what they have learned at their universities on teaching into the classrooms. They simplely rely on the educational system to teach, and often times don't have a realistic approach to conceptulizing real world examples which after all, thats where we are headed right?
Its bad how the extracurriculars are at enrichment which is unavailable to me as I have been inFootball for my whole high school
I understand hat this is a high rated school but do not believe that it motivates you with fun activities
Teachers at Clark are generally really educated in the subject they are teaching and know a lot of information. But they are not good at explaining and teaching it
The school nurse is friendly. The school doesn't have any bullying problems and is in a very safe area.
Clubs were the only extracurricular activities available in this school so they have a pretty decent selection of great clubs. Robotics is the one club that the school supports the most as it is a Science/Technology school. There are other great organizations that gives its members amazing opportunities like Mock Trial, Marine Biology, and Kids Against Tobacco Smoking. These clubs give the students an opportunity to work on something they're passionate about and experience things they would otherwise not be able to experience like going on field trips to the middle of the ocean to work with an underwater rover or go to the court house and experience what it's like to be a lawyer, a witness, or a defendant. There are also several clubs that some students created just for fun and to talk about a common interest.
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There aren't any sports teams but the students have the option to play for another school in the district. There were intramural sports events but they made it pretty difficult for all the student body to watch these games. Not a lot of school spirit in general because it wasn't exactly encouraged by the staff. I feel like they were too focused on academics that they forgot that students deserve some fun activities in school once in a while.
There are certain teachers that make learning fun and give engaging lectures. However, there are also a few very disorganized teachers who are fun and very approachable but don't actually teach anything.
Every staff member, employee, and teacher is trained to handle any situation that may arise. They also conduct frequent fire and lockdown drills. I have never witnessed any bullying or fights at this school during my years there.
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