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Anderson Valley Junior-Senior High School Reviews

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Anderson Valley is a wonderful school. The teacher are amazing and work hard for every student. I have enjoyed my years at Anderson Valley! There has been much positive change these past few years and visions for much more to come. I feel the school is trying their best to make the most of the small town school and bring in the best for their students.
i love my school but if i could change something about it i will change the food because they don't give a lot of options everything they give is frozen.
The thing that I would love to see change is the staff employment, we don't really get many teachers up in Anderson Valley so we usually just end up employing any old teacher.
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So far, my experience with Anderson Valley Junior/Senior High School has not been bad. An advantage of it being a small school is that bullying is not an issue, I won't say it is non-existent, but it is not common. Since the high school is so small, with a population of less than 300, it does not receive as much attention as larger schools. There is not many clubs or organizations to chose from, but there is some that you can take a part of if you ask around because they will usually do not publicly recruit. Although, some teachers have started to organize extra-curriculum events aimed specifically at junior high students, so I can say the administration has started to improve things. Also, recently, I have seen some healthier options that had been requested last year at, surprisingly, the students request.
I had issues with the kids and fitting in. The classes were okay but students and disipline need an update.
One thing I did like about this school is that everyone knows eachother. It is very easy to make friends. Sports was a huge thing in high school when my class was there but after we graduated the spirit of the people went down. Not so many people go and support our home games which is sad. Overall I'm education I feel like we needed more classes that would bring different knowledge to us like having a French class and Spanish class.
In general, I feel AVHS is a decent school. I've had some wonderful teachers over the last few years and I've enjoyed most of my classes. I feel they often misuse the money they do have. Over the last 4 years, I have never had the same Math teacher two years in a row and there's a similar situation for History. I think I could've had a better experience at a different school, mostly due to how few classes and extracurricular opportunities are actually available. Overall, The school needs more funding and a more reasonable school board that listens to the students.
Anderson Valley high school is extremely small, so everyone knows each other. Going to Anderson Valley is special because of this; people are able to rely on each other, and have one on one attention from teachers and staff if they need help. With that said, being from a rural area there aren't as many resources for college help and advice. Overall Anderson Valley is a good school, but would be better if it were in a bigger area.
The classes we have right now are relatively well tought, but the variety of classes is limited
While there are not thing like security guards and metal detectors, I feel that we don't need them because our school is relatively stable. the only major safety concerns are drug related.
There is a variety of sports to choose from, but no clubs are available. There are some community service opportunities, and student council, but other than what I just mentioned, that's it,
My experience in this school has been overall positive mainly because of our size. Being in a small school students to learn better from teachers who understand them better than a big public school. Our school also has a good music program which I enjoy being a part of in my music production class. The only thing about our school is that there are not clubs or many extracurricular activities that are part of the school. Also because it is a smaller school, there is a smaller variety of classes offered at our school. But, other than that I am glad I am at this school. Our sports teams do well in our divisions and most of our athletes are scholar athletes, earning more than a 3.5 GPA during the sports season.
The teachers at this school are involved in the student's lives and their plans in their future. They are also effective in their teaching styles. About three years ago, many of our teachers retired or left, which lowered the schools teaching standard that it had because the past teachers had been great. Over the last two years there have been many teachers that have come for a year and then left or replaced by another teacher. During my senior year, many teachers look like they will stay and continue to teach, allowing them to be more involved in the students life over their six years here. This will create a better learning environment for every student. This is due to our schools small class size.
The academics offered at this school are great. The teachers are excellent and the schedules work fine. We have study options which include studying during class and asking questions as well as studying at home. The homework is reasonable and manageable.
The students at this school are very friendly. My experience at this school is great. I rarely ever get bullied and whenever I have any questions, students respond politely and they are very helpful. I feel safe in this school. There are many safety measures taken to make sure students are safe and this school does a good job with security.
I enjoy being in the FFA (Future Farmers of America) Organization. It has taught me how to give back to my community as well as how to raise animals and leadership skills. I also enjoyed the Dance Team or Cheer Team it is very fun and it welcomes anyone in the school. There is also the After School Program which is available every day after school and on some days there are after school tutorials for people who need help with academics. The most popular event at our school is the Redwood classic which is when basketball teams from all over the county come to play against each other to win the trophy. There is also the Apple Bowl which happens in the local apple Fairgrounds in which our team competes to win the homecoming game and the apple bowl trophy.
Overall, I have enjoyed my experience at this school so far. My favorite experience was when I was part of the Anderson Valley Dance Team. I enjoyed this club especially because I gained a lot of confidence when performing in front of people. I also enjoyed Prom, Homecoming and spending time with my friends was also a fun experience.
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The teachers at this school genuinely believe that there is potential in every student. They help struggling students and are available sometimes after school for help or questions. I enjoy most of my classes and I like how my teachers give me knowledge that I can use later on in the future. The teachers at my school are also encouraging and don't judge a student for their comments. They are fair with the grading process and they give good feedback. They are all very friendly to all students and are very organized.
There are not many opportunities for students to get involve in extracurricular activities.
My favorite experience has been the basketball games. The school is small, so it is unique in that everyone knows everyone. However, this can actually be a bad thing because everyone is in each other's businesses.
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