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Anderson-Shiro Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I go to a small school and our teacher know who we are and are very helpful. They have tutorials during lunch.
I have attended school in the Anderson-Shiro school district since the 4th grade. The atmosphere of the school is very friendly and supportive. Teachers are always willing to give time to help you with work or simply just talk. Administrators do a wonderful job of making the school have a sense of welcoming and security. While walking in the school hallways, you recognize every face because Anderson-Shiro is such a small school. I do wish that it was a larger school so there could be more opportunities available both extracurricular and academic wise. Right now the school only offers honors and level classes, however I wish that they offered AP courses to be more prepared for college.
Anderson-Shiro is a great small school. The teachers are ready and willing to help any student reach their full potential. Many teachers and coaches understand that grades come before athletics which is something that is very important to high school students. The curriculum is definitely growing as the district advances. Many of the high school extracurricular organizations are very involved and are working to build strong morals in it's students.
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Anderson is a great school with all the great small town qualties. You are able to know all your teachers and for them to know who you are, not just as a face and name but who you are a person.
Good school, lots of freedom. Small town environment with great programs. Staff is friendly and care about you.
It would be nice to see each and every teacher have a working knowledge of the technology provided in the classroom as well as develope measurable syllabi that truly reflect their agenda.
I feel completely safe at Anderson-Shiro. The custodians do a wonderful job keeping the campus clean! We do fire drills, lock down drills, and severe weather drills from time to time so students would know what to do in case of an emergency.
The theater program is good. New clubs or teams do not start unless students are the ones who start them though.One started and they are competing, the administration backs them all the way, and takes great pride in the teams, and clubs.
I love Anderson-Shiro, it is the perfect size for me. I know practically everyone in the school, I've able to play 3 varsity sports since my freshman year, and I've been able to start the U.I.L Film festival team at my school. Along with being class president my freshman and sophomore year. The factually is really supporting! There is a custodian we have named Mrs.Brenda and everytime I see her she has this really big smile on her face and it always makes me smile and brightens my day. I could write an entire book about how much Anderson-Shiro has done for me.
The teachers at Anderson really do care! They want their students to succeed in classroom and in life. Many of my teachers try to give us life lessons in the classroom. My math teacher even let's me put up a quote of the day in her class. Overall the teachers are loving, caring, and kinda.
Teachers seem to care about students grades and overall success. The entire community is mostly supportive of each student.
I've met some good people and made some good friends here, and there are some great teachers, there are a few things that irk me about the school. Overall I guess it's okay.
Kids don't respect other kids.
More time to eat would be great. More variety of food
The kids get away with too much
Lack of control in classrooms
This is a small school.
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Its not really an issue.
The administration area is terrible. They pick on the kids who mind their business but still laugh and have fun and stand up for themselves. Also, if you stand up for what you believe in you get in trouble as to the person who starts the drama and makes you get to a certain point does not get in trouble.
Sports is the one thing that people actually know about and enjoy in Anderson...the coaches are big spenders..
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