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I’ve been going here for 7 years and I love it here. I can’t imagine going anywhere else for school. It’s great and so are the teachers and the environment!
It is a personal education. Class sizes are small and the interaction between student and teacher is great! There are many activities one can be involved in but due to the small number of students, one can be stretched over too much. On the other hand, the environment is is safe and respectful.
This school has taught me a lot about discipline and obeying authority. I wouldn't want to got to any other high school.
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I am an Alum of APA, and I love the culture of the school and just how much the faculty cared. However, I did not always feel challenged and I wish I would've been prepped more for college.
I have greatly enjoyed my time at Anderson Preparatory Academy (APA). It is great in preparing students for college, but does not push too much for that because that also realize that college is not for everyone. APA has one of the only two AFJROTC units in the country that requires all students in the high school to participate. Overall, the school has challenged me academically and disciplinely to be more ambitious in what I do. They teach you to become a leader and allow you to be as much of or as little of one as you would like to be. Personally, I have achieved greatness by being in one of the top five positions in the AFJROTC leadership training program known as Top Staff, as well as earning a GPA of 3.8. I have greatly enjoyed my time at this school and I would highly recommend it to anyone who asked.
It's a pretty good school. Lots of friends and most of them, turn into family. APA really helped me, school wise and outside of the class room. JROTC gave me tips and tricks for getting a job and into the Air Force.
I think APA is safer than most schools in this area. We don't have as many fights as most public schools do, and many other things aren't allowed to go on here. We have a no tolerance policy here so anything that happens to be out of character they will handle the problem.
Majority of people at APA don't just participate in one thing they often participate in many. APA is a small school so it give each individual the opportunity to become a part of a team they might not be able to at a much larger school.
I would choose this school all over again because majority of the class sizes are small, giving each teacher the opportunity to help each student one on one if need be. Not only that we are a family here, and if anyone notices you're having a bad day they will see and try their hardest to see if you are okay.
Majority of the the teachers really care, if they notice some thing wrong they will hold you after class or talk with you after school to see if everything is okay. Not only that, they allow each student the same opportunities of success in their classroom.
There are cameras everywhere and everyone has I.D.'s.
The school lacks funds for equipment but people still join and enjoy them.
The APA experience is very intelligible and engaging.
The teachers are very engaging and friendly with us.
Teachers seem to care,but unsure by there actions.
Band,national honor society,sports,tutoring,archicery and robotics
Several teacher teach dual credit classes in social studies and sciences and math.
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They need to work on some classrooms .appearance and health,think
Has a lot to offer for a Charter school.2 local colleges mentor this school Anderson University and Ball State.Everyone has to participate in Air Force JROTC.
I love the school, but the military aspect isn't what it puts out to be.
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