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Anderson New Technology High School Reviews

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There is a lot to take away from this institution, just like with any other high school. Despite me not knowing what other high schools in the area are like, I believe I got the better end of the deal for my needs. This school is very near and dear to my heart because of the people I grew close to and the experiences I've gone through. The size of the school makes it easy to work together as an overall unit to improve the environment we're in and the life we'll lead after high school.
New Tech is much different than any other schools I have attended or heard about. New Tech is project and group based so we are almost always working with a partner or with a group. Our teacher to student ratio is small so there is more one on one time with teachers. Almost all of New Tech’s classes are college level classes so we are constantly being prepared for college. Also to graduate, one of the requirements is to have 6 college credits which makes us take college classes which is extremely unlike all other schools. We may not have sports at our school but we are allowed to play at either of the other schools in our district depending on where we live, if we decide we want to play them. For lunches we always have a variety of food options, plus if someone isn’t wanting a full meal then we have vending machines. Overall New Tech is an amazing school and I highly recommend it to anyone that is even considering attending.
The school is a very great opportunity, it shows the students a new view on culture and education as well as team building formats. With this knowledge its prepares students for college and future careers in the chosen work path.
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I can't say enough about Anderson New Tech. After being a student for a year, I've fallen in love with the place, and I already dread the day I will have to take my leave. With challenging academics, teachers that truly care, and the friendliest of students and staff, this is the school for me. This school has helped me to come out of my "shell" and discover who I really am. I will always treasure what New Tech has done for me.
I love Anderson New Tech. Its not like other schools. It's like a family. We all go there and we all know each other. We want each other to grow and be successful. I think it's great the way it is.
Overall a great school. There of course are problems here and there but they are no where near as severe as problems with mainstream schooling. People are generally respectful of eachothers differences and the academics are fabulous in my opinion.
Being a freshman at Anderson New Technology High School, I haven't experienced all the school has to offer, but just from the small amount I have been here it has been so phenomenal. The teachers, and staff are great, and always trying to find ways to challenge you and create you into your best-self. There isn't much I would change, besides maybe some more dances, and after school activities!
Anderson New Technology High School is an amazing school for students that have creativity skill sets. The school will push students to achieve their goals and the teachers care about the students well-being.
I loved Anderson New Technology School. It was as if it was made just for me. I learned a lot and was very prepared for college.
I switched over to this school because I had hated my old school. I only wish I could have gone to this school every year because it is so amazing. From the very first day there, people were introducing themselves to me, I got immediate help, and we started working on a group project in almost every class. I have never seen a school like this.
We have never had a fight or gang related activity. Very rarely do we have a drug or alcohol issue. Any bullying is nipped in the butt almost as fast as it begins. everyone stands up for each other. The principle has everything under control.
Our Technology is top notch. We have enough computers for every student in each classroom. Our grading systems are online and easily accessible. We have daily agendas we can view to see what is going to be done each day in class. It is especially helpful to those who are absent.
Our school is like no other. It is incredible. Every single teacher is there to help, any time of day, with anything we need. They are all kind, considerate, and have a unique approach to the curriculum. Each teacher is forgiving yet strict, firm yet flexible, and each have a perfect balance of fun and study time. The teachers will only assign homework if they feel we didn't understand something taught in class, or work we, ourselves, didn't finish the in class assignment due to being off task. I love this school and wish there were more like it.
I would do it over again. Best school I went to
Not the schools strong suite. We need athletics
This school has the best teachers I've ever met
Our staff is VERY involved and professional
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We have a lot of healthy things to choose from
We need more sports and bigger school functions
no bullying, excepting, no discrimination anywhere
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