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Anderson High School prepares you for college and in welcoming to all students. Although not a very diverse school, Anderson still makes sure that their students are aware of the changing work around them.
I liked all the academic opportunities. They are many different Advanced Placement classes students can take. There are classes for all student interests. Something I would like to see change would be the resources given to students to help them build their future and be prepared for college. I don't think there is much diversity within the school. That would be an amazing change and promote more equality within the school and giving everyone the same chances would be a great change. I would also like to see a change when it comes to struggling students. I don't think there are many successful resources for struggling students and helping them get better and become more successful in their academic career. This list of changes would help improve the quality of the school and the lives of the students.
I like the size of the school because everyone knows everybody without it being too small. I also like the amount of learning opportunities students have. There is limited diversity however. As far as the teachers at Anderson High School I think there are lots go amazing teachers and some just alright teachers.
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Anderson is a very welcoming high school with an amazing faculty and staff that believes in supporting all students regardless of financial or racial background. There are many programs throughout the school that are open to all students and have a mission of bringing the whole school together.
The culture at Anderson High school is simply unique compared to the other high schools in my area. I was fortunate to play varsity soccer for my school and it was the one of the best decisions I have ever made. Having support from not only my parents, but also my classmates, teachers, and administrators was a feeling I will never forget. The athletic director is constantly tweeting about each athlete's success in competing in their sport. The administrators promote our students to attend the sporting events because they believe it is a positive environment to support our students. Not only do they support us through athletics, but they also genuinely care about each individual. Every administrator can identify me by name and goes out of their way to start a conversation with the students. Each teacher strives to see their students succeed and I am fortunate to have attended a high school as wonderful as Anderson.
It is a good high school, there are great teachers and faculty members that want you to succeed and they really care about you.
Although the first few years were rough, as they go by you begin to realize how much the school actually means to you. Anderson overall has helped me gain many friends as well as adult advisors who I can actually trust and rely on.
Anderson High School is a great place and a great source of community. Your teachers really care. The staff is great and it is open to helping everyone out. This school really prepares you for college and the real world.
I really enjoy attending Anderson High School. I think overall the staff and students are very friendly and kind to each other, making a welcoming environment to be in. One thing I would like to see get better is the way that the school prepares students for college. I feel like there could be more guidance given in that category, however, big picture the school is an excellent school.
Anderson is currently under construction, but most of my senior year we didn't have ceilings or flooring. Hopefully the renovations will be completed before my little brother has to go through all that distraction.

The counselors are terrible so it's up to the student to investigate universities and scholarship opportunities. There are some great teachers but you have to weed through some real doozies to find the gems.
Anderson High School definitely goes above and beyond most public schools. The administration is truly committed to its students, and the teachers generally follow suit. When I hear about horror stories at other high schools, I feel lucky to attend Anderson, and I hope that my children attend a school of this caliber one day in the future.
Anderson is a great high school in a great community. Teachers are all very caring and fun to be around, and most are good educators as well. The building is older and without air conditioning, so the facilities are not top notch but definitely good enough for a solid education.
Also, Anderson is currently under major renovations including a new main entrance, science wing, air conditioning, weight room, and more. Once the renovations are all done, I'm confident Anderson will certainly be one of the best high schools around.
I liked how there was something for everyone to be involved in and everyone could fit in. But I think the attitude of the school can be greatly improved.
The teachers engage with every student on a personal level, even in a class of 300+. As for school culture, every morning you walk in and immediately know you are a part of something huge that is being considered a Redskin. Just about every student is involved somehow with a sport, band, choir, etc. and the staff and community involvement is tremendous. It's common to feel like a city superstar when you are playing under the Friday night lights in front of hundreds of screaming fans, and the students congratulating you on the next Monday solidifies that experience.
I have generally enjoyed my experience at Anderson. There is definitely a group and an activity for everyone, and most of the teachers are helpful. The facilities, however, are quite awful, although the school is currently being renovated. Sports are very fun, regardless of how well the teams do (it tends to fluctuate as to whether or not we are good). There are countless ways to get involved!
I love Anderson High School. The teachers are kind, caring people who want the best for every student. The amount of love the teachers show for the students is astonishing! The faculty will go out of their way everyday in order to ensure the learning, safety, and general wellbeing of the students. The Orange Heart program is unique and allows students to have private one on one conversations with their teachers about any topic. The link crew helps incoming freshman become aware of the events and opportunities that Anderson has. One thing I would change is the buildings structure. The school is old and with a few upgrades could enhance the learning even more!
I have had my ups and downs with this school, but the environment and atmosphere was outstanding. I felt extremely comfortable walking through the halls and always felt great connections with the adults involved in my school.
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The teachers are amazing. Such incredible support which is an ideal enviroment for success; however, the student body is not very accepting.
I love how everyone is extremely friendly and the teachers are beyond helpful and they overflow with efficacy. The students here are involved in clubs and demonstrate extreme talent in sports and fine arts.
I really like Anderson, I think it's a place full of amazing people. Teachers are very helpful and always willing to help students one on one which I think it's great for people who are struggling. The principal is very nice, he's always looking out for students and staff and making sure everything is going right. Anderson is a great high school.
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