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I've loved my experience at Anderson High School. I would not go anywhere else if I had the choice. The advanced academics program is amazing. The staff is amazing, and so is the student body. Everyone goes out of their way to make your learning experience amazing and truly one of a kind. The building could use a little of help, even though its been renovated, it still shows its 60 year old age. But the custodians do a great job keeping everything sparkling and you can even see your reflection in the floor. I would recommend this school to any other high student.
I have really enjoyed being a student at Anderson High School. All of my teachers have been supportive and helpful. My counselor Mr Lateef Johnson has really helped me out, not only with classes and college information but he was there for me recently when my grandmother passed away. I will always remember my time at Anderson but the staff will really stick out in my mind.
My 4 years at Anderson have been pretty good overall. My time with the various band was very enjoyable and the atmosphere at football games is fun. Some teachers are lacking in their ability to prepare students for tests, but others do very well. My counselor was not the most helpful, and I do not feel like she is making the college application process any easier. The school only recently got AC, and it is still a bit faulty. All four years that I have gone here, there has been constant construction. With this construction, the school was very dirty. Overall, I enjoyed my time at Anderson High School.
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Anderson High School is an excellent college prep school. The teachers and administration are very concerned with students' success and are very proud of the school. The school offers many AP and Honors classes as well as Teacher's Academy, DECA and FBLA. The music and theater departments are top notch. There are many sports teams and clubs offered so that there are extra curricular activities for every student. There is tremendous parent involvement in PTO, Sports Boosters and individual teams and organizations.
The staff at Anderson truly shows that they care about not only the success of their students but also their wellbeing while they're at Anderson and beyond. They offer a variety of curriculums, from the normal track to an accelerated track, while also offering help with those with remedial needs. It's a great school with great pride and I loved spending four years there.
Anderson High school is a good school that prepares its students for college. The sports teams do very well. It is under construction to become a better place to learn.
Anderson is a great high school, every staff member goes out of their way to make sure that your experience is enjoyable and productive. The size of the school is perfect, not to big not to small, and their are so many different options for different types and levels or classes. I would never go to any other school than Anderson. I would say that the facilities need a little bit of help though, air conditioning is being added, and even after the renovations, you can still clearly tell the building is from 1961. But the staff does a great job of working with the building and the custodians always make sure the school is nice and clean (clean enough to see your reflection).
It's a great school with excellent academics and is known for its friendly environment. The teachers were fantastic and provided lots of help towards any student.
I absolutely love my high school; I realize this is not a normal statement to be said by a junior in high school but I have amazing teachers, various academic and athletic opportunities as well as a principal who knows every student by name. The environment at my school is incredible with programs like Link Crew -a program that helps freshman get settled into high school- and the soon to be added Hero Squad -a program where chosen students help out other people in need-. We have immense school pride and try to represent Anderson every where we go. The one thing I would change about my school is adding flooring and ceilings as we have been under construction for almost three-years now. Other than the physical look of Anderson it is an amazing place to be.
Overall, it's a decent school. Some good teachers. Some administration too worried about their own political agenda that none of the students could have much fun.
I think that Anderson High School has a good general reputation, with most of the student body and staff being kind and caring. Our principals are very involved and always strive to be inclusive. I have enjoyed my time here and think it is a great environment for learning. There are a few improvements that could be made, which include renovating the building (it is not complete and very old) and checking teacher's capabilities more often.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Anderson High School. Being a theatre person, Anderson has met my every need in terms of opportunity and relationships.
Such a nice environment filled with very helpful and caring staff. Every single teacher/staff member cares about each student in the building. Its a very positive environment all of the students are vert caring, and nice kids. Also there are lots of clubs to join outside of school time such as art club, photography club, and etc. Only thing that was stressful was that some of the class rooms weren't completely finished due to issues with construction, specifically in my art class there was a big wall and it was very small compared to the class room I had the year before. Im sure they will get around to completing the school eventually though.
Anderson High School prepares you for college and in welcoming to all students. Although not a very diverse school, Anderson still makes sure that their students are aware of the changing work around them.
I liked all the academic opportunities. They are many different Advanced Placement classes students can take. There are classes for all student interests. Something I would like to see change would be the resources given to students to help them build their future and be prepared for college. I don't think there is much diversity within the school. That would be an amazing change and promote more equality within the school and giving everyone the same chances would be a great change. I would also like to see a change when it comes to struggling students. I don't think there are many successful resources for struggling students and helping them get better and become more successful in their academic career. This list of changes would help improve the quality of the school and the lives of the students.
I like the size of the school because everyone knows everybody without it being too small. I also like the amount of learning opportunities students have. There is limited diversity however. As far as the teachers at Anderson High School I think there are lots go amazing teachers and some just alright teachers.
Anderson is a very welcoming high school with an amazing faculty and staff that believes in supporting all students regardless of financial or racial background. There are many programs throughout the school that are open to all students and have a mission of bringing the whole school together.
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The culture at Anderson High school is simply unique compared to the other high schools in my area. I was fortunate to play varsity soccer for my school and it was the one of the best decisions I have ever made. Having support from not only my parents, but also my classmates, teachers, and administrators was a feeling I will never forget. The athletic director is constantly tweeting about each athlete's success in competing in their sport. The administrators promote our students to attend the sporting events because they believe it is a positive environment to support our students. Not only do they support us through athletics, but they also genuinely care about each individual. Every administrator can identify me by name and goes out of their way to start a conversation with the students. Each teacher strives to see their students succeed and I am fortunate to have attended a high school as wonderful as Anderson.
It is a good high school, there are great teachers and faculty members that want you to succeed and they really care about you.
Although the first few years were rough, as they go by you begin to realize how much the school actually means to you. Anderson overall has helped me gain many friends as well as adult advisors who I can actually trust and rely on.
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