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I was on the basketball team, volleyball team, and the track team. I loved every bit of Anderson. great on academics, not as much on sports. They push the students to be there very best that they can be to do great!
Teacher are great but the school itself could you some improvements. There are also a great deal of students which is tricky at some times.
I enjoyed Anderson High School. The high-quality education, attentive teachers, and free-spirited atmosphere positively affected my personal growth. The only aspect of the school that should change is the amount of diversity.
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The theatre program at Anderson High School prepared me well for college. Many of my classes helped me to feel at ease and again, prepared for college classes.
What I like about Anderson High School is that you can openly talk to your teachers about what is going on with you and can also work on school work you dont understand.
What I liked about Anderson High School are the many opportunities given and how involved and dedicated the teachers are to not only teaching the curriculum, but also to knowing the students and learning how to teach them in the best way possible. What I would like to see change is the AMOUNT of curriculum because it's quite demanding, the amount of time we spend sitting in a class room since most students don't get home until about 5 pm, and I'd like to see the school be more honest with it's students and staff about real life situations rather than sugar coating the truth like they have done this year.
I personally really enjoyed my time at Anderson and believed that my teachers really cared for me. Now with that said students at Anderson are very separated from the beginning of their time here. There is a clear separation between the groups and not a lot of school spirit.
It's a great school, the teachers are easy to get along and if they care and you put in effort they'll push you.
What I liked about Anderson was few teachers, mostly my math and social studies ones. However, most of the staff needs to be talked to or fired and I wish there was a way for students to properly voice their opinion on this issue and truly be heard because there are specific teachers who are not doing their job, science teachers who are offensive towards religion, teachers who are racist, and teachers who don't do anything about disruptive behavior because they are "too lazy to file a referral," to quote one of my former teachers.
What I liked about attending Anderson are the academics and the sports teams. What I feel that Anderson needs to work on, is the diversity among the students in classes.
I found anderson high to be an average high, by doing the bare minimum to actually teach kids, but makes up by somewhat taking responsibility for the students and their actions
Anderson High School is a great school that prepares students for the future while simultaneously creating a great high school experience for each student. However, the workload is very rigorous and occasionally causes too much stress. But as a whole, the faculty is very considerate and cares about the wellbeing and education of each individual. Overall, Anderson High School has provided me with a positive experience.
It was an average school with a semi-large student population and decent facilities. My time there wasn't extremely memorable aside for a few awesome classes (such as my AP Spanish classes) and the extracurriculars I did there (Interact Club & Science Olympiad). I did the AP route, so I can only speak for the experience of an AP student at Anderson. One perk is that Anderson does offer the IB program; however, I can't speak for that experience.
Anderson may be behind others in sports, but Anderson is definitely ahead of many in academics. Anderson provided great resources for me academically, as there was always someone there to help me with any questions. The campus is not pretty what so ever as it resembles a jail. The only appealing sight is the the new technology building. Most people are nice, but there is an insane amount of cliques, but it is high school so what do you expect. Honestly it wasn't the worst place to go to high school, so if you're moving to Austin you might want to keep the Anderson district on your mind.
The courtyards next to cafeteria are nice especially when there is nice weather and it provides shade. Bathrooms need some help. Not all the stalls have locks. Most all of the teachers are great and love what they do. Some of the best teachers I've ever had are at Anderson. There are a lot of courses to take of different areas that can lead to career development(a lot of STEM classes). The schedule can be confusing, even to returning students.
Through my experiences at Anderson High School I have developed into a competitive student athlete and a capable young adult. The classes I took, both standard and accelerated, taught me crucial skills in time management and focus. The teachers at Anderson are skilled and influence a positive and energetic learning environment, which makes experiencing new subjects and topics far more enriching. LC Anderson High School prepared me culturally, socially, and academically to succeed in college and throughout the rest of my life.
I've loved the teachers. They are extremely invested in each student and love to teach. There are also so many opportunities in every field imaginable. A student can be on the Speech & Debate team and play basketball, or participate in the International Baccalaureate Program and be in the marching band.
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I feel like I received a quality education, and that it was a good learning environment. The teachers are very devoted to their students, and there is a lot of space to explore a variety of interests
After attending another AISD school, I found Anderson to be just what I was looking for. Students were motivated and willing to do work. The teachers were always looking out for your best interest and helped in everyway they could. I would recommend Anderson to anyone who feels like they don't have "a place" because there is something for everyone there.
Anderson High School has a S.T.E.M. building and many S.T.E.M. related programs. The food at the cafeteria is fine and the teachers are good teachers.
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