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I really like Anderson! It's definitely the best high school in Austin in my opinion, especially when it comes to a balance between academics and clubs/ extracurriculars. I am in choir and theater as well as IB, and the teachers are all very flexible as long as you prove to them that you are trustworthy. My only concern is safety and the administration not really understanding or connecting with the students. They have imposed some weird safety rules that appear to just be to impress the school board.
I was only in Pre-AP/AP/IB classes, so I think had a very different experience than others who were not in advanced classes. Academically speaking, Anderson is a great school with great teachers if you are prepared to take academically rigorous courses that will prepare you for college. I felt that clubs, outside of robotics, were not well supported and our sports teams weren't very good. Academically speaking, Anderson is great, but it is lacking in all other departments.
Anderson has some incredible incredible teachers that really care about the students. There are a couple teachers who seem to just want the days to go by faster and don't really care about the work. But overall the teachers overachieve and make sure the students not only learn but enjoy themselves.
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School has been around for a long time and needs a lot of repairs. Everything is based on athletics. The counselors do not listen when we bring up teaching issues. This was clearly seen when teachers where there one year and gone the next AFTER the complaints. It's in a nice neighborhood though.
Anderson High School is a good school to get your education and aim for college acceptance. Has high expectations of your looking get into a University. The only draw back is you have make effort to do on your own. I felt the faculty does nothing to help you that when ask questions about college they don't give you time if the day. There always busy.
Anderson HS is a great place to earn your high school diploma, with welcoming teachers and an overall fundamental environment anyone can fit in. All the teachers want to help you, they strive to provide assistance to students who need them.
Anderson is the typically american highschool but with a good community of people and lots of access to resources and opportunities
Throughout my years here in this school I have seen many great things, including the fellowship within the school and the way that the teachers care for all their students. Not only that but this school strives to make their student the best they can be and tries to help all students feel welcome.
I really enjoyed my time there. Great school with a lot of resources for the students. The school was very diverse and the teacher were great, they never hesitated to help you out in or outside the classroom. The courses there really prepare you for college, they challenge you and get your mind ready for college.
Not the best experience could of been better could of been worse. I got to meet my best friends because of it. Also very stressful and judgemental environment.
I absolutely love my school because of the academic rigor that is available to all students. This school is challenging and competitive with people that are trying to achieve success.
Anderson High School is a wonderful high school and I would recommend it to anyone living on the Eastside of Cincinnati. They have amazing sports and very supportive teachers. I always felt welcome and at home while attending high school here. The one downsize is no air-conditioning, although they have made some new updates where some of the school is air-conditioned it can still get hot around the summer months. Other than that one downside I feel that I got an amazing education and was very prepared for college.
I moved to Anderson High School, going into my sophomore year. It was very difficult to adjust because I had moved from a small community in Arizona. When I first got here I joined band. Although it took a while, I was able to adjust and make friends. I really wish more people had tried to start a conversation with me because I'm very shy but eventually I became comfortable enough to do it myself. Overall this school is a challenging school academically but there is a big jump from regular level classes to higher level ones.
Anderson High School is nothing out of the ordinary. The academic body is decent depending on whether you decide to participate in IB, AP or regular classes. The administration is heavily focused on sports, which detracts from other portions of the school.
I loved going to Anderson high school. I participated in the International Baccalaureate program and believe that the quality of education I received truly has lead to my success in college. My teachers were incredibly supportive, smart, and truly cared about the success of all of their students. Anderson offered multiple travel opportunities and I was lucky enough to participate in many of them. I traveled to Hawaii for a month on an ecology program and received a science credit. I also participated in an exchange program in Spain. It was truly amazing!
My experience at Anderson wasn't a bad one but it wasn't a great one either. The academics are not as great as the administration thinks they are and throughout my 4 years I only had 2 teachers who really made an impact on me. Overall it is an average high school experience.
The school has gone downhill. There is little funding for much-needed upgrades. Administration does not listen to the students. Front office staff is typically rude. Half the teachers care and try to teach the other half makes it seem like they hate kids.
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There's a reason Anderson is the highest ranked traditional high school in Austin ISD. It's because the academics are competitive and comprehensive, and prepare everyone for a college education. Teachers are (for the most part) dedicated and enjoy what they're doing. Almost every sport makes it to the playoffs except for football. Given that football is a school's most visible program, Anderson gets a rap for being a bad sports school which just isn't true. Swimming, Tennis, and Golf have all been ranked in the top 10 in the state. The only bad thing about Anderson is the disparity between Pre-AP/AP/Honors classes and regular classes. The difference is pretty drastric, which isn't necessarily a good thing.
The teachers their were great and very involved. I had a connection with all of my teachers and they care about helping their students succeed in the future. It’s not only about academics for them, they also care about your life after school and how they can help you to accomplish your dreams. They work to push you in ways you cannot imagine.
I'm currently a senior at Anderson High School and overall I've enjoyed my time at Anderson. I started attending Anderson at the beginning of my sophomore year, and though being a new student was difficult at times, everyone was welcoming. I'm in the International Baccalaureate program, and I would definitely recommend it. For the most part, the teachers in the International Baccalaureate program are very good and the workload is manageable.
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