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Amazing school, very diverse and helpful when it came to homework and other problems. I went all 4 years and enjoyed it. I especially loved the library and the staff. I would recommend it to any one looking for a good high school
I'm a a High School Senior and although I love the Spirit in my school. No matter the time of year the students are always supporting our athletic departments. I have learned a lot about myself and my studies. I have grown a lot since being a student at Anderson. I love my school and will miss it when I graduate.
Anderson High School offers up a diverse curriculum and many extra-curricular activities for their students to participate in.
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The community of the students themselves is pleasant. Like any other school, there are established "cliques" within it. However, these dynamics aren't used as a means to discriminate against other students. Rather, they are used based on deeper connections through similar hobbies and interests. The students at Anderson often mingle with those who aren't considered to be in whichever "clique" the individual belongs to. Overall, it is a friendly atmosphere among peers.

However, I have had unpleasant encounters with some members of the staff. Particularly, they are less involved in the life of the students and have the tendency to demand things of the students without asking. They are quick to determine students as incompetent or problematic without trying to understand what could possibly be causing the behavior of the student. Despite this, they aren't unqualified. Most take their role as a teacher seriously, as they believe it is their calling.
As someone who transferred to Anderson High School from a "good" school, I feel that Anderson High School has more opportunities for those who are willing to put in the effort. There are some great teachers and administrators (mixed in with the not so great ones), that are very willing to go above and beyond your expectations to help you succeed in life.
I love my school; however, there are just some aspects that make it less than amazing. The school’s resources are virtually nonexistent and the facilities are not in the best shape. Most classrooms are overcrowded, but teachers work hard to make sure every child is working with the material and trying to understand it. It’s a great school with great spirit and great traditions that have been passed on for generations.
I have had a very rocky road through high school, and it's not just because of the school. However, the school didn't handle my issues with mental health well and at some point violated my natural rights. However, this school introduced me to many things in the Fine Arts Department. They do support following your dreams.
I loved some of the teachers! They helped me learn well, as well as the extra help they offered. They made sure we were on track to graduate, and kept pushing and motivating us.
I learned how a school with many urban challenges can come together to make change across the entire community. I truly learned what it means to be an Anderson High School Indian.
It's a public high school that gets a bad rap based on its history. However, AHS offers more college-level courses than any other high school in the area.
I’ve had a very wild experience at Anderson High School. There’s been a few years where there were many fights. You rarely see any bullying, which is a good thing. The athletics change every year because either the coaching or the athletes just aren’t as involved as they should be, as far as their skill level. The staff and administrators are extremely strict and the school spirit/culture is definitely there. We’ve wasted money on flat screen TVs for the hallway that nobody really looks at, and a $50,000 digital sign for the front of our school. We could’ve used that money for a new track outside, or even better cafeteria food. I sure wish we had chicken strips, fries, cups of cheese, and regular chips instead of all the wheat/healthy foods. People can choose to eat healthy or not. There may be days people might want to cheat on their diet, nobody wants to eat healthy all day everyday.
Anderson High School is a good school, a lot as changed since I graduated from there. When I graduated from Anderson high school the school was in transition in changing the name from Madison height pirates to Anderson high school. I feel like the transition took a toll on the faculty and the students and it took a while for things to adjust.
My experience her was not how i wanted high school to be. It was an okay school but not the best. Some of the teachers care and other teacher just do not care at all
Anderson High School has some cool teachers and it is not a super huge school so it easy to learn your way around. We need better food though, the food is not that good. We have a decent amount of after school activities so it is not super difficult to find a club you might like. We also have a decent amount of dual credit classes and career course classes for people to take.
I like the math program hear and the sports. Very good school to attend and staff is very nice and cooperative.
My experience at Anderson High School has been great. I have learned a lot from my passed 3 years and made great memories. I hope that the spirit in Anderson High School grows later on in the future
Anderson high school is a school with a lot of choices and options. I take honors and AP and they actually are rigorous & not just hard. They provide me with many of the tips and strategies that I will need for college. Many of the teachers actually care for their students and aren't just there for a paycheck.
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If I had to do it all over again, I would still go to Anderson High School. I have always had a good experience at this facility. I get along with the teachers very well, and they are very nice. I am involved in extra-curricular activities, and the teachers that run them are always so kind.
Anderson High School has some of the best teachers I have ever encountered. Almost every single one of my teachers has inspired me to achieve. They are very knowledgable and teach in a way that makes learning enjoyable. I have never found it difficult to talk to one of my teachers if I ever needed assistance. They are all willing and eager to help and teach their students.
Most of our school are kids and parents who don't care about education
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