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I liked the sports and how well some of my teachers taught me. The school gave me a good amount of knowledge that I can take with me to start adulthood.
My high school experience was good. The extracurricular activities were fun. The only thing I would change is the food, I think the cafeteria ladies should eat the food that they make.
there are many extra curricular activities that go on at this school they are all fun and diffrentley unique in there own way.
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the school atmosphere is very full, although its a small school its full of spirit
The teachers in my high school are very caring and responsible. For me it is simply hard sometimes to keep up with the work.
We take extreme safety precautions in our school. We have lock down and fire drills, also police on our campus all hours of the school day.
The different types of clubs are very nice to have become it really shows how talented a lot of the students are, and we get to make new friends with people we never thought we'd be friends with through shared interests.
Everyone is very chill with each other. There may be a few homophobes here and there but people mainly ignore them
I absolutely love this school, and I could go here all over again I would. The teachers and students are very nice and everyone gets along pretty well for the most part. I couldn't see myself attending any other school.
Could be better. It's hard to see counsellors if you're not in a sport.
The teachers at my school take a lot of time to make sure that every student understands what the lesson is for that day. They are always making sure to answer our questions and help us in every way possible.
The health and safety at AHS is one that not many school's in our area have. The safety on campus is thorough considering we always have an officer or two there, along with campus security. Our nurses and health programs are outstanding, students are comfortable and receive the care they need when necessary.
At Anderson, our teachers go out of their way to make sure students are not only learning but having fun. A few teachers in particular have started clubs with students in a way to get more students together outside of school. For example, a few of our teachers have started clubs such as Hiking Club, Skiing and Snowboarding club, Key club, Surf Club (only school in the north state that offers such a thing) etc. Because of all of the support form our staff, more and mores students are becoming more engaged in what we call our "Cub Family".
I am honored to be enrolled and have attended such a great school as Anderson for four consecutive years. At Anderson, I don't only feel safe, but I feel 'at home'. It's a smaller school, in a semi- small town, and it's nice because you feel the warmth and passion from everyone from the staff to the students to the janitors as soon as you step foot on campus. I wouldn't consider the Anderson High school Cubs as just a school, but more as a family. My family, in which I am so beyond proud to claim.
Majority of teachers at Anderson High go beyond their requirements in providing the absolute best ways to teach us kids. They are also so spirited of our school as well as provide feedback to make each student feel important and really cared about. The teachers at Anderson make school enjoyable and make me feel proud to say i attend and put in so much time at Anderson high school.
I think the options at are school are good for the variety of students we have at this school.
I personally think that some buildings and areas of the school should be better sanitized and taken care of. Sometimes the laziness takes over the workers, and that isn't a safe environment.
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Teachers give the amount of effort they want, students define what they give. As a class we have to be well behaved to get the best out of a lesson. Most teachers will go above and beyond for their class, if they are willing to do the work. They are all friendly and care about every single one of us.
We have a popular after school program, a lot students get a snack after school before their practices. I know that during homecoming they have barbeques after school and they open the pool up for free swim. We always have cookie sales after school.
Most teachers at this school are involved with every program we have. We are like a huge family at this school, we are always looking out for each other.
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