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Anderson County Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I am proud to be a part of Anderson County Junior/Senior High School. I have met some amazing peers and teachers while attending. I have been inspired by a few of the amazing teachers from this school. This school is located in a small town, so many people know each other. This school has so many different extracurricular activities, that students have the opportunity to be very involved. This school is so special to me, that I am considering coming back to it to teach one day. I have so many good memories from attending this school in Garnett, Kansas, and I am proud to call myself an Anderson County Bulldog!
The teachers and staff faculty members are decent, they all have their days where you can tell they just don't care and want to be somewhere else. Many of the teachers don't take their jobs serious either, depending on the person can be either good or bad, however there are a select few teachers that make the school a better place.
Anderson County High School is a wonderful school that is smaller and has a more personal feel. It is easy to know everyone because it is more small than most schools. It is also located in a town that is truly cared for. I would like to see the school expand more so all teachers have their own classrooms, and I would like to see the arts become more appreciated and as recognized as sports.
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The facilities are clean and there is an overall friendly staff. I recommend this school to anyone that wants to raise their child in a small town and allow them to make many friends in school.
ACHS is a small town, small community school. It's great for farmers because we have a great FFA organization. Many of our sports teams go to state and we often come home with state titles. The teachers and staff are super kind and teach you more than academics, they teach you how to deal with hardships and problems of life. I recommend this school because of the small class sizes and high graduation rates.
School is smaller. No resource officer. They are now getting one. I do not feel kids are college ready coming out.
This school and district in general simply manipulate tests/grades so that the students keep moving to the next grade level. Students are aloud a sense of entitlement. Teachers allow students to play video games on phones rather than taking charge and having the phones removed from the classroom. This does NO favors for the future of these children. Theses kids are becoming adults with a complete lack of education. This school already has a very high percentage of economically disadvantaged students. They need to stop making it worse!
I liked my school. The teachers would talk one on one with you and wanted you to achieve your best. If you put in the effort, so did they.
there is not much bullying at this school. Most the people here are very friendly.
there are a lot of clubs and organizations at this school. I think there are a lot of different kinds to chose from for many different type of people.
If I could do it all over I would go to this school because it is a god environment and I enjoy going to school here. my favorite experience from this school so far would be my theater arts class I took my freshman year. it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the activities we did.
The teachers at my school are very good at teaching us things in a way that incorporate real world examples, but I feel that some of them do not care to much about the students education. Grades don't get put in till quite a while after they are due and sometimes not at all which can get a bit frustrating when students have to remind there teacher about their missing grade.
I feel that our students should walk through a metal detector.
Some of the extracurricular activities at this school are poorly ran, but then others are ran averagely.
School activities such as Prom, banquets, and almost everything in general is always poorly planned and not ran with professionalism.
Most of the teachers in our school do their job well, others are very lazy and don't really care.
We don't have a wide variety of after school activities. The ones we have are really good. It's mostly sports, which are well organized and usually very successful.
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Some parents think that their kids can do no wrong. When they actually get in trouble at school, they come in to yell at the adminstrators and not their kids, who were the whole source of the problem. We don't have much support at extracurricular activities. It is not rare for a basketball game to have less than thirty fans in attendance. I do believe that parents in our school genuinely care about their children.
Pretty good, small town school.
Anderson County has a great athletics program with great coaches! They also have a great, caring staff.
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