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I liked how you could connect with the teachers and have a personal relationship. I also liked how the staff was very friendly. What I think could be better is the ACT prep. I was not fully prepared and the teachers would not take it seriously.
It's the only high school I have gone to, so I cannot compare. But, it is small, safe, can be boring, and the teachers can be flexible. It is a good school for anyone that attends. It is great for Ag and for Band. But, it is also really good because you can dual enroll and get half-way done with college while you are still in High School.
Anderson County was good to me but that was not the case for many others. You have to actually care about your education to learn like I did. But, those who weren't as motivated were left in the dust. Another thing Anderson County is plagued by is noncaring teachers who mostly just sit around instead of teaching.
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I loved Anderson County High school because this school shaped me to be the way I am today. I made some of the best friends I have at this school. i have made some of the best memories while attending this school. I loved being involved with the students and supporting the bearcats at the sporting events. the teachers go out of their way to make sure you are ready when you leave ACHS to go out into the real world and you're prepared for what is ahead. Wouldn't have wanted to spend my adolescent years at any other high school.
I've been going to ACHS for 4 years this year and so far my experience has been great. The teachers and staff are really friendly and are always willing to help when you need a hand. Our guidance office staff is amazing when it comes to helping you with schedule changes and getting scholarship information for college. One thing that I would like to see change at ACHS is, offering students a better variety of courses to choose from.
ACHS has a great theater program. The teachers are all good for the most. It could be more fair to all sports. Our archery team is the most successful sport in the school winning two state and one national championship but our trophies are sitting in a closet because they won’t give us space in the trophy case. There is lots of opportunity to play sports or to be involved in a club. The teachers and principals really seem to care about the school and students. Plenty of opportunity to take AP courses and courses at the local technical college for college credit.
Anderson County High School is filled with amazing teachers as well as students. I have had an amazing time participating in many clubs along with multiple sports. Overall I have had no problems with anyone. I have passed all my classes with flying colors. If I am struggling in a particular subject area teachers will willingly go out of their way in order to help me. I have never been made to do anything I was uncomfortable with. Our school events are fun no matter what they entail. Our staff is very well trained and suited for whatever the task may be. I feel completely prepared to step into the real world. I have made so many amazing memories I will never forget. Most importantly, I have been molded to have the personality it takes to go far beyond my comfort zone and still succeed.
Anderson County High School is, I assume, like most high schools. The teachers are usually kind and there is a nice variety of elective courses. There are many wonderfully smart and talented people; however there are quite a few annoying rednecks. They have some truly wonderful teachers that are kind and helpful and like to get to know their students, The school system also offers co-op for students who are working and many classes that help with students who are up for a challenge, such as their AP and BCTC classes.
ACHS was a great school and had many AP classes I took part in. I feel that these classes will help me in college So I would say ACHS prepared me for college pretty well. But even though our academics were great ACHS does have many problems. Drugs are a big problem and so is racism. Many kids have confederate flags with them and at least once a day someone is smoking in the bathroom. Another problem is athletics. The school only focuses on football and basketball as their sports and practically forgets about all the others. They put all their money towards those sports. One more problem is the school food. It is terrible. No child should have to eat that food but they ones who cannot get food outside of school are forced to. Overall I thought my experience at ACHS was good but there are many problems the school should address.
Personally, I'd say that Anderson County High School is the same as any other high school. I do have a school to compare it to as I went to Woodford County my first two years of high school. I do like the teachers at Anderson and I really do feel like they want students to suceed, which is always a very good quality in any school. However, while I feel like the teachers do care for the students; academically, I feel as though administration can grow and help better their school to help students. Moving from Woodford to Anderson I could see a big change academically and the administrations role in helping further the students education. This is something I feel like the school should grow in. However, this doesn't make it a bad school. They have strengths in other things-like all schools do. Anderson excells in sports and has a great selection of clubs as well as a diversity of classes to help students determine their future career goal-I have found these very helpful.
I love that there are teachers who I know care for students. I sleep well knowing that I am receiving a great education, even though where I live may not be the wealthiest. Although, I feel that athletics are too stressed. Too much is being put into the sports program and not enough in the needs of students.
I've enjoyed my time at ACHS I've made great friends throughout the years and have had great teachers. If there was one thing that I would want the school to improve on is overall updates on most everything.
This high school was very nice, and i learned so much from there and definitely recommend it. The teachers were very nice and well educated. They were definitely focused on college readiness. I wish there were more programs though and i wish more of their sports were better funded.
I liked the diversity in art, music, and theatre electives, but this school falls short on variety in the classes you have to take. They also don't care for anyone whose family doesn't have money, and if you're at all out if the norm you better expect to be bullied and nothing to be done about it. Also the school board administration doesn't like to deal with anyone who has or needs a 504 or IEP plan.
I like most of the teachers and the culture at Anderson County High school. But the administration is really bad, not really helping students excel in high school and failing at preparing them for a competitive college and workforce experience. They especially do not help out the more successful students nor students in the more popular sports.
Each club is very demanding and is hard to be in multiple clubs at once.
If it were up to me to choose either to stay at Anderson County High School or go to another high school I would be very conflicted. I believe that I could have gotten a better education at another school in one of the surrounding counties but I would also have to make all new friends and I don't think I could do that.
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At my school teachers do not get paid as well as the surrounding counties. This has lead to all of our teachers that cared for us to go to other schools where pay is better. While, we as students, are left with teachers that do not care or put any extra effort into their lesions than what's needed.
It's a great school, but there could be some things changed.
Though there is a lack of consistent parental involvement, the parents do support the students and the dedication of many of the teachers and the community in general help make up for the deficit.
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