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I love that there are teachers who I know care for students. I sleep well knowing that I am receiving a great education, even though where I live may not be the wealthiest. Although, I feel that athletics are too stressed. Too much is being put into the sports program and not enough in the needs of students.
I've enjoyed my time at ACHS I've made great friends throughout the years and have had great teachers. If there was one thing that I would want the school to improve on is overall updates on most everything.
This high school was very nice, and i learned so much from there and definitely recommend it. The teachers were very nice and well educated. They were definitely focused on college readiness. I wish there were more programs though and i wish more of their sports were better funded.
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I liked the diversity in art, music, and theatre electives, but this school falls short on variety in the classes you have to take. They also don't care for anyone whose family doesn't have money, and if you're at all out if the norm you better expect to be bullied and nothing to be done about it. Also the school board administration doesn't like to deal with anyone who has or needs a 504 or IEP plan.
I like most of the teachers and the culture at Anderson County High school. But the administration is really bad, not really helping students excel in high school and failing at preparing them for a competitive college and workforce experience. They especially do not help out the more successful students nor students in the more popular sports.
Each club is very demanding and is hard to be in multiple clubs at once.
If it were up to me to choose either to stay at Anderson County High School or go to another high school I would be very conflicted. I believe that I could have gotten a better education at another school in one of the surrounding counties but I would also have to make all new friends and I don't think I could do that.
At my school teachers do not get paid as well as the surrounding counties. This has lead to all of our teachers that cared for us to go to other schools where pay is better. While, we as students, are left with teachers that do not care or put any extra effort into their lesions than what's needed.
It's a great school, but there could be some things changed.
Though there is a lack of consistent parental involvement, the parents do support the students and the dedication of many of the teachers and the community in general help make up for the deficit.
Teachers put in extra time and their own resources to help kids be successful.
I enjoy the athletic events and extracurriculars.
Most teachers have a well thought out lesson and executed but not all.
We have never really had any issues with anything unsafe, even bullying.
The extracurricular activities basically consist of going to watch or teams when they are playing in a game.
I'd choose to go to this school again because even though it has its flaws it is actually a pretty good school.
The teachers really vary on quality. There are a few that do very little but there are also the more involved and more enthusiastic teachers.
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There is a large safety pretense at ACHS. They monitor everyone who enters the building, and use cameras to see who is inside. There is a no bullying policy that is strictly enforced. I always felt safe, and felt like I knew what precautions should be taken in emergency situations.
There are a ton of diverse clubs. No matter what your interested in, they will welcome newcomers with open arms. ACHS encourages students to break out of their shell and try new things. These clubs are a great way to step out of your comfort zone, and meet new people. The teachers at ACHS are also very involved in the club activities.
My four years at ACHS were memorable. My teachers sent me to college with a brain full of knowledge about course material, but knowledge of life as well. They always made new ways for students to become more successful. I would choose ACHS again because I feel like they adequetly prepared me for my journey through college, and life in general.
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