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The staff from top to bottom really cares about the students . This attitude has flowed into the student body as well. It's a very encouraging atmosphere.
The teachers at the high school are not interested in teaching students, but rather making them watch inspirational videos or bully them.
I was very involved in the school activities such as Band, National Honors Society, Student Government Association, and many more. The students, even with differing ideas, co-existed in peace, respecting each other's differences. Teachers here love their job and have a passion for teaching students. This school emphasizes the ACT and offers many opportunities for test preparation. The school's 30+ number is growing.
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My experience at anderson county high school is amazing. Their academics have always been amazing, and the administrators have always been understanding. They have never punished the whole group for something one person did, and the punishment was never extraordinary for the occasion. The teachers are amazing, and they are very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. Everything about this school shows the dedication and passion to better the students.
I absolutely love ACHS. I am a freshman and have been a straight-A student for my whole life. I am taking Geometry Honors, Criminal Justice I, NJROTC, Engineering and Design this semester and Digital Arts, Biology Honors, Spanish I, and English Honors next semester. So far my mind is blown by how much there is to do at school. Even though I have never made a grade lower than an A, I have never really enjoyed school. Now I am highly interested in everything that goes on. I love ACHS and I highly recommend it to everyone.
I’m a huge believer in this school. For a rural community, kids are very involved. ACT is a huge focus and scores are rising. AC makes every student take the ACT not just their best students to pump their scores. AP classes are growing. I loved Mr. Bolton’s classes and his coffee. Watson was a great French teacher. Coach Wallace was very hard but he kept it fun. Mr. Chambers & Mr. Hall made you look forward to school. I really felt prepared for college. Mavs for Life!
This isn’t a good learning environment. Most of the teachers refuse to actually teach. Most students are not college ready.
Anderson County High School is a very good school. The majority of the teachers are very caring and want to help the students and they go above and beyond. There is not a very diverse student body but that is probably because of the area in which it is located.
I really enjoy the skills I've learned here. I've made lots of friends and really connected with my teachers. They care about you and prepare me for life beyond by not making things easy. Plus. Since the school shares a campus with Anderson County Career and Technical Center you not only can go to Academic school you can also learn trades in the shop or things such as video production, engineering, criminal justice, and culinary.
I liked that there was a lot of student involvement at Anderson County. The teachers also wanted to be involved in student activities and clubs. One area of improvement would be class level, going in to college I did not really feel like I was that prepared. A lot of that comes from the fact that this is rural area and most kids do not go to college, but chose to do a trade school or just go straight into the workforce.
ACHS has the greatest staff in the state. Not only do the teachers and administrators give us the tools and means to learn, but they also push us to get involved with clubs and encourage us to become college-ready. The ACT is pushed hard at my school, and my Senior Class of 2018 will have more college-ready students than any other graduating class in the history of my high school, all thanks to the staff.
I have loved my time at Anderson County. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. I love being involved in activities there including football.
I love that there is an onsite technical school that offers courses through academic programs of study (such as STEM). Working with the Engineering program has allowed me to be exposed to the industry and get hands on experience, internship opportunities and exposure to things I would have otherwise only read about. I also love the AP course offerings as the instructors have been amazing in those classes with my experience so far.
Personally, I do not like this school. High school isn't the right place for me. I don't enjoy being in the environment; not because of the staff and the school itself, but because of other students.
Anderson County High School has proved to be a wonderful school, especially for integrating the Middle College program into my life associated with Roane State Community College. This program created a brand new time in my life and introduced me to so many positive things in my junior and senior years. Overall, I would not recommend any other high school in my state than the one I have so luckily attended!
I have gotten through school to say the least and I enjoy what can be enjoyed of going to school.
Most teachers are pretty good at their job and can help me with anything I need.
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Great clubs during school. Few other than sports after. However, have clubs scheduled during school to make it available for students
Have had some great teaches, few not so great
Always contacted by full time nurse if child is sick. Very professional
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