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I moved to Andalusia High School my sophomore year and I have absolutely loved it! My grades are wonderful and I love going to school. I can honestly say that the faculty and staff at AHS works hard to ensure that every student is ready for college when they graduate!
I am currently a senior at Andalusia High School. I love the way Andalusia takes pride in tradition and their school system. To be the best you have to believe you are the best. The only think I would change is the ability to give every student a chance to have more ACT prep
The pride that students and staff obtain at Andalusia High School makes it a honor to be a part of this organization. You will always find a place for you while attending AHS. The staff gives you opportunities to see the greatness within yourself.
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I loved going to Andalusia High School great teachers that are always willing to help wonderful community and on top of all that they have an AWESOME football team!
My high school experience was amazing. I was very involved in clubs, band, student government, and the National Honor Society. That is one reason I ranked my school as excellent. There is something for everyone in the Andalusia School System. From band to agribusiness and from tennis to soccer, Andalusia City Schools are hard to beat!
At Andalusia High School just being in the school you know you're welcomed as soon as you walk into the door. Andalusia High School has the most spirit when it comes to sports. Andalusia's academic status is the most amazing rates you'll ever see. We're number one is reading and number two in math. One thing I'll like to see in Andalusia High School change is the chorus department. I would like it to be more recognized and people to enjoy it a little more than what they do now.
There are lots of opportunities to be involved. You'd have to be actively seeking to do nothing during high school to miss them. Lots of leadership roles, but they have to be snatched up quick otherwise the same three people will get them. The teachers are either really invested and care a lot about you, or are basically a cardboard cutout monitoring the classroom. Most are very amazing and caring people, some will scream at you unprovoked. The football team and marching band are very good and a major part of the school and community. Other sports don't get very much attention or are completely discarded. There’s thankfully been a vast improvement with helping students prepare for college this year, but more individual help is needed. It would have been more helpful to learn some things freshman or sophomore year, because now as a senior it is too late. Wish more diverse classes were offered beyond the basic art, home etc, or computer sciences. Overall pretty good.
Andalusia High School is an amazing place to be! The teachers care about their students, and the students like to learn. Awesome school atmosphere!
Andalusia High school is a school built off tradition, but not so much that it is not willing to open up to new ideas and protocols. The administration and staff are all around helpful and are teaching at full capacity. It a school that practices extreme safety and will take extreme measures to ensure the safety of the faculty and students inside.
What I like about Andalusia High School is the school spirit that the students have. They take pride in their alma mater, sports, and clubs. I have never seen such a school who's student care for their school so much.
I attended Andalusia High School from 2012-2016 and I had some of the best times there at the school. I graduated in 2016 in the Top 35 out of 92 in my class with honors and was one of three scholarship winners to attend Lurleen B. Wallace Community College. I love Andalusia High School because it has gotten me ready not only for college, but for life ahead as well.
Andalusia High School has great academics, sports and an award winning marching band. Our average class size is around 25-30 and our schedule times are similar to college classes in trying to prepare us for our future. Our teachers are top notch in the technology area so that we get the most from our classes. My mom graduated Andalusia High School in 1991 and the campus has changed drastically since her school years. Our campus is very clean and appears as a mini college with such great facilities.
I love everything about Andalusia High School. It is a great school, has a lot of students with school spirit, everyone's friendly, and the teachers make the students learning their priority.
Andalusia High School is a school full of spirit. During football season, we have a pep rally every week, to which most are community pep rallys. Andalusia High School not only has an abundance of sports to participate in, but it has many clubs to join. Examples of these clubs are: Famply Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), Student Government Association (SGA), DECA, Anchor Club, Spanish Club, and so on. I have personally been involved with 4 out of the 5 listed, and I have had a wonderful experience with them. Andalusia High School has its faults-most schools do- but all the good qualities override the faults.
Andalusia High School is an amazing school. Just pulling into the parking lot it is such a great feeling when looking to the left and seeing such a beautiful school/campus. All the administrators and staff make sure to make everyone feel welcome and like they belong our school. If there is ever a problem any teacher would be a great person to talk to and they'll treat each issue as they would if it were their own child asking them for help or advice. Overall, I love my school and will always have pride in telling others where my alma mater is. In such a small town the whole community really is involved with and cares for our school. I would never dream of going to another school system. I was bulldog born, bulldog bred, and when I die I'll be bulldog dead.
There are a lot of opportunities to get involved and it's very popular to do.
The administration doesn't really do much and they just cater to whatever would be the safe decision
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She does everything she can to prepare us for college and to educate us in her course
Again, there are many opportunities available to the students at AHS. The band program has huge participation, the choral program is great, the atheletic opportunities are numerous, Ag club is very involved in the community, there are various math clubs, science clubs and 2nd language clubs that have fun interaction.
The staff at AHS is very involved with the students. They are very encouraging and extremely up to date in teaching practices. They make sure the students understand what they are talking about and follow up well with parents
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