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After two years in the system my husband and I decided to put our son elsewhere. We want him to be at a school where children are the main focus. Andalusia is such a cute little town, but to have a lack a leadership at AES makes it heartbreaking.
Education should be top priority! We moved to this district and I'm very disappointed in this school.
I have called that principal lady 3 times and she won't call me back. She obviously don't care about me or my child.
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I as a parent feel as through the principal doesn't support the students and staff. At a PTO function I saw teachers trying to decide who would ask her a question. No one wanted to talk to her and ask if there was another drink option. That's sad. She didn't know my sons name and called his friend by the wrong name. I no it's a big school, but still. If the teachers don't want to talk to her, what is that saying.....
I told that teacher don't post my babies pictures on the web. I sighed that form that said no pictures. She still do it. No respect.
Needs structure, poor administration. My son is in kindergarten and we having a difficult time. There's no collaboration.
I went to the PTA meeting expected to meet with teachers and other parents. There were no teachers there! This is our first year at this school. I asked another parent where the teachers were and she said they never come. This is sad.
As a parent, I'm concerned for this school. My son did not have a great academic year in 3rd grade. I felt the subject matter was not taught well. I hired a tutor. 4th grade was fantastic, he had 2 outstanding teachers. They were a blessing! We didn't need a tutor and he grew so much last year, not just academically, but as a person. At the end of the year, the principal fired both of his wonderful teachers. My concern is, why get rid of great teachers and keep the ones that aren't great. I've really considered pulling my son from AES. I want what's best for my son and all the other children of Andalusia, I'm just not sure the principal wants the same thing.
I pulled my son out and took him to county schools. He is in special ed and AES don't know what they're doing. I tried talking to one of the principals,but she was busy on her cell phone. When I finally talked to her, I was more confused. I don't think she knew what she was talking about.
They worry too much about looking good in public. Posting all those pictures on Facebook. Teachers need to teach more, I walked in my daughters class one day and they were listening to hotel California. That lady principal don't talk to nobody.
The teachers work with students daily to provide the best education possible. They go above and beyond to educate each child from all backgrounds to meet emotional needs as well.
Many accommodations provided for students with special needs,
Many activities to keep kids busy!
The administration works together to bring about a positive, safe learning environment.
Everyone works together to make an extraordinary learning experience for all students.
Andalusia has wonderful sports facilities. The community is involved in beautifying and the upkeep. We back our teams 100%.
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