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Andale High School is awesome because it has an amazing family atmosphere. Everyone knows everyone. The teachers are qualified and love helping students succeed. The parent involvement is also truly extraordinary. I love it at Andale High School.
The administration openly implements sexist and homophobic policies, as well as openly flying a "blue lives matter" flag. If you are disliked by teachers, you are not going to get good grades, no matter what you do. They have openly kept teachers, and coaches, that are rumored to peer down girls shirts, and verbally abused students. Long term subs have watched porn in class, as well as 'accidently', showing it to the class, yet allowed to stay on. The dress code is openly sexist, allowing skinnier girls to get by with leggings and shorts, but bigger girls are not. Boys are allowed to wear shorts and opened flannels, with no shirt under, and, girls are dress coded and made to wear gym shorts, and a large white tee if dress coded. Girls are not allowed to take other girls to prom, even only if as friends. Same with boys. Football has gotten new jersey's three years in a row. In short, Andale high has a poor atmosfear for any student besides a white, athletic, male student.
While attending Andale High School I felt very much at home. The environment was safe and welcoming to all. I had multiple opportunities to join clubs and sports. I was able to take multiple college courses that were transferable. I would however have to say the diversity was limited. I had some of my best memories there as a studentMy experience overall was amazing. Since I am an alum I not able to go to all the activities offered but I try to go to as many as I can.
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Andale is a good small-town school. I love the community that is part of the school and the teachers who know everyone's name. Andale has many dual college credits. The only dislike I have about Andale is the lack of diversity.
At Andale High School you get to be who ever you want; there are many different ways to express who you are. There are many clubs, sports, and outside school activities.
I enjoyed being in a small school where I had many friends. I also enjoyed the activities that I was involved in and I felt very welcome and that our school was a family everyday.
The teachers definitely prepared me for college!
Overall Andale was great! The parts that it lacked in though were the focuses on things other than sports. Most clubs or achievements were pushed under the rug even though we were more than a sport powerhouse. The teachers were great and had me well prepared for college and would love to see them again!
I liked that this was a small town high school; however, because it was so small, whoever did not fit the mold of the norm did not fit in at all. The norm in this high school was high performance sports athlete.
Andale High successfully provides a general high school education as well as a astounding sports program. However, beyond those two points, Andale High lacks in every other area. There is very little diversity and opportunities for students. There is a constant pressure to join a sports program and many students feel unappreciated and ignored.
Andale High offers students various opportunities. They provide not only core classes, but also classes on finances and home economics. Andale also offers its students dual credit options through both Hutchinson Community College and Newman University. If the classes are not dual credit, seniors, and occasionally juniors are given permission to take online courses through Hutchinson Community College, which is very beneficial to students who want to get started on their college degree.
It is a tight nit community with the support or everyone to make sure everyone gets the proper care they need to excel
I have attended Andale High School for the previous 4 years (2014-2018). The school is centered in a tight-knit community and it shows in the everyday activities. Many of the teachers are alumni of Andale and have kids who attend Andale. They are always willing to help, even when it does not involve their class. At Friday night games, the stands are always packed with the community. The closeness is one of my favorite things about the school.
I love this school! It has a great environment. The community is great to be around. I think one thing I would want better is the lunches. They are not the best.
Andale is a very nice school in a quiet town. We dominate in sports but lack support in the arts. Hopefully one day the arts will get more recognition.
Andale High school is a great school as all the kids are involved with sports and clubs. Teachers are more than willing to help students on their own free time with needed work to be accomplished.
Andale High School has been monumental in assisting me in my college readiness. I participate in the Internship Program and intern in Downtown Wichita at a local website design firm, Cassandra Bryan Design. I also intern at a Dermatology Clinic located in Hutchinson, Kansas. Without this program, I would have no idea or inkling on the specific major or school I would like to pursue. I also will graduate with 30 college credit hours and be able to transfer them to the college I attend in Fall 2018. Being able to knock out those dual-credit courses will save me tremendous amounts of money and prepare me for the rigorous coursework that college will bring.
Andale is a small school and I like that everyone is very friendly and we all know eachother. The classes are small which is nice because your teachers can help you out more if you need it. The sports at andale are great and everyone gets super involved, which makes games and activities really fun.
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Andale High School was a great place to grow academically. In a smaller school like Andale, you build relationships with the teachers and they can help more because they know how you learn best. There is also such a great variety of classes to take and that was such a great thing for me because it eventually helps me choose what I want to do when I graduate college.
Andale High School has been a great experience. The small town feel is so amazing, everyone is very friendly and all the parents are super awesome and involved. The teachers are great at what they do and I think the classes offered are very good because I am able to take lots of college classes.
I liked how Andale was a fairly small school and everyone was really friendly. Teachers were always there to help and it was very easy to get involved in extracurriculars.
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