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Love this school and all the teachers and staff. They make you feel welcomed and safe at all times.I have never had any issues with this school and I am happy to have it as my alma mater. Go Sharks!!
I love my school teachers here truly spend the time to enhance your individual skills and skills neccesary for the future. What I would like to see change is the amount of pride students don't express for the school.
My experience at anclote was really good. Not to much drama and distractions. Teachers were really nice and helped me when I needed help. I got better grades then any other high school I have ever been to.
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My experience with anclote high was good and bad. The good parts was being able to get some really great teachers throughout the year that actually taught me something and the school activities were pretty good as well. The bad parts were the good and the students not acting right and being out of control and most teachers wouldn’t do their job and teach which was a bummer but some things that need to change is there school lunch , the way they handle situations and finding good teachers who know how to teach.
the overall experience was very good. I am a vegetarian, therefore the food was not veggie friendly. All the teachers we patient and worked hard to see me succeed.
Being in Anclote High School has been a great time so far. all of my teachers helped me become more confident in the work I do. I am getting more prepared for college everyday from every single one of my teachers.
I attended Anclote high school for all four years of high school and had a great experience. I was on the cheerleading team for all four years as well as in honors and AP classes. The faculty at Anclote always was willing to help me when I needed it and push me to not only be an exceptional student, but also a well rounded person. I feel that my teachers have helped prepare me to start life in college and be successful.
I think it’s a pretty good school. I attend it and it has really good programs to help you prepare for college like Its programs Avid and Cambridge. There is not many fights and not a lot of drama so that is good. The teachers are really helpful. The only I could really say I wanted to change is lunch, the food and the conditions because of the bees and seagulls that surround us at lunch
What I liked about Anclote High School were my English teachers. All four of them have been very helpful and influential in my high school career. I also liked the friends that I was able to make during my four years of high school. What I would change about Anclote High would be the dress code policy. I think that the administration team can be very uptight about what the students wear, especially the female students. I have never seen an administrator tell any of the male students to pull up their pants or to change the inappropriate shirt that they are wearing.
When people from my county hear Anclotes name, there is usually a negative connotation. When I hear Anclote, I think of home. At the end of my sophomore year, I moved 45 minutes away and had to switch schools. I knew people at my new school but it didn't feel right. At the end of the year, all summer, I begged my mom to move back to Anclote. I mean, I drove, so why not? I wanted to graduate with the people I grew up with. At Anclote, we were all like family. Everyone knew everyone and everyone was friends. I can walk through the hall and see people not from my friend group and hold a conversation like they were apart of my clique. I love Anclote no only because of the academics and great teachers, but because it was like my second home.
The administration is terrible, they don't handle situations correctly and either underestimate a situation and let someone get away with something or overestimate it and blow things out of proportion. The teachers are great and I've never seen a situation with them and I've never had a problem with them.
I mostly like everything about Anclote. The only thing I could complain about in the little time I've been there is some of the students. Some of them don't seem to want to care about their education and disrupt lessons, ruining the learning for some of us.
Anclote High School was my first and only foray into the public school system, and it was alright. I enjoyed individual people more than the school as a whole; it suffered from lack of information and the inability of administration to get their act together. However, to my knowledge, that is the failing of the public school system in general.
I recently moved to Florida from South Carolina, and starting a new school as a junior was the last thing I wanted to do. Here at Anclote they made me feel welcomed and as if I were one of their own.
Overall it is an alright school. It is fairly new so there is a lot to improve on, like implementing district and school polocies and rules.
I personally don't think it looks like a prison like other schools do. But the enforcement on dress code is sometimes selective. But I do like that we are permitted to wear a larger variety of clothes, such as hats, compared to other schools.
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At Anclote there has been a large rotation of teachers and administrators not providing stability for the students. The one good thing is that Anclote has a very great and well known medical program which with completion of 4 years you can get a CNA license.
Good school, but located in a poor schooling district. Very limited funds for any sports or clubs, and not much school spirit from students or faculty.
Anclote High School is a great school for sports and academics. The teachers are great and love to challenge their students. My only change that I would like to see happen is involving dual enrollment students more. I was rarely contacted with event information, and I felt as if I was not part of Anclote as much as I should have been.
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