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Anchorpoint Christian School Reviews

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I went here to be part of a dual enrollment at Anchorpoint, and the local junior college, so I could get ahead in my studies. The staff was very supportive and helped me to be consistent and push through even when it got hard. They were very encouraging and made the rest of my high school years great, and productive.
all teachers leave their doors open for students who need help after school, teacher even allow students to just hang out. volleyball seemed to be a main attraction between classes and after school. many students were involved in the sports available
theres not a lot of bullying since its such a small environment. if the staff assumes or has reason to believe someone is using drugs, the student will be drug tested. actions will be discussed after results have returned.
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with the help of my counselor i was able to graduate a year early, and attend a top J.C,
the student body is extremely small, but comfortable. the teachers are amazing, people you can come to with ANY concern or question.
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